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Six metre yacht sailing off Calshot

The Garland Makers

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Looking South, the road from the Col de Vence

Terrace shadow pattern

Shot from a high promontory, looking South, on a hazy day in early autumn.

Late afternoon light, ploughed field, from Danebury Hill Fort


Drying Chillies

View from Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajahstan

Sunrise, Tajmahal

View from St C├ęsar village, France

Cross Channel Kiss

Akbar's Tomb, with Child

The Gates of Dawn

Wind Power

Nature's Litter. Cockle shells mark the high water line.

Easter Bonnet

Carvings above a temple door, Northern India

Cherry Blossom and Church Spire

Thames foreshore, low tide, at Putney

Red. White. Blue

Rain in Rome

London. St Pauls Cathedral & tourist information centre

Snow flowers

Tate Modern, London

City Hall, London

Ice skating. Somerset House. London