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Tornadoes, Storms, Waterfalls, and Fall


Canyonlands NP


Tornado near Elba, Colorado

Tornado near Cheyenne, Wyoming

Tornado near Dimmitt, Texas

20 miles north of Cheyenne, WY. 5/24/90

Roping out stage of the Cheyenne tornado

Dimmitt, TX. 6/2/95

Dimmitt, TX again

Elba, CO. 5/30/96

Elba, CO again

Newport Beach, CA. winter sunset

Eagle Falls above Lake Tahoe, CA.

More lightning over Ft. Collins, CO.

Thunderstorm over Ft. Collins, CO.

Thunderstorm behind the Grand Mesa, CO.

Water fall in the Black Hills, SD

Sunset and thunderstorm mammatus over the Texas panhandle

Sunset behind Mt. Shavano, CO.

Almena, KS.

Road to Dunkley Pass, CO.

Santa Elena Canyon, TX.

Longs Peak, CO. sunrise

Church and mammatus near Muskogee, OK.

Mt. Wilson, CO.

Above Blue Mesa Reservoir, CO.

Aspen leaves on the Grand Mesa, CO.

Friends watching a Southern California Sunset

Lake Powell waterskiing

Lightning over Ft. Collins, CO.

Wall cloud near Wray, CO.

Wispy clouds showing turbulence near Mt. Shavano, CO.

Massive tornado heading for Friona, TX.

Tornado 25miles northeast of Cheyenne, WY

Supercell near Alanreed, TX.

Weathered tree growing out of rock

Field of sage with lone rock

Strange rock

Slickrock patterns and cirrus

Squaw Butte and La Sal Mtns

The Needles at sunrise

Chesler Park

Stormy sunset in Chesler Park

Rock and cloud

Spire reflection in wash pool

Elephant Canyon

Chesler Park in the afternoon

The obligatory Delicate Arch shot

Lamar tornado with bird

Lamar tornado