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****EXPERIENCE**** Rookie; just bought my first real camera a couple months ago. I know how to use enough of the camera to make it work and don't even own photoshop, much less know how to use it. That is next on the list of things to do along with buying a couple filters. As of now, all my work is 100% unmanipulated and without filters. I eventually plan to start using photoshop because I realize the camera can't capture everything my eye can see. When I do start, my goal will NOT be to "create" a better image but rather to CORRECT the image to show you the real life scene that I saw that day. ****GENERAL**** 27yo orthopaedic surgeon originally from Tappahannock, VA. I went to UVA (Go HOOS!!) for undergrad and medical school and am now in Charleston, SC. ****ABOUT MY PICTURES**** Being new to photography, I'm exploring most everything. However, my main love is landscapes. Specifically, I like sunrise/sunset shots and love shooting rural country scenes (not much these days since unfortunately I live in the city) and beach/water scenes (of which there are many in Charleston). I enjoy the challenge of finding natural beauty and capturing it. I'm not a big fan of a lot of digital alterations--all my pictures show something that exists (or did for a brief moment) in real life. I'm not a big fan of taking a pretty landscape and then pasting on a burning red sky that was created by a volcano eruption and photoshop. My goal in landscapes is to find places people would call "paradise" and capture them so people look at my work and say "Wow--I wish I had been there!" For many of my shots, you will have seen something similar, although not exactly like it. I'm not the person that takes a picture of my big toe and blurs the foot and thinks it belongs in a museum. I like to be creative, but abstract art doesn't appeal to me. Many times I shoot a beach, lighthouse, bridge, etc. that has been shot a thousand times before but try to capture a different angle, cloud formation, sunrise, light, etc. that are unique to that day. To me, if you find a beautiful sight, every sunrise is different so every picture is unique. Everyone has seen several pictures of the sun rising over the ocean but I disagree with people who say that makes it not worth shooting. ****ABOUT MY PORTFOLIO**** These are a good sample of my pictures but not a full sample or even necessarily my best shots. I've decided my rating average can go down the drain--I don't care! My goal is to post pictures that I need feedback on improving and ones that will be interesting to you. ****ABOUT CRITIQUES**** I try to critique a lot and be very thoughtful. Even if I'm complimenting things, I try to compliment specifics so people know what I like. Also, even if your picture is perfect I try to give you some "food for thought" on different (not necessarily "better") ways of composing, exposing, etc. I would LOVE it if you would do the same for my shots. I have posted many pictures I needed help with only to get 5 3's, a couple 4's and 5's, and 3 6's with NO explanations. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK!!! ****MISC FACTS**** I'm from a family of 7 kids; I love sports--played 6 varsity ones in high school and was Athlete of the Year and High School Scholastic All-American; other hobbies include piano, guitar, and antique automobile restoration; very family oriented and also very Christian--I almost went to seminary instead of medical school. If you want to know more, just ask! Thanks for visiting!!!


Morris Island Lighthouse

The Beach




Life on the Docks

Folly Beach Pier

Country Scenes

Blue Ridge Parkway

Night and Low Light


Angel Oak


Hello! (With a wink!)

Morris Island Shines Again!

Morning Colors

Sunrise Over Rough Seas

Sea Oats in a Stormy Sunset

Early Morning Flight

Red Sky in the Morning, Sailor Take Warning!

Goodnight Sailboats!

Sunset Reflections

Cloudy Morris Island Sunrise

Peaceful Sunrise at Morris Island

Sunrise Below The Cloud Line

Flying Into The Sunset

Sunrise at Morris Island

Cutting up field!


Folly Pier at Night

Under the Pier at Night

Fishing Anyone?

Retired Rope

Life Is Just a Tire Swing!

Pelican Perch

The Tongue Helps Your Velocity

Running Through The Maze

Cooper River Bridges

What A Wonderful Bird Is A Pelican!


Ghost Crab

Waiting to Fish


Golden Sunrise

Hurricane Ernesto Arrives!

Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

Early Morning: A Shrimp Boat and a Dolphin

"Ummm...GUYS!!! I think you forgot me!"

Standing the Test of Time

Peaceful Sunrise At Morris Island

A Ball of Fire

Sea Oats at Sunrise

Pink Is The Color Of Passion

Fall Colors in Virginia

Sunset Through Palmetto Leaves

Back Where I Come From

Bales and Barn

Sailboats at Sunset

Hidden Waterfall

"In The Town Where I Was Raised"

Sailboats on Pink Water

After Sunset

Liquid Sun


Shrimp Boat at Sunset

Sailboat in a Peaceful Sunset

Layers of Color

Behind the Dunes


Fiery Sunset at Folly

Shower of Sun Rays

Merry Christmas from the Wind Family!


Calm Waters

Waterfront Sunset


Panoramic Sunrise

Over the Dunes

Cooper River Bridge

After Sunset

Sullivan's Island Lighthouse

Protecting the Harbor

Nightfall Over the Charleston Harbor

Charleston Skyline

Sunset Reflections

Fading Sun

End of the Day

Sunset Row

Foggy Night

Bridge Fog

Fire on the Horizon


Fire on the Horizon II


Peeking Through

The Fog

Tiger Striped Sunrise

Looking for Food

Eye of the Pelican

Palmetto Framed Sunset

"Hold Still, Doggonit!"

Across the River

Look into my Eye

Trail to the Sun


Rubber Duckies (the product of "Hold Still, Doggonit!"...See http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5534131)


Duck Dance

Circling the Sun

Blue Sunrise

Shrimp Boat Sunset

Daylight Fading

Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise II

Sunset Colors

Settled in for the Night

Pelican Party

Moonset at Sunrise

Settled for the Night II

The Battery

Sunset Glow

Low Country Sunset

Portrait 1

Portrait #2

Portrait #3

Portrait #5

Portrait #6

Portrait #7

Charleston Charm

Daybreak Solitude

(Mini) Ninja Turtle

Peeking Over the Horizon

Sunrise Stratification

Dusk on James Island

Fluorescent Sunrise

Bleeding Into the Water

Predawn Pink

Sunrise Streaks

Stranded at Sea

Sunrise Delight

Painting In The Sky

Sunset Over the Cooper

Morning Glory

Ascending Into the Clouds

Cooper River Paradise

Cooper River Heaven

Last Light on the Cooper

Morris Island Paradise

Cooper River Delight

Wave of Fury

Wave of Fury

Scattered Sunrise

Sitting on the Sand

Serenity Over the Cooper

Trail to the Light

Glowing in the Night

Beach Bone Silhouettes

Sunrise Clouds

Sea Oat Sunrise

Fire Behind the Clouds

Painted Water Sunrise

Sunrise Through the Beach Bones

Framing the Sunrise

Cooper River Twilight

Barren Beach Sunrise

Storm Over the Cooper

Sunset Haze

Beach Bone Sunrise

Beach Bone Delight

Hidden Mountain Falls

Blue Ridge Mountain Vista

Rushing Rapids

Storm Cloud Sunset




Sunset Mirror

Shem Creek Rest

Battery Sunrise

Golden Sunshine on the Battery

Crashing Around the Kiss

Backdrop of Fury

Golden Sunshine


Hangin' on the Dock

Sunshine on the Angel

Spider Limbs




Horizon Glow

Twisted to Perfection

The Twisted Trunk


The Boardwalk

Blue Ridge Rapids

Sea Oat Sunrise

Plantation Drive

Octopus Arms


White Caps

Spider Limbs