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From Geneva (Switzerland). I have an engineering background and enjoy photography as a hobby...I started with family and travel photography...I take photo of what I find interesting (mainly in my local environment and also on travel) and share what I think could also interest others...


Cape Town Harbour

On the Streets

Lake Parade Geneva 09

Around the Sailing School


Silouettes & Shadows

Streets | London 2013


Raining day in London

Street ghost in the blue


Follow the line

Father and daughter | Palma

the boy of the old narrow street

Late light on narrow street

Red fashion for summer '07

Chez Costa

trajectories | Palma

the insurance companion

pink lady waiting for red guy to turn green

furtive lady near water point


Standing | A Coruna

Waiting apart

Lost in the sun

evening freshness in backstreet | Palma

Ship maintenance | Cape Town

Ship maintenance | Cape Town

Ship maintenance | Cape Town

Ship maintenance | Cape Town

Low fly over Cape Town harbour

Ship maintenance | Cape Town

unmounting the propeller | Cape Town

debate about the propeller | Cape Town

strolling around Cape Town harbour

Fishermen's lunch | Cape Town

Sailors killing time | Cape Town

A gray world with few colors | Cape Town

taking down the rudder | Cape Town

unfinished job | Cape Town

Street strolling


walk in white

Street squad camouflage

Late afternoon...going home

red in the city

road crossing | Palma

Strolling in the port | Palma

Mrs Jekyll 's shadow

Street ballet

late afternoon, going home....

Fishing colors


wait and see

passing by the orange

cycling in Lucerne

daily race

biking the city

it must be something to fly



stairs and walk

Station and rain | A Coruna

misty mood | Sevilla

brumoso dia, plaza de Espana

bruma | plaza de Espana | hombre

Clean circuit test

cabriolet fire plug | Palma

old city park

Hair paint final touch

Body paint preparation

Family festive mood

trance state

body paint fans

Heading to the parade

sculptural bodies

parade ends, long night ahead

Street dance group

Friendly devil

lake parade | 300'00 people in the street

Café de l'apothéose

dance & shoot

Mobile sound group

Festive colors


narrow streets | Palma

back street shadow | Palma

summer mobility (bus station) | Pollensa

after sailing | sailing school

sailing is over for today | sailing school

boat ordering | sailing school

street colors | Palma

street colors #2 | Palma

at the market | Pollensa

CO2-free mobility

taking care of the equipment | Sailing school

sailing school boats

practice is over | Saling school

green tent | Sailing school

Sreet cleaner | Palma



Sailing school


at the market | Pollensa

memories while passing by | Palma

people at the market | Pollensa

shoping around | La Coruna

sport's suit and car | La Coruna

People at the market | Pollensa

People at the market | Pollensa

tugboats | CapeTown

Foggy morning

Ship maintenance | Cape Town

Blue scooter | Palma

worker | Palma

cyclist | Pollensa

biking | Geneva

Worker | Palma

People at the market | Pollensa

Eagerness | Calla Millor

People at the super (little) market | Cala Ratjada

Plaza Callao | Madrid

Hestitation | Cala Millor

Street discussion | Cala Ratjada

Parked boats | Cala Ratjada

youth moments | Pollensa

Picadilly Circus | London 2013

Leicester square | London 2013

Picadilly Circus | London 2013

Passerby | London 2013

low light | London 2013

Passerby | London 2013

Street light | London 2013

Musical | London 2013