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What to write in a bio..... I dont have a great deal of photographic experience. Video has been my thing and after completing a Degree in Multi media I worked on a few films and a few TV shows, I then moved into documentary making. I also spent some time airbrushing photos. I kinda fell into photography when I took a job in the Whitsundays as a wedding videographer, with not enough work to justify my position they told me i had to start taking stills. That was in January of 2006. Im here on this site to learn and get advice. I have fallen in love with still photography and am kicking myself for not getting into it sooner.

Country: AU


Single Photos


Wedding setting

was walking along the beach where I work and this was the sky


Playing in the bay

an idea that came to me while i was looking at my camera wondering how i got to this point in life

a few beach chairs with the remains of the west pier on brighton beach


a shoot with a friend of mine


daydream Is wedding



from a recent shoot



underwater maternity

underwater maternity 3

underwater maternity 2