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Weltmacht oder Niedergang

Mystery of Birth...the Miracle of Creation



experimental pathology

dust and noise and kerosine smell

Mystery of Birth (i): Humankind

an old blacksmithery

Mystery of Birth (viii): Evolution

Basilisk's eye

Mystery of Birth (ii): Just floating

Weltmacht oder Niedergang (vi): bonus

Weltmacht oder Niedergang (vi): the battle is over

Weltmacht oder Niedergang (v): smoke and water

Weltmacht oder Niedergang (iv): Wehrmacht destructor

Weltmacht oder Niedergang (iii): dying under Allied fire

Weltmacht oder Niedergang (ii) preparing for fight

Weltmacht oder Niedergang (i): incoming

Czechoslovac Field Post

Mystery of Birth (iii): Six

fight! /check the larger one/


greetings from Prague

Sunday siesta


Prague stories

city rulers

and old story (still-born still life/dawn of dreams)

Mystery of Birth (iv): Sleeping

Mystery of Birth (v): One more

Mystery of Birth (vi): Paws

Mystery of Birth (vii): Temple of Knowledge

the first time surgeons

- garden of souls -

let your own home be your gallows

a christmas prayer

make love not war


- evolution -

night date

night void

restless oblivion