Ed Birch [The Celt 2]

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Been involved in photo since a child. My dad was a an avid hobbiest in the field, and we always had a darkroom in the basement. Went to school for broadcasting, but after getting drafted in 1972, I enlisted in the USAF, and managed to get into the photography career field. Spent the next 4 years as an Air Force photographer stationed in Columbus MS. After being discharged, I worked in various photo related jobs like, camers sales, offset camera operater, and one hour labs. I now work in retail food, and customer service to pay the bills (Trader Joe's), and in myfree time I do free lance, and comission work. I work predominently in B&W film, either 120 with my RB67, or 35mm B&W with various classic slrs, and rfs.


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