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My photos are all expressions and feelings. 

The feelings I try to provide is alienation, sadness and a great love to life but with a melancholy and struggle of everyday existence.

I work hard and put a lot of energy and effort to all of them.

To explore the beautiful mystique and the secrets of the forest and nature are my way to collect new energy and to process the life.
I donメt try to reproduce the nature I use it the in order to catch a feeling or an atmosphere.

Art, poetry and music are my inspiration's sources.
With in the art is it the Impressionism and the Expressionism that has greatest impact on me.

My creativity and reason to do this is, above all to heal myself, a way to express thoughts and feelings.

My photos are first of all made for myself, but if they have something to tell,  I am glad to share.

I really don't care if people hates them, disapprove of them or don't even see them.

But if they do look at them I prefer an onest opinion even if it is a bad one.
I do open up myself a lot in my photos and in some way I want critic and rates to tell me if my intention works.

This is the only way to know and to develop my imagery, metaphorical language.
I am spontaneous and sencitive, My reaction sometimes are faster then the shuttel speed in a sharp photo. :-)

I have put together some of my older more ordenery photos..

Some of them are my very first macro and flower photos.
Some of the frames on the older pictures are absolutely horrible ! I spouse I did like them ;-)
Well Well people are chancing and so am I ......

I won the Panasonic Photo Awards 2005 - Amateur Photographer of the Year Award
The first the price was a luxurious journey for two to Namibia and the title Swedish greatest amateur photographer 2005



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Dragonfly 2005

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Wildwood Windflower

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Wildwood Windflower

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New Born Beauty

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Nerves like Nylon --BAUHAUS--

The summers flower is to the summer sweet,though to itself it only live and die" (Shakespeare)


BLUR All you ever do is fade away

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The guy who wakes me up in the morning.

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sadness and expectation