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"Patients Only"

Curved Hallway


Buffalo State Hospital

Chair by Moonlight


Long Hall

Walkers' Garden

Art-Deco Swimming Pool


Dead Boats

Garden of Unearthly Delights

Ice Mushroom

Old Chair

Green Chair

Hotel Abstract

Outer Space Chairs

Paint and Ash


Violent Ward

Rainbow Diffraction

Tree Reflection

Blue Stairs

Chair at Ward's End

Steam Pipe in Asylum Basement

No Exit


Ryce, at his 3rd birthday party.

Hudson Ablaze

Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital, March '08

Up the Stairs, South Carolina State Hospital

Blue Door at Sunset

Hotel Adler, Sharon Springs NY

Asylum Hall with Wheelchairs

Cast-Iron Stairs

Asylum Dormitory

Easy Chairs

Young Protesters

Sink, Central State Hospital

Attic, South Carolina State Hospital

Absinthe Concept Shot

Drummer, Chinese New Year Parade, NYC 2008

Rocking Chair


North Brother Island, Nurses Cottage Spiral Stairs

North Brother Island, Tuberculosis Pavilion

North Brother Island, Gantry Crane at Sunset

North Brother Island, Patients' Bathtub

Statue of Liberty as seen from abandoned building on the Southern side of Ellis Island

Buffalo State Hospital, curved hallway connecting two wards

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, Winter

Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital staircase

Collapsed copper roof

Asylum basement

Asylum basement II