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I get lots of pleasure from photography and my motto is "win or lose, don't lose the lesson". I hope to learn from and be inspired by other photographers. If someone can benefit from or gain pleasure from my images, then I am truly humbled. I appreciate comments about what you like or dislike about my images and that will help in the almost losing battle of trying to analyse aesthetics and not "lose the lesson".

Born in the Caribbean and many years ago became a Canadian citizen. My photography tends to reflect that heritage. I tend to buy equipment and stick with it for as long as possible - working with its strengths and working around their weaknesses. In the Digital world I started with the Nikon D70 and then moved to the D300 which I still have.

I was asked by another member (Joe Konz) to do an interview for his blog and was somewhat reluctant but here it is for what it is worth interview posted (Feb. 12, 2009).

I will be taking a break from mostly Feb 2016 to work on some projects.

All the best,

Here is one of my folders (Abstract Naturally) that I am highlighting at this time Abstract - Natural

Country: US



Water Reflections

Social - The struggle with Life and Death


Caribbean - St.Kitts South East Peninsular

Caribbean - St.Vincent & the Grenadines

Natural but Different


Photo Art

Fine Art

Misc - Waiting to be filed

Portfolio Sample

Portfolio Sample (LS)


Caribbean - Nevis

Nature - Trees and Trunks

Fall - Water

Caribbean - St.Kitts II

Fall - Focus on the Float

North America - Quebec - LaPrairie

Recent Uploads

Caribbean - St.Kitts - People

Nature - ICE - Vertical

Flowers - Interpretive

Central America - Costa Rica

North America - Alaska II

Abstract - Wet Windshield Art

Caribbean - St.Kitts - Basseterre and Surroundings

Caribbean - St.Kitts - North Friars Bay - South East Peninsular

North America - Quebec - Candiac III

North America - Florida

Flowers - in-camera tinkering

Fall - Quebec North - Tremblant P

Fall - Quebec North - Tremblant L

Fall - A Light Touch

North America - Quebec - Candiac II

North America - Quebec - Rive Sud - Parc St.Catherine II

Fall - focus on Tree Trunks

Fall - Zooming along

Fall - Quebec North - Tremblant 2015

Abstract - Naturally

Social - People Portraits

Caribbean - Grenada

North America - Quebec - LaPrairie 1


Fall - Quebec North - Tremblant 2016

Water Reflections (LS)


Whittier_Alaska_Harbor - House

Early morning ground frost

Reflecting on Life

Salt Pond Sunrise and reflection - Great Salt Pond - St.Kitts

Caribbean Mountain Sunrise

Candiac Waterfront Sunset

Basseterre at Sunset

Candiac Sunset Reflection Abstract

Wild Goats - Prancing Kid

Water Reflection Abstract I

Shells - Abstract

Abstract II

Magic Genie Abstract - iv

Insect Macro - Abstract


Ocean whirl pool abstract



I 'm Dir_Ty

20,001 leagues under the sea

Macro mosquito - Abstract

here's looking at you II

Road to Heaven

Air-bourne Sunset

Pot of Gold ???

St.Kitts - South East Peninsular (better viewed larger)

Before storm

Lonely Boat in the company of Clouds

Whittier - Alaska sunrise

Painted reflections III

Cone flower - Liquid (DIG ALT)

A Joker in every Family?


Hibiscus Bird in flight (Post processing)

Painted skies and Water (view larger for sharper image)

A river runs through

"Young Island" _ St.Vincent

"Wet and Dry" - Black rocks of Argyle

Peacock feather Abstract

Rays of sunshine split the skies

The stars Abstract

The Gift II

Leaves in Water

Leaves in Water

Fall Fog II

Abstract Painted Sky

I've got the Blues


The cross

Internal Fortitude Under Attack

World Wide Web II (view larger please)


Abstract 21

Palm Lines

Tobago Keys - St.Vincent & the Grenadines

St.Georges Church - St.Kitts

Cleaning my Nails

Metal and Liquid

Abstract landscape II

Facial Expression Abstract

Who am I?

Tobago Cays

The Cross II

Macro Unfocus

Tropical Plantation Garden (View Larger Please)

Tropical Trees

SOUTH EAST PENINSULAR - LATE pm (Please view larger)

Soufriere Volcano and Dry River

Salt Pond Reflection

Abstract Ixora Flower

A Grenadine Tropical beach

Colorful Caribbean Furniture Store

Rainbow and the Falls

Sea Shells on the Beach (view larger Please)

Curtain and Shades

Reflection on a Wall

IT Cries - Refraction on wall

Trying to get a handle on a door reflection

Blue Agate Rock

Supper Plate

Old Truck


Water Reflection

Frozen Cramberries (repost based on cropping recommendations)

Fantasia Abstract II

Young Blood Barber Shop - Caribbean

Flower macro

Poinciana Flowers

Harbor at Dawn - WHITTIER ALASKA (View larger please)

Caribbean Carnival Ladies

Are you feeling the blues?

Two towels - St.Vincent and the Grenadines

The way to live - Grenadines (view larger for better image)

Mother and Child

Abstract - The love of colors and forms


Softly I spring back to life

Spaced out II

Can't live without each other but ....


Liquid rocks and sand (Dig Alt)

bamboo Grove - Rio Canimar Cuba (Dig ALT)

Bouganvillea (Dig Alt)

Old Havana rooftop - Hemmingway view (Dig Alt)

Bikers in motion

In the grass

new Spring buds

Light on Trees (view larger if thumbnail looks blurred) Thanks

I am going to get you (Dig Alt)

Rainbow and Boat

Reflections I

Pine needle fantasia

Pine needles in Northern Lights

Old wood

Big Brother keeping an eye on you

Abstract - for the sake of color and form

Abstract - darkness yet there is light

Natural abtract reflections

Whirl Pool? Hood of a car?

Reflections on a car

Fish Details

Blue Reciprocal

"The New World" - a weathered painting

Fantasia Uranus


One Eyed Rasta on the Beach

Wedding Bride smelling the rose

Fresco Art?

Rain Drops Fantasia

Rain Drops Reality

Prayer Request Ballons

Flower (Dig alt)

Tree Bark

In a Twirl


The swimmer

Pristine Juneau - alaska

Promenade de candiac

Young Lady with National Head Tie

Drummer - St.Kitts

Tropical Mystery

Black Larva rocks II

Gently on my mind (View larger please)

St.Kitts South East Peninsular

Great salt Pond - St.Kitts

Fall Reflection

Bright spots among the Shady

Frost Fall Fog II

Glifics on Glass Abstract -

The Flower Abstract

Curtain glass etchings

Curtain Polar Glass etchings

wannabe a painter


Tiger Lily in the Fall

Mt Orford Red - Quebec

Early morning river and fall colors - VT

Root and Trunk

Red maple - white Boat

Fall Flower

Fall Frosted Fantasy

Foggy Fall (dig Alt)

Fall 2008 - Rawdon III (Nikon D300 - Vivid setting - no post processing)

Golden Shrubs II - Denali

Cadillac Mountain Fall Sunrise

The hand of .......

The Hand of ET (Thanks Michael Mancil)

Something Fishy


Crystal Glass bokeh - 2

Crystal Glass bokeh - 3

Crystal Glass Bokeh Abstract

SKB 01

SKB 02

SKB 03

SKB 04

Orchid - retiring for the night (Flowers)

Fall Maple and rays

After the snow storm

"May the force be with you"

Untitled (Dig Alt - Dry Brush)

Summer in 'parc Montcalm' - Candiac QC

Mendenhall Glacier - Juneau - Alaska 1

Basseterre - late afternoon around the pier

White Boat

Beautiful Waters - St.Vincent and the Grenadines

Basseterre - St.Kitts (B&W conversion)

I've done the best I could

Bass harbor Lighthouse

Coastal scene - St.Kitts

Bay Road - Basseterre / St.Kitts

The union of two Goblets

Uncharted 1

Uncharted 2

Basseterre (HDR 3 exp)

Wild Goat - St.Kitts -

You can't hide from me

Pinneys beach - Nevis

Tulip Abstract

Flowers in Low Light

South East Peninsular Sunrise - St.Kitts (HDR)

Lonely Boat - St.kitts

Brimestone Hill Cloud burst - St.kitts

Port Zante - St.Kitts

Sheep may safely graze - St.Kitts

In memory of ... St.Kitts

Friars (Atlantic side) - St.Kitts

Beer and Beer and Barely anything on the Menu

Deep Blue

Frigate Bay atlantic (3 Exp HDR)

Spirit of st.kitts anchored off Nevis

Carnival Colors - St.kitts

Man and his Best friend before the rains

Chairs closed for the Day - Nevis

2 Boats - St.Kitts

Are we really the same?

Nevis enshrined

The X Factor

Nevis Boat Hull (abstract)

Fantasia I

Reflection of colorful caribbean boat

Rocks and Ice (reposted)

Tree Bark in the spring

Reflections on Fall (Dig Alt)

2 Boats

flower Art at warp speed

Fall Reflection

Bytes that lead to Bark

Old Rover

Lobster Claws - Abstract

Golden Trees with Girl

Fall by the Lake (HDR)

Golden Trees (HDR)

I am not alone

Late afternoon Glow - St.Lawrence River

Drift Wood - SKB

Man on stilts at rest

Contrasting Trees I

Contrasting Trees II

St.kitts XMAS Clown

Sunflower with Love (Dig Alt)

The power of 4 sometimes in pairs

yellow allamanda against purple Bouganvillea after the rain (view Larger)

Basseterre Scene - St.kitts



Front piece of an electrical box

Golden Light on trees

Empty parking Lot lines

4pm nap against Church wall

Tree of life - Bark on Trunk - Brooklyn NY

Dandelion IV

Ascension - the tree root has risen

Tree and bench basking in the glow (10mm)

Red Trunks (10 mm)

All about the water - St.Vincent and the Grenadines

Night of the birds - Abstract

Abstract 681

Wooden iguana or ..

Dark Clouds II

Spare Change for Alcoholic Research II?

Help me please

CROSSroad of life: Coffee or money

Spring Ice and leaves

Palm - Rawlins plantation

Need to get home

Planetary Flares (Dig Alt) View larger

Beach - St,kitts

Santa Claus arrives in St.kitts

Late afternoon ride on the river

late clouds and reflection - Dig Alt #7324

Golden lit trunks on a windy afternoon

Legato #7791

Black Sand Cove - Nevis

Charlestown and Ferry rope - Nevis

"The Stick"

Gallows Bay Shipwreck - Nevis

South Friars Bay rocks and rope - St.Kitts

Gallows bay shipwreck - Nevis (repost)

golden lily underexposed Please view larger for higher quality) - Nevis

Bay Front Road - Basseterre, St.Kitts

Green Heron - Nevis

Beach Bar Closed for the day - St.Kitts

Lily and Reflection (Dig Alt)

Water reflection II - Candiac

Early one morning - St.Kitts

End of Summer - St.Kitts

Mount Nevis in the clouds - Nevis (View Larger)

Charlestown - Nevis (Dig Alt)

Purple bouganvillea - Nevis

Deserted old House - St.Kitts

yellow Ixora - Nevis

Orchid - Nevis

Wedding - St.Kitts

Gallows Bay (B&W) II - Fine Art

Yellow Love (Digital Alteration)

Gallows Bay(Repost) - Nevis

Passionate and Serene

Water Reflection - Candiac

Steel Steed - SKB 1

SKB 2 - South East Peninsular - St.Kitts

SKB 3 - North Friar's Bay - St.Kitts

SKB 4 - After the rains - Basseterre St.Kitts

Married Ladies on Lunch Break

Late afternoon Beach Chair - St.Kitts

4 guys and 3 girls - St.Kitts

Late afternoon Beach 1 - St.Kitts

North Friars Bay - St.Kitts (Updated 26 Feb 2011)

Fishermen and Boats - Nevis

Weed and Rock - Parc St.Catherine

Tree Trunk in Parc St.Catherine

Spring Limbs

Old Man (repost) - Salem, Montserrat

Water Reflections (Dig Alt)

Reflecting on Fall - Rawdon

Fall reflection II

Portage Cove Fog I - Haines (Alaska)

Waterton Sunrise - Alberta

Portage Cove - Alaska


galactic view

Galactic fireworks

Off unpaved Dempster Highway North of Dawson - Yukon

Colorful Caribbean Boat Reflection - St.Vincent

In camera multiple (6) exposure


Fly in Fantasy Garden

Sprayed - St.Kitts

St.Paul's Anglican Church - Dawson City

Fall Feast with dusting of Snow - Haines Junction Highway


The tree (late Fall)

Sunday morning survivor - Another fall image

Reflections of a skyscape

Nevis Seascape (Dig Alt)

Just another water reflection

Little House with Hammock - Nevis (Updated image May 2013)

I've got my eyes on you (Dig Alt)

Big Bamboo - Caribbean

Floral rust

Ixora Flower in Caribbean Garden (View Larger Please)

Conception (Dig Alt)

Beach - Grenadine island (St.Vincent)

Old vs New - St.Kitts

Edgar Challenger Private Library - St.Kitts

Water reflection (053)

Treasury Building now Museum - St.Kitts

"The Swan" - Nevis

"Seen better days" - Ferry Rope - Nevis

Seen better days - Color

Cheering up Flowers - Manhattan Hospital Window NY

The struggle - "For an Extension"

The Struggle - Final visit of a dear friend?

Cosmic Fantasia

Montreal Skyline in the evening - Quebec

Mountainous Ice Encrusted Shrub

"on the frozen River" _ Laprairie Quebec

Circular reflection

"Frozen Waves" - Laprairie Quebec

reflection Abstract II

Golden Water

Dance of the planets

A bud

chicago at night

Blurred Bouganvillia & Bamboo

Accidental Heron in Motion - Nevis

Curvy Fronds

Denali Area - Late afternoon (0452) - Alaska

Cantwell in the fall - Alaska

Yukon Fall Late in the Afternoon

Colorful Bokeh

8659 Bokeh "the world in his hands"

Montreal sky line and the St.Lawrence River

Dezadeash - Yukon

Red Hibiscus and Bokeh


obstacles on the way

Shattered Dreams

Layers of Ice, water and snow - Candiac (Larger View Available)

(1531) White Trunk - Maine

Ice fingers at Sundown

Tree reflects on Ice and says Winter is Finished

Bass Harbor Sunset & Sailboat (Repost - original colors - no processing)

Encrusted II (repost - flipped 90CCW and cropped)

Two storks in Amboseli (Kenya) - Vintage Velvia Slide Film

jamaican tree trunk - weed and color

Jamaican tree trunk abstract II

Friend Nevis Winter Home

Symphonious Shadows

(SKB0270) - Memories of a Good Summer

(SKB0279) Caribbean beach Bar closed for the Season

(SKB0289) Getting off to a Rocky Start

(SKB0299) Lonely Chair on Frigate Bay Beach St.Kitts

(SKB0351) Live de Life - Lion Rock Bar (Larger View Available) - SKB

Spring Colors in Parc st.Catherine

Spring Ice - late afternoon

Chocolate is good for you

Reflecting in LaPrairie QC

"Your interpretation" - Letchworth NY



Last gasp - Portage Cove - Alaska

A Window of Weaving

"Me Next?" - Eastern Townships - Quebec

"Singing the Blues" - Lake Memphremagog - Magog QC

canoe - Laval Nature Center

Something Fishy

Friendly Fantasia

Fantasia II

"old House" - St.Kitts

Coastal: Caribbean: "Mother, Son and Ocean Spray" - St.Kitts

Going strong at 92

Boys on the beach

Rum Punch Please - Sorry, We are closed for the Summer - St.Kitts

Bob Marley fan eats peanuts for lunch - basseterre St.Kitts

Coastal: Caribbean: Seaweed

Coastal: Caribbean: "Survival of the fittest"

Friars Beach - St.Kitts (Larger View Available)

Setting Sun and Reflection - Bokeh - Candiac

Sun Leaves II (submitted to Nikon Wed Forum)

Juneau Glacier area Mist II

Rocky Start - Yukon

Birch macro - Botwood - Newfoundland

Granular Serendipity - Candiac QC

"Two times three plus two" - Metal Kitchen Grater Macro

Rocking Leaves II - fall 2010

Plastic Water Bottle Abstract (No digital Alterations)

"My heart on Ice" - Still Life

Maple Leaf S.O.S. II

Afloat I

Leaf Afloat II

"Convoy" - Afloat III

Afloat IV

Afloat V

Afloat V1

Afloat VII "Upside Down"

The sound of the river rushing by on a glorious Fall day

Leaf Alteration

No Floating Maple Leaf

Afloat? VIII

Colorful Fall Reflection (Larger View Recommended)

Barely Afloat

"new species discovered"?



Clouds and Leaves - Promenade de Candiac

Ready for winter - well, Almost

Ready for Winter - Well Almost II (Larger View Recommended)

River with Fall reflections - Rawdon Quebec

Reflecting on Fall - Rawdon QC

Raging River


9XY2170 Ontario

A River Runs in the Spring (Rework)

Nevis black volcanic sand beach (re-work foreground)

Weeds in a Pond - Alaska Highway - Canada

Old lady - Basseterre St.Kitts

Glacial Floral Abstract

Tropical Splendor - Romney MANOR - St.Kitts

Will you shower with me? - Romney Manor - St.Kitts

to be or not to be

Afloat in Paradise

Manhattan Scrapers

Spring Ice - Corners slightly darkened

More Spring Ice

Colorful Spring Ice

"Tangled" - Fantasia Galaxy Far Away

Rawdon Sunrise 2010

Almost Spring in Laprairie 2011

Down by the Icy River

Down by the ICY River - Laprairie QC

"The crocodile" - driftwood in Laprairie

Live de Life - Turtle Bay - St.Kitts

Friars Bay - St.Kitts - Caribbean

Nevis school children

"Quick - it is going to rain" - Friars Bay Beach

Starry Starry Ice - Leaf me alone

A study in lines and circles

Waterton - Alberta (Reprocessed) 3 EXP HDR

Eagle Breakfast Interrupted - Portage Cove Alaska

Railings - Victoria Park - St.Vincent

Immersed in golden thoughts

Nautical Mile II NY

Virtual Flowers (Larger View Available)

Taking a Walk - Dandelion Remnants

The Final Hug

Tranquility on the St.Lawrence River (Larger view Available)

yellow canoe - Alberta

St.Kitts North Friars bay

X Rated and Half baked - St.Kitts

Young Woman - St.Pauls - St.Kitts

Stoned on Shells - Frigate Bay St.Kitts

Mt. Liamuiga - St.Kitts

Bird Rock and Basseterre - St.Kitts

DEAD - but will it return? - Larger view available

3 Years - 1 Month after pancreatic cancer diagnosis

Plants Fight Back - St.kitts

Coconut trees on Mount Liamuiga - St.Kitts

Pinneys Beach - Nevis

South East Peninsular early in the morning - St.Kitts

Charlestown - Nevis (birth place Alexander Hamilton)

Reflection - Nevis

Herbie - Non Violent

10 stop ND filter - St.Kitts

North Friars bay - St.Kitts

North Friars Bay II - St.Kitts

Black sand beach - Nevis

Daddy Locked me up

Don't mess with me

Making Waves - St.Kitts

Children on the wall - Charlestown Nevis

Making Waves II - North Friars Bay St.Kitts

Red Ixora - Nevis

North Friars Bay II - St.Kitts

Old Road Skyscape - St.Kitts

94 and waiting

Ixora Multi-Colored - nevis

Basseterre in the distance - St.Kitts

Gold strands in an oasis of blue

Love, Marriage and Greener Pastures- St.Kitts

Relaxed on market day (Saturday) - St.kitts

South East Peninsular - St.Kitts

Mystical - Nevis

Pinneys beach - Nevis

The once mighty Sugar Cane - St.Kitts

Playground water spout - photography for the Joy

Playground chain - photography for the Joy of it

From a cemetery a light rises - St.Kitts

Playground Fountain - Photography for the joy of it

Black sand beach - Nevis

Basseterre at Night - St.Kitts

Baby Goat - Black Rocks - St.kitts

Eternal rest - Springfield cemetery - St.Kitts

Wet and Wild - St.Kitts

Old road Bay & brimstone Hill Skyscape - St.Kitts

Rigley - St.Kitts

Rocks and Waves - St.Kitts

Rocks and Waves II - St.Kitts


Charlestown (birth place Alexander Hamilton) - Nevis

Under the rainbow - St.Kitts

Charlestown Nevis - "Piering" through

Earthly and Heavenly pier :Charlestown Nevis

Lonely Bay - (Atlantic Side) - St.Kitts

Herbie's sustaining 'bush' - St.Kitts

Basseterre St.Kitts - view from OTI

Receding waves - St.Kitts

Basseterre - St.Kitts

Pinneys beach Nevis

Crab clings on - St.kitts

Taking a rest - St.Kitts (Blurring applied)

South East peninsular and Mount Nevis Sunrise

Basseterre Bay and Coastline - St.Kitts

Basseterre - St.kitts

Relaxing down by the bay - St.Kitts

Mount Liamuiga (near Saddlers) - St.Kitts

two fishing Boats - Nevis

Sugar Factory Ruins - St.Kitts

Evening Glow - parc Saint Catherine Quebec

QBU7986 - Charlestown Nevis

Caribbean Sea

Catamaran (Larger View Avail)

Allamanda - St.Kitts

Colorful Rooster (Gallus Gallus) - Nevis

Purple Bouganvillea - St.Kitts

RBU9718 White Dove on a branch

Down by the Bay - Nevis

Ixora - Nevis

market and central street - St.kitts

The odd one - ixora - Nevis

Ixora - St.kitts

Basseterre and Bird Rock - St.Kitts

QBU6361 - St.Kitts

QBU6371 - St.kitts

St.George's Anglican Church - St.Kitts

Tropical Rain Forest view from Romney Manor - St.kitts

Undeveloped South East Peninsular - St.kitts

National Museum Basseterre - St.kitts

Country Bus stop - St.Kitts

Basseterre & Birdrock Sunrise - St.kitts (HDR)

From a Distance - Nevis

Ixora - St.Kitts

South East peninsular Morning II - St.Kitts

Wild things - Friars Bay - St.Kitts

Going home - Friars Bay St.Kitts

Floating Leaf Simplified

Floating Maple Leaf

Pinney's beach (Nevis) - St.Kitts in Background

Outside the Funeral Home - St.kitts

Rocks in the water - St.Kitts

Wavy - St.kitts

Early one morning in Basseterre

Wet Ixora with Poinciana background (Larger View available)

Taking a Stroll on a busy beach

Before the Rains - Nevis

Just one drop - Nevis

When colors mix

Reflecting on Fall (Larger view recommended)

Fall color reflection in Rawdon River

Color explosion II

Fall reflections II

Dorwin Falls - Rawdon

Dorwin Falls II

Prayer after Brain surgery

Rawdon River Fall Reflection III

White and Black - Yukon

rawdon River Fall Reflection IV

Late Fall Milkweed - late afternoon

Metal leaf with Fall colors

late fall V - Mansonnville QC





QBU6529 (Larger View Recommended)

Mount Nevis under Rain showers -QBU8153

Friars Bay - St.kitts (View larger available)

Gallow's Bay in Charlestown - Nevis

Gallow's Bay and Mount Nevis in Clouds

North Friars Bay - St.Kitts

The swimmer and the Hungry Cloud - St.kitts

QBU8412 - St.Kitts

QBU8850 Personal Bar - Nevis

QBU8747 - St.Kitts

Nevis Home Interior (Larger View Rec.) 3 Image HDR

Nevis Home Interior II - 3 HDR

Basseterre at Sundown - St.Kitts

A golden thread runs (Larger View Recommended)

"Tree blows the clouds away" - Late fall

Rocks, Waves and Spray - St.kitts (Larger View Advised)

Fall reflection Abstract - Rawdon

Rawdon River Bank I - 3 Image HDR

Church Interior - St.Kitts

Fort Street - St.kitts

Old styleHouse - St.Kitts

Les cascades at dawn - Rawdon Quebec

Dorwin Falls (2 landscape Image pano) larger view available

Up, Up and Away

"A River flows while Reflecting" - Larger View Advised

Colored Larva - Rawdon QC (Larger View Advised)

Rawdon River - Fall Reflections (Larger View Available)

Scaring away the Evil unknowns

Basseterre from Church Tower - St.Kitts

Back of Fishing Boat Abstract

Caribbean Ocean from "Old Road" - St.Kitts

Coastal Almond Shrubs - SKB

Rawdon River II

Close Shave (Reprocessed - sq crop and water made darker)

Sailing in the Caribbean

Walking on Pinney`s beach

Dont `YELL`at me, I belong here

Palm frond

Palm in the garden of eden

Making Waves - Long Pointe - Nevis

Rocks on Volcanic Sand

Shipwrecked - maybe crab for supper

Floral by design US2020

Basseterre harbor sunset

My Heart

Vanilla and Caramel

FG3010 Bright and Blue (reprocessed as per comments) Jasper Nat Park


Softly in the Spring

Red, White and ... Floral

SeeSaw in Winter

Kissable? (Bottom of boat in Newfoundland)

Autumn Tulip? (Dig Alt)

Ice Man



North friars Bay - SKB

South Friars Bay - St.kitts

"Easy Does it" - Charlestown Bay - Nevis

"The Sun also Sets" - Nevis

Wave movement Sonata - SKB (Reprocessed - Large View)

South East Peninsular - St.Kitts


It was really that red - Yup! (Larger View Available)

The Deck Walker

Alley Dump- larger view recom.) In Camera HDR - no post processing

Rock Patterns Abstract (Larger View Available)

Ice Abstract

Pinney's beach home of the killer-bee drink

Caribbean Artistic Bay View (Larger view Available)

St.Paul's Anglican Church - St.Pauls - St.Kitts

Falls II - Rawdon Quebec

Colors galore form a Bond? (Larger View recommended)


Rawdon River- Quebec

Floral Chord - Music to the eyes?


Fishing - Iceland View I

Fall Compliments - St.Hillaire - QC (Larger View Recommended)

Ketchikan - Alaska (Larger View Avail)

Black Eye Susan macro

heavenly - Alaska

Ferry - St.Kitts

Shimmering Sea almond Leaves - St.kitts (sunrise) (Larger View Recommended)

Riverside Spring 2012 II - Parc Sainte-Catherine (Large View Recommended)

Basseterre St.Kitts

Caribbean Man I (Kodachrome slide - 4000 DPI Scan)

Apple Blossoms on a High Note - Larger available

Galloping horse and rider

Coconut Fronds against Red Flamboyant tree

Mount Nevis - Caribbean

Late Arrival - Basseterre Bay - St.Kitts

In the beginning ...

Time Keeper (larger View Available)

Nature's Architecture - Brossard Shoreline III -

Survival of the fittest

Seek and ye shall find

The Leaf

The duck

Colors - Rawdon QC

Carnival in Rio - Rawdon QC

Paradise? - Nevis

Serenely Turbulent

Nature fights back


The secret garden reveals itself

Tranquility through the Looking Glass

A Maize Indeed - Concupiscence?

The Railing - CPR Station Montreal

Chains of Joy - Childrens playground - Candiac

swing Chains - Playground with Swings

Back to Basics II (The Passion Years)

Spider Web Bokeh


Mice be Aware


Coconut Migration - North Friar's Bay - St.Kitts

An angel amidst - St.Kitts

Basseterre Bay - St.Kitts


South East Peninsular - St.Kitts

Mount Tremblant (11)

Lac Munroe - Mount Tremblant (17)

Private Place in the woods - Tremblant (9)

Route 1 - Tremblant (15)

peaked colors - Tremblant (5)

River of Roots - Tremblant (8)

Intruder alert? - Tremblant (6) Larger View Available

Cloud descends



Lac Superieur - Quebec

Wet Fall Leaves - parc Tremblant (larger View Avail)

Alone - Lac Munroe - Tremblant QC

Just Before the rain storm - St.catherines QC

Lac Munroe - tremblant

Tremblant lakeside beach

Water Color - Tremblant

Early morning reeds and mist

"Behind Bars"

Tremblant River

South East Peninsular (sunrise) - St.Kitts

South East Peninsular II - St.Kitts

Mount Nevis & Charlestown (Birthplace of Alexander Hamilton)

My friends have fallen II

Rainy Fall Day in Tremblant

Reflecting on Autumn


Sixties (Aquilegia)

Coconut Tree against Mount Liamuiga - St.kitts

Lac Munroe IV - QC

The Boat - Parc Tremblant (Digitally Altered)

Fall abstract (blend of two images)

Bright and Colorful - Parc Tremblant (larger View Available)

Lac Munro - Parc Tremblant

Forested fall movement - Letchworth State Park

Fallen Birch in Botwood NF

Newfoundland lake close to ferry boat terminal

Gold Nuggets Discovered

Spatial Garden


Great Salt Pond - St.Kitts

Palm tree standing tall and colorful too - Nevis

Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue II

Fire and Ice - Laprairie QC

Mount Liamuiga - St.kitts

Thousand Flower Guanyin

Letchworth Fall Abstract - NY



Waves and other things - St.kitts

Frigate Bay Sunrise - St.Kitts

Frigate Bay - St.Kitts

North Friars Bay - St.Kitts

Just B4 the Rains - South Frigate Bay

Sunset at Old Road Town and Brimstone Hill

North Friars Bay - St.Kitts

Volcanic Sand Beach - Nevis

Basseterre Bay Sunrise - St.kitts

Pinneys Beach - Nevis

One afternoon on Pinneys Beach - Nevis

Not Quite Winter

Sea Weed on Beach - St.Kitts

Bar Shacks - St.kitts

Beaver Pond - Parc mount Tremblant

ixora macro - Nevis

Early morning in Ogunquit - Maine

Pure Bokeh - Crystal Vase backlit with plant

"The View: - Cayon - St.Kitts

South East Peninsular - Atlantic - St.Kitts

South East Peninsular - Atlantic II - St.Kitts

Cayon Mountains - St.kitts

Frigate Bay and bare-foot boat - St.Kitts

Mount Nevis in the clouds

Oleander lined street - St.Kitts

South East Peninsular III _ St.Kitts

Necessary Evil - Frigate Bay development - St.Kitts

Great Salt Pond - St.Kitts

Frigate Bay Beach - St.Kitts

Boat and Basseterre - St.Kitts

Conaree - St.kitts

Wreck and birds - Nevis

Lower Basseterre

submerged - a state of mind (circular polarizer Filter)

Submerged II

Palm fronds against red Poinsettia

Solitude among friends

I have a gift for you

Kleenex Tissue creation

Caribbean Old Lady - St.Kitts

Barely Lit

Celebration 2013

No Big Bad Wolf - Waterton

Fall on edge of Lake Superior - Ontario

North Friars Bay - St.Kitts

The cat princess - Digital Alteration

South East peninsular - St.Kitts (5 image pan) Larger View Better

Looking at the mirror


Mayan Calendar

Crustacean (Larger View Avail)

Floral by design

Waterton Sunrise II - Alberta (Larger View Available)


Macadamia Nut Farmer - Costa Rica

Rural Catholic Church - Costa Rica

Fascinating Disquis rock Balls and perfectly round - Costa Rica


Port Limon - Costa Rica (Panorama) (Larger View Available)

Turrialba Valley taken from 3000 ft elevation - Costa Rica

Helpless Jelly-Like Fish but don't touch - Fort Lauderdale - Florida

Seaweed at Sunrise - Florida (Larger View Available)

Winter Retirement Exercise - Florida

Turrialba III - Costa rica

Costa Rica

Hacienda Tayutic Catholic Church - Turriaalba - Costa Rica

Hacienda Tayutic Catholic Church Interior - Turrialba - Costa Rica

Rural Catholic Church Tayutic Hacienda Turrialba - Costa Rica

Mom and Kids Swimming - Curacao

Hidden leaves - Guava Tree - Costa Rica

Golden Shrimp Flower - Costa Rica

Eldest Sister - Costa Rica


Enchanted - Laprarie Quebec




7 image in-camera multiple exposure


Trapped in a Schizophrenic Dream

the Night Porter brings you Flowers


Sugar Cane Stalks - Costa Rica

Tamarack - New Hampshire (Larger View Available)


Turrialba - Costa Rica

Macadamia Nuts - Costa rica

`Great Red` takes a swim - Costa Rica

Yellow Bird and anti-fungal fruit - Costa Rica (name)?

Church in a Costa Rican Mountain

Ox Tail - Costa Rica (2 other images included re brown sugar)

Hot as Hell - Costa Rican Oven for boiling sugar Cane Juice

Fall in Alaska II (D70 - 2006)

Alaskan Autumn - Anchorage to Seward Highway

Alaska Autumn III

Cloudy Skies - White pass highway from Skagway (Alaska) (Y) (Large View Avail)

Whittier - Alaska

Early morning mist on Mountain - Alaska (larger View better)

One of those days - Alaska


Whittier Morning in September - Alaska

Cook Inlet - near Anchorage - Alaska

Denali Park Sunscape at setting time - Alaska



denali - alaska

Back of Church Chair Detail - Montreal

spring shapes?

Wet Driftwood reflects the evening II

True Love

Outer Space

Reflecting Driftwood

White Pass Skagway - Alaska

White Pass Train - Skagway - Alaska

The Gate Keeper

Night Dancers from another World

Wet Windshield Art - - "I don't call this Shopping" - Brossard

Wet windshield Art - Build another Arc! - (Larger View Available)

Pinney's Beach - Nevis

Nevis Beach

Mount Nevis and red Love vine

Nevis Wreck at Gallows Bay

Sheep may safely Graze - Nevis

Ice and Connifer

Wet Windshield Art - Colorful shopping cart and man

Wet Windshield Art - Together but Lonely - Brossard

Wet Windshield Art - Fertilization?

Pensive after Brain Cancer Surgery

Nourishment after Brain Cancer Surgery

The hospital Window - CHC8346

Only the strong survive?

Sun sets in Laprairie II

Waiting for the Nevis ferry - St.Kitts

Laid Back II - Candiac, Quebec, Canada

Jetty - Nevis

Southern end of South Friars Bay - St.Kitts

Turtle egg laying Beach - St.kitts

North Friars Bay - St.Kitts

Great Salt Pond - St.Kitts

North Friars Bay II - St.Kitts

Seaside Almond trees - Friars Bay


4 Image pano - 15 mins after sun set - Candiac

Time stood still - just for a moment


"What do I do?" - Masqueraders - Basseterre - St.Kitts

"What do I do?" II - Basseterre

Red shopping Carts - Wet Windshield Art

Pushing a Grocery Cart - Wet Windshield Art

Milkshake? -

Dreaming of you - St.Kitts

Floral Serenade - Candiac

Nocturne in F major - Candiac

A Glow

Evidence of Spring in Montreal West

Fantasia Floral

Golden Beach (updated) Dec 2015

Store window in Bruges (Velvia Slide Scan)


Caribbean Fishing Boats

Caribbean Beach

Killer Bee rum punch Shack & Mount Nevis

After the rains I

Addictive III

Embers Burn

Higgs Beach Boardwalk - Key West Sunrise - Florida

Freedom Tower - Miami - Florida

Looking for food - Everglades - Florida

Heavenly Embrace - Everglades - Florida

Attack mode? - Everglades - Florida

Camera exchange - Southernmost point - Key West - Florida

Fallen flowers of Flamboyant tree and pebbles - Key West Florida

Shoreline - Key West - Florida

Celibate and Hungry - Everglades Nat'l Park - Florida

Embassy Suites Hotel - Miami (Mirror image)

July 4th Palm tree - Biscayne Bay - Florida

Miami Airport - Florida (USA)

"Until Death do us Part" - Florida

Abstract: "Yellow Frog" - Key West Florida

Shady Material - Duvall St - Key West - Florida

Captured Catepillar - (Operational Propane tank) - Key West - Florida

Crocus - Biscayne bay - Florida

Zoom, Zoom II

Zoom, Zoom III

Haines Waterfront - Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier - Juneau - Alaska

Autumn Pebbles - Alberta


Prelude 2

"Sitio Mata" Roman Catholic Church - Turrialba, Costa Rica

Through the prism - Candiac Water Playground

Lake Champlain - Burlington - Vermont - USA

Lake Champlain III - Burlington- Vermont - USA

Fireworks Flower - Biscayne bay - Florida

Lincoln Road Mall (night) - Florida

4th July Fireworks 2013 - Biscayne Bay - Florida

Propane Tank surface - Key West - Florida

Covered Highway - Turrialba - Costa Rica

Bananas in Costa Rica

A small opening - Costa Rica

Floating bridge and Colorful Buildings - Curacao

Some Green (Dig Alt)

Sunlit House III - rue St.Ignace - LaPrairie

Reflecting a sunrise



St.Kitts (Velvia Slide - Kodak Photo CD)

Florida Swimming Pool _ Embassy Suites Hotel

Oriental Lineage?

Fall 2012 - Quebec

How some people see the world - Brossard QC

Juvenile - Everglades - Florida

Late Bloomers - Kodachrome slide

Tropical Flower - Barbados

Among the trees - Candiac

Freedom Building - Biscayne Bay Road Florida

Its Complicated - Florida (dig Alt)

Lake memphremagog - Magog Quebec

Spatial phenomenon (reprocessed)

A foggy morning in Candiac

Parc Tremblant pre-Fall Colors

Munroe Lake - Parc Tremblant - QC

I have no interest in your wife - parc Tremblant

"Ruisseau Mallard" _ Parc Tremblant QC

Beaver Created Lake - parc Tremblant

Beaver Created Lake II - parc Tremblant

"Sofa Covering" - Inside a Caribbean home

Basseterre Boats - St.kitts

Seaside Grape bush and Ocean Spray - St.Kitts

Peninsular Cove - St.Kitts (4 image Pan)

Undeveloped Friars Beach - St.Kitts

Basseterre St.Kitts

Lac Superieur - Laurentians QC

The changing of colors - Parc Tremblant

Parc Tremblant Colors II - laurentiens QC

Parc Tremblant Colors 2012 - Laurentiens QC

Friar's Beach and wild flowers - St.Kitts

"Entrance" - parc Tremblant

Parc Tremblant 2012 III - Laurentiens Quebec

"Cosmic Dance"

Juneau fog keeps rolling - Alaska

Juneau Glacier - Alaska

An indication of Fall - Juneau Alaska

Man vs Nature - Juneau Alaska

Early morning Dew on Cherry - Candiac

Lac Munroe - Parc Tremblant

"On Fire" - la faucille - Parc Tremblant, Quebec

Ground Colors - parc Tremblant - Quebec (focus stack 2 images)

Lac Munro Fall Mist - Parc Tremblant, Quebec

"Giant Fingernails" - Lac Chat - parc Tremblant QC

Rocks and reflection - parc Tremblant

Lac Munroe II - parc Tremblant

Photo.Net Photographer - parc Tremblant QC

Colorful Rocks and leaves - Parc Tremblant Quebec

"In my dreams" - Lac Munro - Parc Tremblant - Quebec

Lac Munroe IV - patches of light - parc Tremblant

"3 leaves" _ parc tremblant QC

Lac Munroe V - parc Tremblant QC


Fluffy clouds and fluffy ground in Autumn - parc Tremblant QC

Photographer and friend - Lac Munro - parc Tremblant

Up North, A river flows - Laurentiens Quebec


Lac Munro pre-dawn - parc Tremblant QC


Lac Munroe dawn in the Fall - parc Tremblant QC

Trying to Gogh for it - Tremblant

Lac munroe sunrise rays - Tremblant - QC

"Rocky barrier to color integration" - Tremblant QC

Heavenly Rays? - Lac Munroe - Tremblant QC

The sun is waking - Tremblant - QC

Red Red Wine - Tremblant - QC

Autumn flower against maple leaves - Tremblant

Wood grain and nails I - Rougemont Quebec (larger View recommended)

Atmospheric Morning - Parc Tremblant Quebec

Lac Munroe Sunrise with Painted hills - Tremblant QC

"Tremblant Dreaming: All the leaves are brown"

Kayak and Canoe Hulls with Dew - Tremblant

Driftwood in Lac Munroe (before sunrise) Tremblant

Island in the mist - plage cremerie - Tremblant QC

Dare you to come closer - tremblant


two trees are born - Tremblant

Lac Munroe - parc Tremblant - Quebec QC


Leaf with drops - Candiac QC

Two Deer early one morning - Parc Tremblant

One Deer - Parc Tremblant

In my Dreams II - parc Tremblant (V)

Canoeists - Lac Chat - parc Tremblant

Light and Shadow - Parc Tremblant

My Cousin the Tree - Tremblant Quebec

Looking Up - Tremblant QC

Looking Forward - Tremblant Quebec

No accident of Nature - Tremblant QC

No yelling, just paddling - Tremblant QC

Into the mist - Tremblant QC

Not a sound - just tranquility - Tremblant QC

His morning walk from the brink - Tremblant QC

Alien Code - tremblant

Hidden messages in the sky - Tremblant

The Happy Couple - Tremblant

Puddy Cat with a view

Tremblant QC

Tremblant 2013

Birch against Rocks - tremblant QC

Fall and Wall - Tremblant

Turbulent Waters and Colors - Tremblant

ferns on mossy tree trunk - Tremblant

Buggy Abstract - Alaska Highway (Fort Nelson) _ BC

crows scared of the cat

TRB0569 - Tremblant

Looking through the branches - Tremblant_

Lac Munroe Dawn - Tremblant TRB0530

Enchanted Forest - Tremblant

Tremblant Misty Dawn II

Enchanted Forest (Final)


Into the mystic - Tremblant QC




Diablo River - Tremblant Quebec

A glimpse of Sunlight - Lac Munroe - Tremblant

"Birth" - Tremblant Quebec

"Another World"

Freedom Tower - Biscayne - Florida

Reflecting and then "Oh Deer" - Tremblant

"Sincerely yours" - (Dig.Alt with blur filter)

Into the mystic II - tremblant

Autumn in Denali III - Alaska

Autumn in Denali IV - Alaska

Denali National Park II - Alaska

White Pass Mountains II - Skagway - Alaska

Smuggler's Cove - near Skagway Alaska

Fall colors - Anchorage Alaska

Autumn in Denali - Alaska

Tremblant Oct 2013

"Still Warm" - Tremblant Quebec

PNN _MON3828-Edit 50 mm

People I know

Leafing through the Gold - Rawdon

"Getting to the Root" - Parc St.catherine - late afternoon

Discarded Roofing Material (galvanized Steel) - Caribbean

Afloat in Rawdon Quebec

Leafing through the mystic

BeLeaf - Rawdon Quebec

"Stuck in a nice place" - Rawdon - QC"

Protective Custody - Rawdon QC

Exercising to the 'Shadows' - Candiac

Tremblant Quebec

Caring for the Children - Tremblant

Mother and Son bond - Lac Chat - Tremblant

Sojourn Quebec

St.Lawrence - QC

Christmas tree Lights bokeh (No manip)

Lodged Bullet Scan (not)

Dressed in a Glow and nowhere to go - parc St.Catherine (large view recommended)

Nature Speaks - parc St.Catherine Quebec

`Too Wild Blueberries`_ Tickle-Me Bay Newfoundland

Cadillac Mountain Sunrise - Acadia National Park - Maine

Ferns and Trunk - Cape Breton

The Rusty Blues


Argyle Bay - St.Vincent (and the Grenadines)

Driftwood on Argyle Bay - St.Vincent

More driftwood on Argyle Bay - St.Vincent

Always one in a crowd

Aged Colonial Building - Bay St - St.Vincent


Hot sunrise on an Autumn Morning

Young Girl - Kingstown St.Vincent

Airport dev exposes landscape - St.Vincent

Driftwood on Argyle Beach - St.Vincent

Rugged Argyle Beach II - St.Vincent

Rugged Argyle beach - St.Vincent

Late afternoon in Kingstown - St.Vincent

Ballet of the flowers

Lower Bassterre and Basseterre Bay Sunrise

Mount Liamuiga Enshrined - St.Kitts

Spring Ice - Candiac

Sunny Sunday afternoon activities - (Kodachrome) St.Vincent

Lower Bay Reef - Bequia - Grenadines (SVG)

Molten Lava Rock - Owia - St.Vincent

"Mespo" or Mesopotamia - St.Vincent

Ixora flower in the Mountains of St.Vincent

Glenn Valley - St.Vincent (Caribbean)

Salt Pond - Owia - St.Vincent

Tony the Bar Owner - St.Vincent

Dark View falls - St.Vincent

Miracle Coconut Trees - Owia - St.Vincent

Dry River/Soufriere - St.Vincent

Lizard - Montreal Gardens - St.Vincent

2 young girls - "Young Island" - St.Vincent

Greenery - Bucament Bay - St.Vincent

Fisherman Boat Interior - Bucament Bay - St.Vincent

Fisherman Boat - Bucament Bay - St.Vincent

Late in Cora's Garden - St.Vincent

Abstract Turtle - Bequia - St.Vincent

Cora's House in the Mountain - St.Vincent

Cannon Ball Tree Flower - St.Vincent

Open Door Policy - Moon Hole - Bequia - St.Vincent

Old Cargo Boat - Port Elizabeth - Bequia - St.Vincent

"Moon Hole" Beach - Bequia - St.Vincent

Lower Bay Beach - Bequia - St.Vincent

Bouganvillea & Casson Hill House - St.Vincent

Grenadine Islands and Coconut tree - St.Vincent

Terminal and I don't want to die

Distant Canoeist - Jasper - Alberta

An Autumn Afternoon in Carcross Yukon

"In Love" - Young Island Resort Pier - St.Vincent

"Face in the Sky" - Candiac

Zinnia Abstract

Gallows Bay - Nevis

Mud Abstract - Argyle - St.Vincent

Pier and Young Island Resort - St.Vincent

BackYardians A

Back Yardians B

A painting?

Fiesty Flaming Flower Abstract

Exposure in NY and not by Sting

Wet Vintage 1953 Ford - Miami - Florida

Early Fall Abstract (In Camera zoom technique)

Early Fall II (In camera Zoom)

Early Fall Abstract III (In camera Zoom + software zoom)


Forest Gump Zoom Box 1 - St.Bruno - Quebec

Forest Gump Zoom Box 2 - St. Bruno Quebec

Leaves on a Branch - Zoom

The start of a morning

Lac Chat (Cat Lake) - Tremblant Quebec

Lac Chat II - parc Tremblant - Quebec Canada

Serenity in Tremblant

Lac Chat III

Lac Munroe - Parc Tremblant.

Reflections and Leaves at Lac Munro - Tremblant

Artist's Fall Palette - Tremblant

Lac Munro panorama - Tremblant

Before sunrise in Parc Tremblant

BW - Parc Tremblant

Fall Hikers - parc Tremblant

before sunrise in Parc tremblant

Frosted Glass Reflections - Treblant (no manipulation)

Lac Munro sunrise 2014 II

Lac Superieur Foliage

Late afternoon swim (D300 ISO 500 f5.6 1/30s - 70-300mm)

First Piano Lesson (D300 - ISO 1600 1/40s f5.6


Zooming in Fall B - (In camera zoom)

Zooming in Fall A (In camera zoom)

Zooming in Fall C - Candiac

Time waits for no one - Tremblant

Trees in parc Promenade - Candiac

Trees in parc Promenade II - Candiac

Leaves in Red

My innermost thoughts - Tremblant

A hint of orange - tremblant - Quebec

Tremblant Morning II

Misty Fall colors on Lac Chat - parc Tremblant

Mirror, Mirror on the wall - Tremblant

Fall in camera Zoom D

`Let me out`

Pellucid - Tremblant

The canoe is waiting for me - Tremblant

Surrounded by Beauty - Tremblant

Impromptu Fantasie - Tremblant Quebec

A Duet Minuet - Candiac

Fall in parc promenade - Candiac

'Will the circle be Unbroken'?

rue Mercure in October - city of Candiac - Quebec

Early Morning Ferry to Virgin Gorda - caribbean

rue D'Auteuil in October (sounds like Doe-TOY) - Candiac (Sony P&S)

Liquid Fall - Candiac

Not a Sound - Tremblant Morning

Lac Chat Panorama (5 images - Larger View available))

"Whispering to me" - Tremblant Morning 2014

Diablo River - Tremblant

Tremblant in Lac Chat 2014

All in the Family - Tremblant

Macro - Chambord QC


Late Fall in Candiac at the river front - Quebec

Outsiders - Lac Munro - Tremblant

Cosmic - Tremblant

Fall colors of Parc Mont Tremblant

Pedestrian highway Overpass in Fall -= Candiac

Hang or Jump

"Robin Fish" - popular fish in St.Vincent

Volcanic Rock and Salt Pond - Owia - St.Vincent

No place to land a boat - Owia - St.Vincent

Slopes of Soufriere Volcano - Georgetown (Rabacca) St.Vincent

Cool Waterfall Shower - Dark View - St.Vincent

St.Vincent Flower (Anyone with the name?)

Two Loons wishing they were in the office - Tremblant

Yellow - rue d'Auteuil (Pronounced Doe Tie) - Candiac

Scary Place - Window display Key West (Florida)

Tight Rope Walker - Longueuil Quebec

April Spring Skateboarding - Candiac (Sony)

Jasper starts slumber - Alberta

Fall Photographer - Tremblant

Cheltenham Badlands - Ontario

Family (N. Tesla) Gathering

`LISTEN to what I am saying` - Market Place - St.Vincent

Late afternoon in Glen - St.Vincent

Still Here

Hanging on by a thread - Candiac

Going somewhere?

Spatial Garden

Gone Sailing

Abstract Fall Reflections

subdued but strong

Searching and Gathering - Epcot - Florida

Tree Trunk Abstract - Roatan - Honduras

Old Boat Details - Key West (E Heminway) Florida

Pavement, Reflection and Shipside Abstract - Mexico

Colorful Hammocks - Mexico

Lake Mary Water reflection abstract

Evening time - Nevis

Tree Fern - El Yunque National park - Puerto Rico

Tree Trunk - El Yunque National Park - Puerto Rico

Argyle Beach - St,Vincent (& the Grenadines)

Duval Street - Key West - Florida

I found his Head - Montreal

Wall in Curacao - "A-Peel-ing"?

Shadowy Maize - St.Augustine - Florida

Italy - Epcot Center - Orlando - Florida

The selected few - Epcot - Florida

Dragon Slayer - Epcot - Orlando Florida

Livingston Water Reflection

Long Point - Nevis

Broken Ice II - St.catherine Quebec

the view outside (No manipulation - straight from Camera)

Floral abstract (Manip) el Yunke - Puerto Rico



Take me Home - St.Philippe Quebec

Exorcising - Laprairie Quebec

Lac Chat Fantasy (Motion Blur selectively applied)

2 friends about to be serenely greeted - Lac Chat Quebec

Spring Ice II - St.Catherine Quebec

El Yunque forest Puerto Rico (Orton process used)


Trees with No leaves and no buds - Candiac (no post processing)

Burning Bush

Orange rain - Candiac

Shipwreck Museum - Key West - Florida

Trunk Bay II - ST.John BVI

Glowing Spring Waters - St.catherine QC - Larger view avialable

Spring: Getting too old for the cold

Spring: Love is in the air

Spring: Where does the river flow if not to you? - St.Catherine QC

Red Hot lava in the water Abstract

Beckoning: Beach & Birds - St.Augustine Florida


Divi Tree - Aruba

Exotic buds (pixelbender & Flood)

A long legged man with a big paddle - Serpent and eagle looking for a meal

The beautiful Rainbow Parc Andre Cote - Candiac

Zoom No-Zoom - double exposure. Laprairie QC

Mazda car Front light Assembly - Laprairie

Doubly exposed - Candiac (larger size available)

"Filled with the light, I glow"

A couple of relaxing moments

Freeport marina NY

Jardin prive de Bessette - St.Bruno Quebec

Deep into Spatial Lilia II - Longueuil QC

Perfect Mid-Summer evening - Candiac (larger View Available)

Reeling something in? Carp? - Candiac

Carnival of colors - Candiac

Fear of the Gargoyle

before the rains II - Candiac

Feeding the 5000 musically - Candiac

The sun breaks through - Candiac

Historic House in Candiac Park - Quebec

Fiery Loosestrife - St.Catherines QC

Ancient Text

Maison melancon - Candiac 2015

Driftwood details 2015 - Laprairie

2 Mounds with Growth - St.Augustine - Florida


Tremblant VI (2014) - Quebec

Parc Tremblant (2013) Quebec

parc Tremblant -(2013) C Quebec

parc Tremblant (2013) D Quebec

Lac Munro - parc tremblant

Just after the rain - diablo river - parc Tremblant

Colorful ferns - parc Tremblant

foggy sunrise - PT - QC

Stuck on you - PT QC

A peaceful sunrise in Tremblant

Rocky Diablo - Tremblant


Munroe Lake Park Tremblant

A quiet day on Diablo River - Tremblant QC

Lac Munro South - Tremblant QC

O Canada - Tremblant

rock Face - Tremblant QC

Falling Flow II - Tremblant (2013)

Sailing away to return one day - Tremblant QC

Fiery Fall - tremblant

Sumac and reflection (flood filter used)

Old Tractor - Rougemont Quebec

RED BOOT - Stained glass at Westmount Library Quebec

Diablo River - Late September 2015 Parc Tremblant

Colorful Embers - Parc St.Catherine Quebec


Cadillac Mountain sunrise - Acadia national park

"Sunset Sails" Ogunquit - Maine

White horse in Yukon - 2009 (partial Orton)

Fallen from LSD - Letchworth NY

Snow On Branches

Baddeck sunrise (Cape Breton) Nova Scotia (2010)

Baddeck Sunrise II (Cape Breton 2010)

Making Waves II - Nevis

Gallows bay Wreck - Nevis

Alien Land in the Fall? - Yukon

Many Birds are Flying - Laprairie Quebec

No Flint Here - Parc Tremblant QC

Half Moon Cay - Bahamas

"Tender Touch by Mother" on Mothers Day

New Growth Spring - QC

Carnival Girl - Basseterre St.Kitts

"Stranded near the Promised Land" - Outdoor cushion

a place where salmon jump - Outdoor cushion

"Still" 1

It flies in the valley of Logs - Laprairie

Bow - Grand Turk

Sun & Rain - Strange Bedfellows - Candiac

It has been a long time - High School Friends

Perpetuity - St.Catherine QC

What do you see in the sky? a Dream? a Nightmare?

Polar Bear Abstract

Riding High

Turtle kisses Dove - Vieux Port Montreal

Orange is the News - parc St. Catherine Quebec


Highly Reflective - enhanced with Photoshop

Two more minutes to Sunset - parc St.Catherine

parc St. Catherine - Rive Sud Quebec (Bigger View rec.)


Diablo (devil) River in the Fall - Tremblant

Tremblant morning

Haines junction Highway - Yukon

Some fall days are like this Laurentiens QC

What a difference a few hours can make - Lac Superior

Brooklyn Bridge - NY

Lac Munroe morning

Old Sugar copper pot with crack - Belmont Estate - Grenada


Still Summer Here - St. Catherine - Quebec

Brooklyn Bridge II

Coastal Maine - Acadia National Park

Heron in dead tree - St. Catherine Quebec

Fishing in the dead of night - St. Catherine Quebec

Beach closed for the season - St.Catherine Quebec


A 2.5 hour hike in Mont St. Hilaire (today)

Tremblant Oct 2016 -1

Tremblant Oct 2016 - 3 "The Unveiling" or "the promise of more to come"

Tremblant Oct 2016 - 5 "Canoes and Maple"

Tremblant Oct 2016 - 7 "Twilight Zone"

Diablo River - Tremblant(slow shutter)

Early morning mist

Time to wake up


From Dark to light to dark again - Tremblant





a light shines more brightly in the dark

A curtain hides the river - Tremblant (30 second exp)

Dark vs Light

Taschereau blvd on fire - Longueuil Quebec

Rain drops on chevy 58 back bumper and spare tire holder (blue)

tremblant sunrise 2016

Fantasia Autumn in Tremblant

Casa Michel et Angelo Ristorante - Longueuil QUEBEC

Lac Munroe - Tremblant (large View available)


Mansonville (Quebec) Farm early morning (frost on the ground)

Frost and Fire - Potton Quebec (larger View available)

Lac Munroe - Parc Mont Tremblant Quebec

Frost and Fire II - Mansonville Quebec

Lac Munroe Mont Tremblant) 2016

Reflections and Rocks III - Mont Tremblant QC

Lac Munroe Mont Tremblant - Unusual early morning light

River Diable - Mont Tremblant 2016 Flow and reflections (larger View available)

Foggy morning in Mont Tremblant (larger view recommended)

"Red Coated Photographer" - "Competition" - "Hunter becomes Hunted" - Mont Tremblant

Early Morning - River Diable - Mont Tremblant

Before Sunrise - Rive-sud Quebec (Large view available)

Diable River - slow shutter speed and cropped

Lac Munro Panorama (6 Portrait images) - QUEBEC

Long ago - re-enactment - Old Montreal - Composite image - Funny?


River Diable slow motion shutter speed

Late afternoon walk in the woods - Tremblant

Lac Muroe early in the morning - Quebec

Church near a Lake - St-Adolphe-D'Howard Quebec

Barking over the fact that all the leaves are Brown

The thin green line - St-Adolphe-D'Howard QC

Sky on Fire - Candiac QC

Late Fall Afternoon - Laprairie

Peeking through the fence - Montreal

Socialized medicine - Quebec

Don't sting the hand that feeds you - Bahamas

Its Rocky under here - Diable River - Tremblant

Tremblant Morning 2016

Into the rainy abyss.

October Bride

Carols by Candlelight - St. Jax Anglican Church

It is winter in Candiac - rue Beaujolais

Fall Reflection 2016 - Tremblant

A little frost in Tremblant - 5 focus stack

Smooth Sailing - Tremblant

Winter 2016 - Promenade - Candiac QC

2016 Winter evening in Parc Promenade - Candiac

Almond Tree on the beach - Grand Anse - Grenada

Calm is what we need - Laprairie

Carenage evening - St. Georges Grenada

Mistyfied? - parc Tremblant

There is no blizzard here! - Candiac QC

Winter 2016 - Candiac

Winter maison melancon - Candiac Que

Montreal street corner project: Stanley and Rene Levesque

rue Chambord on a Winter morning - Candiac Que

late afternoon in the Yukon (Canada) - reprocessed

Approaching Haines Junction - Yukon Canada

Not ready as yet - Autumn

Wild things along the Alaska Highway (CDN/USA) - Northern BC

A winter scene in Candiac

Bahamas driftwood


Machu Picchu 1

Lima and Gulls

Sacred Valley III - Peru

Sea lion on Mossy Rocks

A trace of light - Peru

Guard House - Machu Picchu

Natural Abstract - Forest


Traveler's Palm

Setting Sun on the beach - Grenada

Ring of fire

Mutual Attraction

slow motion rushing waves

Sacred Valley II - Peru

Grenada Girl

St. Georges Grenada at night

Sunset beach - Grenada



Grand Anse Beach (Pano)

Guard Houses - Machu Picchu

Spiritual Picchu

Peruvian young woman

1785 Rum Plantation building

Mexican Man at Bus stop

Horse equipment

The Tropic of Grenada

Boats in a row


Seal warming up

Wave action I

Doubling up - Candiac

Laprairie afternoon

urubamba valley - Peru

Urubamba Valley III


Parc St.Catherine Spring waters 2017

I left my heart here

Waiting for the orange boat captain


Innocent and Happy

Blowing in the wind

Basking Seals and Sea Lions

Sacred Valley - Peru

Night on the carenage - Grenada

Paradise Silhouettes

I've got you covered

After sunset - grenada

Spring Waters of the St. Lawrence River

Dance Routine finale

Water Reflections 2017 - Carenage Grenada

Spring Waters - parc St.catherine

Fire Flower Fantasy

Ottawa Canada

Art Gallery - Quebec City

Chateau Frontenac - Quebec City

A small blue wedge


Before the storm

Foggy morning at Lac Chat

Foggy morning at Lac Chat II


Foggy morning at Lac Chat III

"Painted on Canvass"