Jordan Epstein [Jephotog]

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I was interested in Photography since beginning of college. Towards the end of school I lived in a household full of Brooks Institute students. It was a huge house with a basement where everyone had there own darkroom with a shooting studio in the center. I learned a lot about photography from them and got more interested by watching all the different shoots and the outcome of their work. I was not too excited about a career in accounting and was thinking of photography. My roommates said to not waste my time and money on school as I already had enough skills and a good portfolio already. After college I moved to Jackson Hole Wyoming. While skiing kayaking and playing outdoors I would always bring my camera. I would also get up to watch and capture the sunrises over the spectacular Tetons. I felt like a tourist for the first year getting up in the morning to try to find moose or buffalo or whatever I could capture as the sun rose. I had taken about a decade off from shooting passionately to build my home and then work on my career. My schedule is now more free and I am trying to organize all my digital images from the last few years then scan my slides, create a portfolio and a web site.

Country: US