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Hello and Welcome I am freelance art photographer based in Plymouth in Devon. I enjoy working in natural light and capturing natural beauty - my passion being fine art figure work. I have a CHE in the Creative Arts. 2014 update.... I have spent the last 8 years working with my local muse, Magenta, who is currently expecting here first baby congratulations to her, so her focus will now be on family,meaning there is currently a big question mark over future projects, so this might well be my last year here. Also included within my page is work by my late wife, Kay Nowlan 1945-2005. AKA Kay Barnes. Kay was simply one of the best photographers of her generation. Spanning a period from using 5X4 cameras to digital, she excelled in her profession, having work featured in some of the leading professional publications of the day and exhibiting internationally, including at Photokena. Turning her skills to teaching her subject in the last decade of her life, Kay has inspired many to gain her own passion and create further work with what truly was her artistic medium. I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again soon.

Country: UK


Kay Nowlan (Posthumous Portfolio)



Classic Nudes

The Tempest


The Window by Kay Nowlan

Glass 2 by Kay Nowlan

Bride BW by Kay Nowlan

Bodyscape by Kay Nowlan

Movement by Kay Nowlan

Mandy by Kay Nowlan

Glass 1 by Kay Nowlan

Bride - the dress by Kay Nowlan

Serenity by Kay Nowlan

Her Day by Kay Nowlan




Magenta 1

Magenta 3


Window girl

Ariffon - Bangles

Away from the rain (model:Magenta)

No Masquerade

the daydream (model Kari)

On the Willows (model Magenta)

Capture (model Magenta)

Dazzler (model Magenta)

dartmoor sunset

the river

the dream (model Kari)

Dreaming (model Magenta)

Putting on the Jazz (model Magenta)

All that is Her (model Kat)

Beach Stones

Blue and Red (model Magenta)

Holly - surface tension

candid (model Kat)


The Gaze (Model Kat)

Beneath the trees of May (model Holly)

The Deep Look (Model Lisa)

The Water's Edge (model Sasha)

Vivacious (model Lisa)

In those Eyes (model Lisa)

Through the window (model Maxine)


Red (Model Magenta)

C H I C model Magenta

Red 1 (model Magenta)

Radiance (model Magenta)



Magda 1

Light gaze

Earth, Light, Water

All in the Eyes (Model Kari)

Kat by Howard Nowlan

Windancer Model: Magenta

Visual Grace Model: Ginny

Natural Model: Kari

Striped Model: Magenta

Abandon Model: Kari

Deco Model: Magenta


Fusion Model: Magenta

epiphany Model: Red Celt

Still Grace Model: Peltigera

Ecstacy Model: Kari

Sunbeams Model: Pamela


serene (model Magenta)

S k Y e


autumn light

River Velvet



Autumn Glow

River 3

tempest 1

Tempest 2

Tempest 3

Tempest 4

Tempest 5

Tempest 6

Tempest 7

Tempest 8

from within

The Rose

Flower Girl


Twixt Heaven and Earth


Golden Tones

Dappled dream