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Updated, June 2014--

I am starting to re-engage with my photography now as things are starting to settle down in my life. I just spent an incredibly relaxing week in Grand Teton National Park, and it really got my creative juices going again. The grandchildren are now back with their parents, and Susan and I have settled into our new house. It is high time to get out and start making images again. My pal, Ray Banfield, and I are already talking about a Death Valley photography trip in the fall of 2014. I can't wait!


I live in Valencia, California; just north of Los Angeles. First, and foremost, I love the arts and humanities. I love poetry, good literature, and music. I really enjoy the visual arts too; and while I can't paint or sketch particularly well, it does seem that I can make a decent landscape photograph every once in a great while.

It is my experience and opinion that 98% of the act of making a photograph actually occurs between your ears; it really has damned little to do with all of that fancy gear we own or use. Finding and creating the composition; waiting for and harnessing the light; and then utilizing our creative and artistic talents in post-processing are all activities that each of us needs to consider and execute properly if we are to make a successful photograph.

Finally, this is something like my ninth year here on PN, and I want all of you to know how grateful I am for all of your encouragement, comments, suggestions, and support. All of you have been, and continue to be, more important to my photography than my camera and post-processing. Thank you, and Cheers! Chris

"Why is it that a woman can see from a distance what a man cannot see close?" Thomas Hardy

"True originality consists not in a new manner, but in a new vision." Edith Wharton

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Mountains I

Forests I

Foothills & Prairies I

Deserts I


Intimate Landscapes I

Deserts II

Deserts III

Deserts IV

Reflections & Water I

Bear Mountain: An Ongoing Retrospective

The Missions of Southern Arizona

Deserts V

The Racetrack Backlit: A Study in Light, Contrasts, Tones, and Textures

Sandscapes: An Intimate Look at Light on Sand

Abstract Photographs & Other Weird Stuff

Cather Country

Forests II

Intimate Landscapes II

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

San Salvador, Bahamas


Seagull Sunset

Mingus Mill


Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve, North Carolina

A Rainy Morning

Venturi Effect

Mount Vaught, 8,850'

Golden Light

Fish-Hook Barrel Cactus in bloom

Ocotillo and Arizona Sky

Sonoran Desert Scene

Saguaros of the Sonoran Desert

'The Mote In God's Eye'

Dawn in the High Desert

A Peek of Pink

Stormclouds over the Owens Valley

At the End of the Rainbow

Avalanche Gorge Detail I

Avalanche Gorge Detail II

Remains of the Day

High Desert Dawn in Black & White

Banded Light

Kern River Preserve I

Hole In The Wall

Microscape II

Microscape VI

The Edge of My World

The Oaks of Bear Mountain

The Sentinel

Miocene Madness

The Grand Falls at La Jolla

A Pothole Sunset

Four Little Potholes

The La Jolla Pothole Colony

Eva's Sunset

Housatonic Dreams II

Housatonic Dreams III

Reflections I

Reflections II

Rocks & Sky I

The Bronze Dawn

Yin and Yang

First Light on the Tuolumne

Dana Fork Still-Life II

Ascension of the Boulders

Path of the Glacier

Polished Enigma II

Trail of the Cedars I

Trail of the Cedars II

Blue Ridge Dawn

Falling Water

Glacier Dawn

Sonoran Glow

Silver Fork Zen

Leaf & Stem

Dawn Meditation I

Water Whorled

Homage to Impressionism

Four Friends

Golden Grasses

Smoked Shark's Fin Redux

An Evening in the Mojave

The Waste Land I

'Le Baiser'

The Waste Land II

Sunrise in the Valley

Valley Vista from Artist's Point II

A Badwater Dawn

Last Light at the Racetrack


Oak on Bear Mountain

The View from Artist's Point

A Morning on the Merced B&W

Buckeye & Boulders

Datura Delight

Desert Watchmen

The Ruins of Ryan II

"Valinor Telperion" (The Silver Tree)

Ruins of Ryan III

A Tone Poem In Granite


Great Balls-O-Buckwheat

Last Light at the Mission

Curved Contrasts

The Dog at the Mission

Convento de Mission Tumacacori

Mission de Tumacacori




Fajada Butte

A Chacoan Window to the Sky

Druids of the Desert

Chaco and the Contrail

The Dawn of the Fall Equinox


Sunset in the Dunes

Salt of the Earth

Badwater Dawn

Soft Light

Ubehebe Dawn



The Devil's Dawn

Tracks & Textures

Padre Soto's Grave, Tumacacori Mission

Pas de Deux

Pueblo Dawn

A Sundown Shoot-Out in the Santa Ritas I

Skylight over Arches

The Thin Veneer

The Doorways at Dawn

Last Light at Chetro Ketl

Anasazi Dawn

Long-Leaf Light

Zabriskie Point Sunrise


By the Dawn's Early Light

A Wild and Wooly Sunset

Aspens of the Sangre de Cristo

The Arched Oaks of Pasolivo

A Grey Day

A Fringe of Light

Desert Still Life

South Fork Sunset


A Mountain Maple Morning

Smoketree Dawn

Portrait of A Boulder

The Oaks on the Ridge

Teddy Bears Aglow

Granite & Oaks

A Nebraska Christmas II

The Boulders

A Nebraska Christmas I

The Three Amigos at Sunset

Sandscape I

Sandscape II




Bart Simpson

'AA 24-Hour Towing'

Mount Vaught 8,850'

Sandscape III


Racetrack I

Racetrack II

Racetrack III

Racetrack IV


Last Light on The Racetrack

Storm at Sunset

First Light on The Racetrack

Last Shot-o-the-Morning

The Burning Bush


Stovepipe Sunset

The Photographer at The Racetrack

Racing Rock I


Racing Rock II

Cades Cove Morning

Bud Ogle Farm


A Stairway to Heaven

Zabriskie Point at Sunrise

The Light of the Fern

Half Dome Sunset

The Reflection In the Meadow

Waterfall II

Tuolumne Dreams



Yucca at Sunrise

High Sierra Stormlight

The Nose


Mesquite Dunes Sunset

A Symphony for the Devil

The Four Friends in Black & White

Middle Basin & The Panamint Mountains

Haiku for Western Redbud

Bass Lake Oak II

Bass Lake Oak III

Storm over the Tehachapi

Santa Clara Valley Rainbow

Bass Lake Oak V

Boulders & Sky, Joshua Tree National Park


The Trail of the Ferns I

The Trail of the Ferns II

Medusa's Children


Ubehebe Crater Landscape Black and White

Polished Enigma I

Lost Horse Valley Sunset

Homage to Impressionism Black & White

A Sundown Shootout in the Santa Ritas in Black & White

Twilight, Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley National Park

The Sentinel in Black & White

Santa Clara Valley Stormy Sunset

Pueblo Bonito Dawn in Black & White

Mesquite Dunes Detail I

Mesquite Dunes Detail II

Ubehebe Volcanic Field, Death Valley National Park

Mesquite Dunes Detail III

Twilight, White Sands National Monument

A La Jolla Sunset

Cuyamaca Garden Detail III

Skinner Water Treatment Plant Detail I

Skinner Treatment Plant I

Iron Butterfly


Skinner Treatment Plant II

Eva's Sunset in Black & White

Cuyamaca Gardens Detail III

Getty Villa, Malibu

Alabama Hills Sunrise, Eastern Sierra

Valley of Fire Detail I

Moonrise over Joshua Tree National Park

Chapel in the Cataloochee

Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Ryan Ranch, Joshua Tree National Park

Willa Cather's House in Black & White








'Head-Shot' Half Dome from Lower Pines Campground

Boulder, Mirror Lake, Yosemite National Park

Mirror Lake and Half Dome Reflection

Half Dome from Sentinel Bridge

Forest at Cathedral Beach, Yosemite National Park

Forest at Cathedral Beach (Color), Yosemite National Park

Ponderosa Pine Bark Detail, Royal Arches, Yosemite National Park

Ferns, John Chestnut Park, Palm Harbor, Florida

Pond, John Chestnut Park, Palm Harbor, Florida

Lake Tarpon Sunset, Palm Harbor, Florida

Tree & Vine Detail, John Chestnut Park, Palm Harbor, Florida

Mandi & Brian's View

Ferns III, John Chestnut, Sr. Park, Palm Harbor, Florida

Water Hyacinths, John Chestnut, Sr. Park, Palm Harbor, Florida

Mt. Moran Postcard

Jackson Lake at Dawn

Jackson Lake Sunrise

Jenny Lake Moonset II

Jenny Lake Moonset

Mt. Moran Sunrise from the Moran Scenic Turnout

Grand Teton Range Sunrise from the Moran Scenic Turnout

The Perfect Spot...High Cay, San Salvador, Bahamas

Dixon Hill Lighthouse, San Salvador, Bahamas

Sunrise, San Salvador, Bahamas

Club Med Columbus Isle Shadows

Chaotic Minimalism