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Kenneth Grunzweig is an award wining photographer. He received his B.Sc. from the University of San Francisco. Ken has completed post-graduate course work in photography at the University of California. He has refined his style and vision by participating in master classes with world renown photographers including: John Sexton, Philip Hyde, Clinton Smith and Marsha Leiberman, Harry Gilpin and Lucien Clerque. Artist’s Statement The goal for my work is to make images which capture moments that are normally elusive and mysterious to us - the search to uncover the underlying elements. I generally work in black and white, because of the flexibility of this medium. Color work is limited to a few images that convey both textural context and color composition working in harmony. The majority of my work uses natural light. I prefer the gradient qualities of natural light and the chase to catch that moment when all elements work together. I like to challenge myself to fully explore the possibilities of any subject placing the image on the negatives and exploring the creative options in the darkroom through printing and toning - there is always more to uncover in an image for the persistent.


Single Photos

Still Life



Santa Clara Creek

Pear Still Life



Seven Streams

Rock Still Life

San Juan River

Rancho de Taos

Catus Sonoran Desert

Santa Clara Creek

Celebrating Hashem