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I have been and artist, author and TV personality (dumb word) for some 35 years, and have had an interest in photography since my days in college. Started to become more serious about the images I take a couple of years ago, and have discovered that the more I learned, the more I realized how little I knew****** I have met through PN some amazing artists, and they have helped me to weed out the crap that I have shot, and to recognize when I capture something decent; can never say enough about how important feedback is, both giving and getting.****** I love beautiful, dramatic, and evocative images, such as motorcycles and Florida scenes. I do so love motorcycles, both from a sculptural viewpoint, and as a visceral emotion. And there is no place on Earth like Florida. I have traveled much in my life, and have only now realized what had been in my back yard****** I love beautiful women, young and old, and have come to realize that there is nothing harder to shoot. But, I must admit, it is a journey of discovery worth the undertaking****** It is a journey that I hope will continue until the day I die.


Venice in Black and White



Oddz and Endz...


Still Lifes


Florida Storms and Sunsets

Old, and vanishing, Florida

Antique collections

Tarpon Springs, Florida

Venice in Color

Gulf Coast Shrimp Fleet


Lutz, 4th of July

Water Lilies

Single Photos


Canal Bridge in the fog

Flamingo at Sunset

Oberammergau Graveyard Cross

Study in Red, Black and White










Ninja Cross

Florida Storm 1


About last night...

Sunflowers and Peppers

Swallowtail 2











The worn pavers of San Marcos, Venice


Gate in the morning fog...Lutz, Florida

Abandoned boat in the morning mists...Lutz, Florida

Mango Road farmhouse...Thonotosassa, Florida

Cranes before the storm hits...Tampa, Florida

North Carolina Flowers

Canal Landing, Venice

Gondola Row, Cold Winter Morning

Laundry Day, Venice

B&W Cranes before the Storm

Across the Grand Canal at Night

Venice, Winter Gondolier Scene

St. Marks in the early morning fog

Light from above, Venice Alleyway

Venice, Museo Arte Erotica

Venice, Premire accomodations

Dairy Cows, Land 'o Lakes

Dairy Farm at Dusk, US41, Land 'o Lakes

"No Trespassing" US41, Land 'o Lakes

"Aaron Rests" Tarpon Springs

"Low Tide" Tarpon Springs

Angel and the rose. Oberammergau, Germany

Stunt Rider 1

"Derelict" Tarpon Springs

"Shrimpers at Dawn" Tarpon Springs

"Great Blue Peek-a-boo" Clearwater, florida

Widow Maker

Water Lilies 3, Lutz

Night on Gondola Row 1.

Sunrise, Boat Graveyard

Moonrise, Old First Baptist Church

Old First Baptist Church, Tarpon Springs

The Wait, Anclote River, Florida

"Table for two, no waiting..."




Nature's Abstractions

Water Lily Pads 1, Sunrise

Venice, Church Facade

Venice, Ancient Facade

Isabella at the beach, number 3

Isabella at the beach, number 2

Isabella at the beach, number 1


Isa at the Beach

Isa at the Beach 5

Early Start

Early morning, Lutz, Florida

Venice, Canal and bird

Rialto Bridge in the fog

Venetian Fashion

Venice, Boat in fog

Rialto Bridge 2

Stunt Rider 1

Water Lilies, Lutz

W. Tampa Chainlink 2

W. Tampa Chainlink 1

Isa and "Puppy" 1

Isa and "Puppy" 2

Big Dog 1

H-D Twist 1

Screaming Eagle 103/1

Red Double S

Stunt Rider, Study in Red, Black and White 1

Catching Air, Study Red, Black and White

Study in Red, White and Blue

Handing off to the next generation...

Past, Present, and Future

Ms Liberty, courtesy of Henry Ford

Different times; same experiences

Three wars; three warriors; one love.

Study in Neutrals-Florida Mushrooms

Study in Red and Green-Tropical Ford

Florida Storm 2

Florida Storms 3

Beauty Fades...

Rememberance of Things Past...

Isabella looking for shells, St. Pete Beach

Approaching Storm-Port of Tampa

Approaching Storm-University of Tampa

Lightning Strike-University of Tampa

Storm Warning, Seek Cover

Gauging the Fabricator's Art


The Fabricator's Art-Red

Thunder Mountain

Vine tomatoes with sweet and hot peppers

Royal Gala Apples

Split Leaf at Night

Old Upper Tampa Bay

Old Tampa Bay, Solitary Great Blue Heron

First Light, Tampa Bay

First Light: Old Breakwater, Tampa Bay

Old Breakwater, Tampa Bay

Red, White, and Blue: Storm Tower, Tampa Bay

Storm Coming, Channelside

Study in Blue and Orange

Study in Yellow and Chrome

Cormorants, Tampa Bay

Late Afternoon Thunderstorm, Tampa Bay


Two Texas Daisies and Guest

Black 57 Chevy

Study in Chrome and Yellow-Plymouth


Turquoise Grid

U of Tampa, Plant Hotel, Night 1