David Wilcoxson [DLW]

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I am a retired U.S Air Force photographer. I served as a Combat Camera photographer at Charleston AFB, SC for about 6 years where I went thoughtout the world documenting Air Force operations. I also worked with U2 imagery at Osan AB, Korea, and I was the base Visual Information Manager at McChord AFB, WA. I learned photography while attending Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, MO. I got into the still photographic career field (AFSC 3VOX2) after attending CMSU. I first became interested in photography while stationed at Kadena AB, Okinawa in the early 1980's and bought my first "serious" camera while there. It was a Canon AE1 Program, followed by a Canon F1n shortly afterward. I like my 35mm equipment but find I don't use it much anymore in favor of other formats. I've since aquired a number of cameras including a Rolliflex 2.8C and a Wisner 4X5 Tech field. Since retiring from the Air Force, I've shot a few weddings, but am mostly shooting for myself. I've used digital both for the AF and while shooting weddings and I like it quite a bit, but tend to favor film. I believe they both have their good and bad points.

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