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Strictly a duffer, though I've been compulsive about taking my wife says "mostly bad" pictures since my first GAF Pocket Instamatic. Ah the joys of 110 film Some years back now I launched into the Brave New World of digital, having set aside my beloved N70 and FG for a D50. Mind, I did hang onto the F and F2AS the latter being the single most amazing machine I own. I still desperately wish Nikon would release a dSLR in the D50's price range that'll couple to AI lenses, but since that likely never will happen, I just did the next best thing and snapped up a factory refurbished D7000 and a used 18-200. After ten years on the D50, I thought it was time. My main photographic interests are flowers, insects, buildings, air shows and trains. I've done a wedding or two for money, and several for fun or as a gift to the bride groom, but I'm no great shakes at it mostly because I get the "shakes" - the D50's ISO 1600 setting is a Godsend to me. Actually, people tell me my wedding chops are improving nice to know I can grow. I've also gotten at least marginally adept at fireworks. Concerts are a real challenge, given most performers and venues are opposed to flash. The D7000 and the VR lens have helped a great deal combating my shaky-hold problems. The insane low light capability of the camera comes in handy at concerts "NO FLASH" doncha know : .

Country: US


Single Photos

Buildings, landscapes, sky



UK trip 2014

West Coast Trip 2015

Montana Trip 2016


The spider by the garage

Reach for the sky - UF Football office entrance

Fire hydrant waiting for a taxi

Not your father's Tomorrowland

White flowers

Purple flowers

Bumblebee after breakfast

Itty bitty purple flowers

It's like that street light dared me to shoot it

Butterfly at lunch

Cinderella's Castle at night

Now everybody look at the camera!

Silly Suburban Still Life... First shot from the new D7000, of whatever was on the window sill

All we are is Dust in The Wind

DSC_1151.JPG - Rainbow out the window off Borthwick's Close

DSC_1195.JPG - St. Margaret, St. Margaret's Chapel

DSC_1196.JPG - Wallace, St. Margaret's Chapel





DSC_1265.JPG - St. Giles

DSC_1266.JPG - St. Giles

DSC_1271.JPG - St. Giles

DSC_1273.JPG - St. Giles

DSC_1275.JPG - St. Giles

DSC_1280.JPG - modern stained glass, St. Giles

DSC_1269.JPG - St. Giles Cathedral organ

DSC_1312.JPG Holyrood

DSC_1322.JPG - A splash of colour on a cloudy day

DSC_1324.JPG - Detail at Studio 24 nightclub

DSC_3256.JPG - Bridge to Charing Cross

DSC_3262.JPG - Wahaca - Mexican cuisine in London

Scarlet Sentinals in the Cell Phone Age

DSC_3292.JPG - Leicester Square


DSC_3549.JPG - pipefitter's acid trip - HMS Belfast

DSC_1936.JPG - Early morning reflections on the Isle of Skye

DSC_1390.JPG - Firth of Forth railway bridge

DSC_1497.JPG - Railway bridge over Loch Awe

DSC_1557.JPG - Flowers near Kilchurn Castle

DSC_1590.JPG - played out vine near Loch Awe

DSC_1618.JPG - Onich waterfront

DSC_1634.JPG - Onich waterfront

DSC_4968.JPG - Coffee is such a part of the Seattle experience

DSC_4978.JPG - Free your art!



DSC_5075.JPG - WHAT floor were we on?

DSC_5077.JPG - Sticks up in the breeze a bit don't she

DSC_5102.JPG - Craning for a view of the harbor, Seattle

DSC_5150.JPG - I think the architect was stoned

DSC_5160.JPG - Hallway of above average vividness

DSC_5165.JPG - Piet Mondrian? No, Seattle Public Library

DSC_5173.JPG - Fearful Symmetry

DSC_5409.JPG - Waiting for the train, Seattle King Street Station

King Street Station at sunrise

DSC_5535.JPG - Silo and Silower

DSC_5641.JPG - All together now!

DSC_5803.JPG - Between Whistler and Vancouver, BC

In case you were wondering...

DSC_5893.JPG - Anyone watched Attack on Titan? Creepy statues!



DSC_6069.JPG - Grand example of railroad architecture

DSC_6101.cropped.JPG - lighthouse on the way to Victoria

DSC_6210.JPG - The Mozart is strong with this one... - The Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC

DSC_6251.JPG - The Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC

DSC_6263.JPG - Customs House, Victoria, BC

Has anyone seen what became of my fire escape?


DSC_6579.JPG - Troll bridge! Stop! Pay troll! - quite an Adventure

DSC_6582.JPG - Three Billy Goats Gruff

DSC_6635.JPG - Blue blue blue

Artist's Impression

Old Exec all dressed up for Christmas

Strasburg #90

Oh Shay can you see?


12 string


Hook me up, will you?

Hauling The Life Blood of Western Civilization

Choose Your Path Wisely

Twilight for A Tired Old Warrior

The Reception Can Wait






Into the sunset