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Cruise Ship Deck at Night

Scott's Run Waterfall - Virginia

Fuschia in Bloom

Angles on the Mall

Caneel Bay. St. John's, USVI

Art Viewing Patron

Sunset on Homosassa river

Stretch City

Angles on the Mall

Constitution Gardens in the Rain. Washington, DC

Grab shot on the street in Jamaica

Guarding The Corner

Night Shot of Fab 50s Store Window

Night Shot of Music Store Window

Rock Creek, near Pierce Mill. Washington, DC

Street Scene. Kabul.

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Portrait of my Micronesian friend

Portrait of Marcelino

This is a crop of the center section of the frame. Full frame is sharp corner to corner within the depth of field.

The cut out on the left shows the detail captured on NPC 160 by the T3 even in shadows when hand held.

I had just put the battery in the T3; I had not even read the manual when I took this picture. Grabbed from three feet as my daughter got into the car. It's too close for good perspective of her face but succeeds nevertheless. Notice the nice out of focus background outside.

Close focus shot of detail of Plymouth Prowler car. The levels of detail captured by the film and lens are impressive, though maybe not evident on this scan. The gray spots on the strut under the light are dust spots ON THE CAR, not from the scan.

Another detail shot of a car. The T3 meter handled this all white image very well (or the processor knew how to correct for any under exposure.) NPC has nice snappy colors, though reds can be a bit off in caucasian features.

Taken in late morning. The sky was a washed-out white overcast. No light fall off evident to me.

Test image of blue sky at noon. The print and scan show some darkening on the right side. I'm not sure what caused this but a lens hood might be useful in this unusually harsh light. The dark spot in center is a jet airliner.

Example of using AFL button and maximum aperture. Image is about 1/6 of full frame. AFL set at 10 meters. Exposure taken from mid tones at bottom of building. Lens positioned about one inch from chain link fence. The gray bars across the image are fencing that blur out w/ aperture set at f/2.8. Due to tonal range, exposure is just acceptable.

The sharpness of the image is not evident in this print scan, but T400CN B&W produced some excellent images with the sharp lens of the Contax T3, maybe better than similar shots taken with my Canon EF 50mm f/1.4.

I almost passed up this shot as the sunlight was so intense, but the 'subject' was captivating. I metered for the shadows to get detail in the left side of the image. T400 handled the range of lighting well.

I liked the convergence of lines in the distance and the commuter scurrying into the frame adds to the movement, I think.

The Liberator. Simon Bolivar. I liked the angles and sense of triumphant soldiering in the statue. Overexposed by one stop due to strong backlighting. T400CN brought out all the details in the bronzework, though it may not be evident in the scan.

Albert Einstein. Since I wanted the hand and the head to be in focus I used an f/8 aperture. The result was that the background blended with the statue, so Gaussian blur was used in Paint Shop Pro to soften the background.

Another grab shot at f/2.8, auto flash. Cropped (This is approx. 1/3 of the total image.)

Sleeping Panda

Wading Bird in Profile

Panda in Profile

Flamingo In Repose (flatbed scan)

Crouching Panda

Crown Hotel. Inverness, FL. First attempt at long time (LT) exposure with the T3.

Hand held exposure after sunset. The blue sky is unexplainable; I don't recall this appearance at all. ???

Whimsical Minstrel

Mother and Child

Wisim, Whisper and John

Remembrance at the Wall


Art Appreciating

Metro Station

Corner Guard

Gone But Not Forgotten. Civil War Grave in Arlington National Cemetary.

An Eye For An Eye Keeps the Whole World Blind

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Memorial Banner Near The Pentagon

September 16, 2001

Two Doors in Georgetown

An Eye For An Eye Keeps The Whole World Blind

Facing the Future. Pentagon. 9/16/01.

Woman in Flag Shawl. Washington, DC. Sept. 16, 2001

Lori and her neurosurgeon, Dr. Hammock.

Untitled Macro of Flowers

Yellow Hibiscus

Descending Staircase - National Gallery of Art

Fall Scene. I like the warm texture of the scene but a lot of detail in the print is missing in the scan.

Arrangement of abandoned cosmos flowers. Macro mode. Fill Flash Added.


The Pretzel Vendors

Test comparing prints shot with an 81B filter (and hood) and no filter on Kodak Supra 400. Results would probably be more pronounced on slide film.

Name Your Pleasure

Cactus. Macro mode. No flash.

Plant in Botanical Garden. Hand held. Macro Mode. No Flash.

Week 5. Digital PAW. Table For Two.

Week 6. Digital PAW. Big Wheels.

Constitution Gardens in the Rain Washington, DC

Week 7. Digital PAW. Glowing Orchid

Week 8. Digital PAW. Untitled

Supermarket Shopper

The Neon Diner

Night In Hiroshima, 1969

Week 10. Digital PAW. Sushi Bar at Night

Week 11. Digital PAW. Front Porch and Door in Black and White.

Week 12. Digital PAW. Sleeping Dog.

Week 13. Digital PAW. Reaching for the Sky.

Salon - Looks. Mother Theresa of India Meets with Children Adopted in the USA.

Sentries. Canon S30 File compressed for web display. Cropped also.

Salon - Yellow

Salon - Hidden Tears

Salon - Voice (too late, I know). "Two Singers"

Salon - Street Cuisine


Salon - Cloudy Matters

Mayan Ruins at Altun Ha. Belize.