JD Rose (Glen Canyon) [JDRose]

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Grand Staircase NM, Utah Scenics

Colorado Plateau

Abstract or Manipulated

Portraits of Humans

My Cat

North Rim, Grand Canyon, October 2006

Ansco Viking Field Trip


Balanced rock in the Grand Staircase National Monument.

The Eye of Crom.


Hiker on Fairyland Trail

Too many bugs!

Navajo child

Fry bread is tasty!

Get outta my face!

Marvia at Lake Powell.

Smoky Mountain, Rainy day

Kelly's Grade, Smoky Mountain Road

Long ride back through the Nevada Desert.

Rainy day at Cape Royal. This view made famous by Ansel Adams.

Well said!

Lunch with Dr. Monfredo at Lodge.

Dr. Monfredo with TC-1

Anonymous photographer with son.

North Rim cabins with fall foliage.

Bill and Sarah

The group with cameras.

Remains of Warm Fire, Kaibab Plateau, Arizona

View of Mount Hayden from Point Imperial, NR, GCNP

Rainy day at the North Rim


300,000,000 year old Triops. Rim of Glen Canyon.

Balloon over Date Street, Page

Six Inch tall arch on rim of Glen Canyon, Arizona

Balloon over Golf Course, Page

Fry Bread at the fair, $2.00

Fire and Metal

Navajo Mountain and Tower Butte

Eye on the object

"Winter Sun"

"Moonrise over Navajo Mountain"

"Bridge over troubled waters"

Prehistoric View

Spinnin' Shale

Too close for comfort

What's left of 40 Stamp Ore Mill House, Belmont, Nye County, NV.

Bustling downtown Belmont, Nevada

Iron ore kiln in Iron County, Utah

Mainstreet, Cedar City, Utah

Iron County Museum

Abandoned Nye County Courthouse, Nevada

"Old Faithful", Ansco Viking 6x9cm Folder