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Born in 1977 in Waalwijk the Netherlands, Working as a software engineer for a company that developes and builds gambling machines since 2002. My interest in photography only really took off when I bought a small pocket digital camera in the spring of 2002. Taking snapshots of everything and anything. A year or so later I got into WW2 Re-enactment and I wanted to combine the hobbies. But I felt that my little Ixus V2 would be out of place in a WW2 Display. And one day I came across another shutterbug who was selling some of his vintage cameras. I bought a Zeiss Ikon Nettar made in 1937 from him and I still use it today. Since then I've acquired a few classic cameras, around 130 of them, including several LTM Leicas and Speed Graphics. I enjoy shooting every-day things and events. Experimenting with different films and lenses.

Country: NL