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Hello My name is Piotr Czechowski and originally I'm from Poland. My story with landscape photography has begun quite recently when I decided to start my PhD studies in the field of computer control engineering. I have always been passionate about nature and outdoor lifestyle but never really treated shooting landscape shots very seriously and used mainly simple point & shoot camera. Since I have moved to Glasgow in August 2004 that passion grew even stronger. It may sound a bit funny but I bought my first digital camera (DSLR) just by coincidence. There was sort of a promotion period and I just decided to give it a try.I wasn't really sure whether it was going to be my cup of tea but within a couple months time and few trips to Highlands I was completely into it. First few months were mostly a trial & error period - working with a new equipment and getting to know it better. I am a self-learner by my nature - so I had to learn it on my mistakes. Obviously I read many articles on post-processing but always wanted to do it right in the field. Photography is a great self learning process that has no boundaries and this is what I like the most about it. You may always find something new and inspiring and the feeling of freedom and escape from daily-life troubles is what gives me the real boost. The weather in Scotland is changing so quickly and is so unpredictable, that it can be a real nightmare. On the other hand - it gives so much possibility to a photographer - that even a simple, well-known ordinary place can be quite inspiring when captured at a right time. Yes - 'being in the right place at the right time' is almost everything about the landscape photography. The ever-changing array of natural colours, textures and shapes is an endless source of inspiration to me. Thank you very much for visiting my portfolio. Hope you enjoy my photos as much as I have enjoyed taking them. Piotr Czechowski Prints (in various sizes) are available on request Contact e-mail : pitt@neostrada.pl


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The Valley of Light

Memories of a Day

"Solitaire" Lochain Na h'Achlaise, Black Mount, Scotland

The Lost World

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"Solitude" Dunure Beach, South Ayrshire, Scotland

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"Coast of Wonders"

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"When the Darkness Falls"

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"The Guardian"

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"Clach Leathad"


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"The Frozen Realm"

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"Lord of the Realm"

"Highland Icon"

Rannoch Moor

"Patterns of Nature"


"Mountain Mirror"

"Mountain Mirror II"

"Coast of Wonders"

Rannoch Moor

"Rhythms in Nature"

"Vanishing Point"

"Coast of Wonders"

"Another World"

"Jurrasic View"

"Loch Leven"

"Another World"

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"Jagged Earth"


"Scottish Caribbean"

"Jurrasic View II"

"Jurassic Sunrise"

"After the Storm"

"The World Beneath"

"Underwater Kingdom"

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"Ocean's Fury"

"Turnberry Bay"

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"Jurassic Dawn"

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"Lord of the Realm"

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"The Lord of the Realm"

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"Sunny Interval"



"Twisted World"

"Scorched Earth"



"Tidal Forms"

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"Turnberry Bay"

"Turnberry Coast"

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"Rocky Outpost"

"Glen Nevis"


"The Great Escape"

"The Frozen Throne"

"Looking Ahead"

"Pool of Radiance"

"A view to remember"

"The Long Kiss Goodnight"

"The Land of Light"

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"Herne is Here"

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"Rocky Outpost II"

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Rocky outpost III