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I am legally blind. I have no useful vision in one eye and severely degraded vision in the other. There are many things that I can no longer do at all. There are many things that I must now do differently. Photography is one of them. I MUST work in large formats. The ground-glass composing area of a 4x5 camera is twenty square inches; an 8x10 is four times larger. I can roughly frame a composition, then go back and look at all of it a portion at a time. More than that, I find the physical acts of manipulating the big cameras to be fulfilling. This is an additional tactile enrichment to my visual expression. Photography is, for me, more than a simple visual experience. Before a scene can be composed within the boundaries of the ground glass, the constituent parts must be handled, felt and arranged; I must experience the subject. In the last few years my most successful projects involve imaging things that I can walk up to and touch first. For me, photography is more than another way of seeing; it IS seeing. Drew Bedo www.quietlightphoto.com ________________________________________________________________________________


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