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I live in Florida and I am strictly an amateur photographer. I have learned a lot about photography from and I participate as often as I can. Encouragement and inspiration are great motivators.


Single Photos



at the wetlands

Blue Heron during mating season

Orlando Wetlands Park at sunset

Honolulu, Hawaii

On the beach in Nassau

Orlando Wetlands Park sunset

A new day begins as night fades away in Nassau

A brief respite for her very tired parents during a visit to a local theme park. And I do mean brief.

A beautiful day at the beach

This looks worse than it is. A newborn delivered via c-section.

Cape Canaveral National Seashore - Brown Pelican flying overhead.

a playful pause

Watching the birds fly away

What's next?

She's going to give her dad lots of gray hair.

blowing bubbles



Make room for one more - cormorants returning to Orlando Wetlands Park at sunset.

Cormorants at Sunset

another fun day

little feet

picking flowers

Remember the sleep/dream sequence in the wizard of oz?

fun with bubbles

Caterpillar - cropped even more

Paynes Prairie 2010


20110131-_MG_2928 - Alligators and Bison at Paynes Prairie.

20110131-_MG_2970 - Paynes Prairie Bison cautiously grazing. I was lucky to get this photo with the...

20110131-_MG_3026 - Bison at Paynes Prairie.

20110131-_MG_3029 Bellowing bull gator at Paynes Prairie. He scared off the bison in the...