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Call me, Stovall. Thomas Merton described my life better than I, "I cannot make the universe obey me. I cannot make other people conform to my own whims and fancies. I cannot make even my own body obey me. " You can see more about me in my images. Reasons I create images and why: Showing off all the things Hydrogen atoms can do given 12 Billion years. As for "Why", why as van Gogh said, "To make them say, 'He feels deeply. He feels tenderly.' " My long term goal in life is to live outside the U.S.A. where there is still a civility in life and I can spend 3 hours with one cup of coffee and no body will bring me a check while I write in my Moleskine notebook with a real fountain pen. Tools I use: 20 inch iMac and Epson R1800 with many ICC profiles. The print is the goal not the monitor. 1DsMkIII, 5DMkII, with these Canon Lenses 400/2.8L, 400mm f/5.6L, 200mm f/2.8L, 180mm f/3.5L Macro,135mm f/2.0L, 85mm f/1.2L MkII, 50mm f/1.0L, 35mm f/1.4L, 24/1.4L, 24/3.4L T/S, 16-35 f/2.8L, 24-70 f/2.8L, 70-200/2.8L IS, 14/2.8 MkII EF 1.4X II, Ziess 21/2.8 Distagon, Zuiko 21/2.0, Zuiko 50/1.4, Zuiko 28/2.8, Peleng 8mm f/3.5 and 580EX. Leica M8 and R-D1 35/1.2 Nokton, 28/1.9 Ultron, 15/4.5 Super Heliar, Leica TM 50/2.0 collable Summicron, Canon LTM 85/1.5, Canon 50/0.95 converted to M-mount, 75/2.5 Color Heliar, 28/3.5 Color Skopar, 12/5.6 Aspheric Ultra Wide Heliar, 50/1.5 Nokton, Leica Noctilux, 35mm IV Summicron, 50mm III Summicron, 90mm E55 Summicron, 135 Tele-Elmar late production, 75mm Summilux, (24mm ASPH on order), 50mm 1,3.5 uncoated Elmar (1938), 50mm 3.5 coated Elmar, 35mm 3.5 Summaron Leica: IIIG, M3, M4, IIIF(Black dial), X1 Leicaflex SL2, 180mm 3.4 180mm APO Telyt-R, 50mm Summicron-R, 500mm MR-Telyt Modified Holga 120N. 135N Ricoh GR-DIII Wish List: Canon 18mm Elmar R, Leica 90mm Summicron R.


Single Photos




Stone Angel

Life in a Texas Catholic Parish

Texas Land

Canon EF 50mm f/1.0L - The Light Sucker

Black and White from Color

Texas Cafe Life

American Civil War Re-enactors

Dublin Nights -"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."

PJ Work

Zeiss 21mm Distagon


St. Joseph's Church Rhineland, Texas, U.S.A.

Texas People

Small Texas Churches

Canon 50mm f/0.95



Cancer Ward

Canon LTM 50mm 1:1,2

Leica 1938 uncoated 5cm 1:3,5 Elmar

Leica Film



Leica X1


Cows in fog

Eye of the Gull

What Rough Beast?

Comyn, Texas Wild Fire

Recropped Last Leaf

Texas Pink



Sunday pickup game

Golden Cows

Linear Golden Cows

Rain on Yellow

Monet Background

Wild Aster


Texas flowers


Poppy Mallow Central Texas

Red Lilly

Red Lilly in Black and White

Red Lilly #2

Poppy Mallow #2

Roadkill #1

Roadkill #2

Roadkill #3A

Roadkill #3B

Roadkill #3C

Colors of death by the road...

Texas Thistle (Cirsium texanum)

Stone Angel #3

Stone Angel #2

Stone Angel #1

Angel #8

Angel #6

Angel #7

Angel #5

Bee and Verbena

Just Verbena

Center of Verbena

Heart of Verbena

Raccoon #3

Raccoon #2

Raccoon #1

Raccoon #4

Golden Greenhouses

Golden Vents

Barn at dawn

Golden Steam

Vents #2

Angel #9

snail moon

Snail on white

Dead Bird #1

Stone Angel at Noon

Approaching the Altar

Bishop and Priest

Bishop reading the Gospel


Communion #2

Altar Servers

Deacon at Confirmation

Waiting - Confirmation rehearsal

Dead Rabbit Profile

Dead Rabbit in the manner of Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin

The Eye will see no more - Dead rabbit's eye

Wide angel dead rabbit

These Ears will hear the wild no more - Dead Rabbit Ears

Dr Pepper Bottles

Sunflower after rain

Pavement - Rain

Red Fender

Broken Stone

White Snail #2

Eagle at Ho-Ka-Hey foundary

Eagle and Flag at Ho-Ka-Hey foundary

Last Dew

Morning purple

Zion of the water bead

Waiting for the rain

Abandoned at sunrise

Things and a shadow left behind

Dove resting with death

Angel and Grackle

Silver-Leaf Nightshade (Solanum elaegnifolium)

Commelina erectra (Erect Dayflower) with fill flash

Commelina erectra (Erect Dayflower) natual light

Five Vents

Three Vents

Deacon at preparing for Roman Catholic Mass

Light on the pew

Chicken house sunrise

Green Texas pasture at dawn

Roadrunner in death

Dead Roadrunner as Berlin Archaeopteryx lithographica

Campus perspective - 0600 hours

Tire in tire in photographer

Oats and silk


Greenhouses different light

Texas Lotus

Logsdon Chapel

Jewel of the lotus

Green Fuse

Logsdon Chapel - 0500 hrs detail

Hard Luck Cabin

Hard Luck Cabin #2

Unfinished Angles


Shadow of twilight

Methane Generators

17mm Sunrise

Dawn Cows

6am at the old antique shop

Corner Lot Fountain

Ivy and Shadow


5am in a small Texas town

Flag at 5am

Peggy Pepper

Lantana done in the manner of Monet painting in les Jardin de Giverny.

Hot medium invades cool medium

Jeanne and the Fort First radiation treatments fall 2006

Fall Tunas

Rusting away in the country

Wind Power

Wind Machines - Old and New

After the Buzzards, the fly

Power on the Prairie

Wind Blade

After the Buzzards leave

Cathartes aura has fed

Jacob's Dream #2

Jacob's Dream #3

Buzzard over dead doe

Wound of the doe

Hoof between two worlds

Hangin' on

Red Post

Prairie Power #2

Washed away - more of red dirt Texas series

Bringing home the wind

Root and branch

Jacob's Dream at dawn

Spinning out the power

Jacob's Dream #2

Jacob's Dream Site at Dawn

Jacob's Dream #3

Color by Moonlight in the style of NiƩpce.

Eucharistic vigil 4am.

Monet Rose

Roses for Monet

Feeding time for the machine

Trumpet vine by moon light

Shadow of Forgotten Glory

Fall's Last Rose

Lone Leaf Changing

Fall's Rivers of Color

Fall's Paired Colors

Homage to Avedon - Dead Cow by Western Road

Sad Dead Cow

Gas Bubbles with Photographer

Horn in Sky

Bloat with Flies

Bloat Rising

Golden Houses at Dawn

Fall Angel and Rose


Bloat Rising in Black and White

After the Buzzards Feed

Fly Feeding

Campus in Fog

Jacobs Ladder

Horn in Sky

Unfinished Angles

Stone Angel with Rose - B&W

Tree with fog and cows

Russel with one "L"

Snow Screen

Parallel feet never meeting in Death

Deer wintering on the road

Hair and Bone

Deer's Death Mask

Deer Running in Death

Sun raising to frost

Sun rising to frost #2

Pies at the Koffee Kup

Last Rose of the Confederacy

Waiting in the Koffee Kup

Intersection of Sun Rise and 377

Ordering at the Koffee Kup

Fire! said the Color Sargent

Dismissing the Color Guard

Waiting at the Koffee Kup

Adding the checks at the Kounty Kitchen, Lampasas, Texas

Catching up on things and stopping by Kounty Kitchen, Lampasas, Texas

At the register, the Kounty Kitchen, Lampasas, Texas

Adding up the Checks #2

Service at the Koffee Kup

Color Sargent and Sword

Color Guard Dismissed!


What They Carried in Their Boots

To the Right 'arch!

Color Guard, Spectators and the Tomb of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston, Texas State Cemetery

Colonel Charlie Yates on 'Three Phases of Republic of Texas History'

Parking at the Koffee Kup


DCV shoulder-to-shoulder with President Davis at UT

DCV takes on UT

DCV standing by General Lee at UT

All kitted out

Color guard preparing for dismissal

Looking in on General Johnston

Chaplin reading the names of fallen comrades

Tolling the Bell for Fallen Comrades

UDC with Lee at UT

Before Formation

Waiting around for things to start

19th century chemical laser rifle in action :)

Spectators at State Cemetery

Diagonal Skunk After Rain

Breakfast line in the kitchen

Busing table at Peacock's

Behind the counter at Peacock's

Awaiting Breakfast at Peacock's

What to Order?

Table Service

The Rose Endures

Funerary Urn at Sunrise

Lower Green's Creek Cemetery at Sunrise

Death's long shadow

Little Bits Left Behind

Letting the Sunshine In

Black, White and Red Death

Eta Missa Est

Breakfast Rush

Waiting on the Cook

Eggs Up...

The regulars are starting to show up...

Now that was funny....

What's been happenin' with you...

Catching up after the rush

Agriculture Fuel Station

Devil Tree

Back Street

Dr Pepper Mural at 6am

Agriculture Fuel Station #2

New Peanut Mill by Star Light

Abandoned Produce Market

Old Holbert Peanut Plant Under the Stars with House

A Drive-In for Joe Lansdale

Old Dublin Cemetery - A Dawn for the Dead

Partial Eclipsed Moon Rising Over the Brazos Valley

Line for the Pit

Checking on the ribs

Basics on the Table...

Making Coals in the Wood Lot....

Getting More Meat...

Still Room for More...

The Meat Pit

We've Got...

Sunset Over West End Cemetery

Abandoned on the Mountain

Moonset on clouds

All the colors of moonlight in 24 millimeters

Biscuits or Toast With That?

Now, which road do I take....

You Just Sit Right Down Now....

I'll Just Put It Up Here...

I Hadn't Heard About That...

I'm so glad you are here. It's going to get busy..

Was Everything OK?

One More Cup of Coffee Before the Road...

The Early Regulars

Chigger Ranch

f/1.0 Shooting Flares at the Airport

Poinsettias with Moonshadows

Reaching for Moonlight

Angel and Rose in Context

Pipes and Cards in the Back...

Coming in for a mid-morning Latte

A cozy little corner for a coffee

You didn't take my picture? Did you?

Counter Service

Everything alright?

Here It Is...

Past the Pie Safe

Now, He Didn't Say That....

Jake and Dorothy's Cafe Window

State Vector Collapsing or the Death of Schrodinger's Cat Observed

Ready for the Breakfast Shift

Finished with the Menus

Barren in the Peach Orchard

Branch and Blossoms

Long Night at Che's

Entrance to La Borde House, 5am

Palms, Fog and a Parking Lot - 5am

Che's Window

Palo Pinto Sheriff's Department at Klan Rally

War Face

Locals Watching Klan Rally

Written on Their Skin...

Written on Their Skin...

Running to the Fight

Modern Day Klan

Texas Lawman


Proud to be a Klansman?

Entering the Church

Waiting Altar

Server Waiting for Homily to End

Consecration - Wide View

Consecration - Cropped

Waiting for Communion

Lenten Communion

Cleansing the Vessels

Locals in Black and Whitec

Blue Line

Young Hate

The Curious Crowd

Red Laces

Both Sides of the Story

Local Supporter

Busy in the Kitchen

Here's Your Fish

Getting the Orders


Getting the Orders - B&W

Here's Your Fish...


Pulling up to the Blue Bonnet

Don't Bother, I know where the Coffee is...

Now What Happened Yesterday...

They Did That Bad!

Folding Napkins for Lunch

Under the Bridge

Proctor Oaks

The Road to Comyn

Road to De Leon

Behind the Hebronville DQ's Counter

Hebronville Dairy Queen Lunch Crowd

Damn That Was Good!

Even Halliburton Eats at the DQ...

Fixing Ice Water

The Regulars' Table

That'll Do It...

We Have Some Specials...

Opening the Kitchen

Let's Sit Over There....

Who Had the Bacon...

Two More for Breakfast

Among the Sand Plums

Flowers Before the Pecans


The Blaze

The Vastness of Cloud and Grass

Homage to Winogrand - On the Road, New Mexico 1957

Drapped Urn in the Blaze of Noon

Window in the Rain

The Winged Rats of Brownwood

Window in the Rain - Color

The Bark and the Urn

Rising in the Blueboonets

And After Lunch a Nap...

I'll Have this Burger...

A Glass of Tea...

Bikers and Pies...

Meridian Bluebonnets...

Clark Monument #1

Clark Monument #2

Clark Monument #3

Clark Monument #4

Clark Monument #5

Fog and Sun Rising to Church...

Fog and Foreground

My Palm Sunday Celebration...

Sun, Fog and Church

A Glass of Tea - Black and White


Precession to the alter

Shrouded Cross

Church is Draped in Purple

The Ritual of the Washing of the Feet..

Priest Washing the Feet of Parishners...

Washing the Feet

Lighting the Last Candle...

Alter Servers

The Consecration of the Wine...

Deacon Giving Communion...

Blessing the Child...

Final Instructions...

Precession Around the Church...

In the Parking Lot...

Looking Up....

Leaving Mass....

Going Home....

Consecration of the Wine - Black and White

Leaving the Church

Ending the Mass of the Presanctified

Preparations for the Mass of the Presanctified

End of the Adoration

The Adoration of the Cross

Preparation for the Adoration of the Cross

Presentation of the Unveiled Cross to the Altar

Unveiling the Cross on the way to the Altar...

The Procession of the Covered Cross

Altar Servers Listening to the Reading of the Passion

Reading the Passion

Listening to the Reading from Isaiah.

All Is Empty - Good Friday

Looking Up for the Altar

A View from the Altar

A Drift of Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets, Snow and Mesquite

A Murder of Crows

John Crow #1

John Crow #2

John Crow #3

Indian Paint Brushes, Bluebonnets and Snow

Just one Candle

In the Darkness of the Sanctuary

Pascal Candle Procession entering the narthex of the darkened church

Pascal Candle before the Altar

Pascal Candle Procession entering the darkened nave of the church

Parishiners walking to the darkened church in the Pascal Precession.

Gathering for the Pascal Procession to the Church with the Pascal candle

Relighting the Pascal Candle during the procession.

Parishiners in the narthex following the Pascal candle into the darkened sanctuary

Passing the Pascal Fire

Tending the Pascal Fire

Candles for the Pascal Precession

Gifts for the Mass

Furrows to the end of the earth...

On the Shore of the Great Wheat Sea...

Blessing of the Baptismal Font...

Baptism Canidate and Sponsor holding Baptism Candel

Applying the Water of Baptism

Blessing the Confirmation Canidate

Applying the Chrisum during the Roman Catholic Confirmation rite

Welcoming a new member into the Church following Confirmation

Contemplation on a new member having been received into the Church

Main Altarpiece

From Altar to Ceiling

Corner of the Choir Loft

View from the Choir Loft

Looking Up...

Rising from the Fields

St. Joseph's Church, Rhineland, Texas, U.S.A.

Altar with natural light...

The Road to St. Joseph's Church

View from the back of the church

Left Vault

Right Vault

The Field Rises to the Farm...

The Earth Remains but the Dreams have gone

The Storm and the Oak

U.S. 377 passing the sunrise

"Hey! Hoss, I'm back here."

"How'as every thing?"

"I got to go, pretty soon."

No one at the register...

Cook's, Throckmorton, Texas

Pascal Mass by candle light

Last minute instruction to servers on Pascal Precession

Parish taking candles...

Priest views the decorated Altar...

Consercration of the Wine

Consecration of the Host


The Lord's Prayer During the Mass

Help with the Last Candles....

Priest and Server Asperging the Church and Congreration

Blessing Bread and Wine on the Altar for Communion

Altar Candles Being Lit with Flames from the Pascal Candle

The Childern of the Parish Come Forth to Decorate the Altar which as been barren and candles are lit with the flame from the Pascal Candle...

Deacon and Priest Kiss the Altar at the Ending of the Pascal Mass

Incensing the Gifts of Bread and Wine on the Altar

Taking Flame from the Pascal Candle to Light the Altar Candles

Preparing for Communion Service...

Servers and Deacon Leaving the Church

"The Body of Christ."

The Washing of the Hands

Reflection on Lunch at the Hard Eight

A Second Reflection on Lunch at the Hard Eight

Crooked Furrows

Lone Tree

Storming the Sunrise

Waiting for the Rain

Lone Tree - Black and White

Waiting for the Rain - Black and White

Storming the Sunrise - Black and White

Altar Servers Kneeling Before the Altar

Abstract on the School Ground

Geodesic at School

Harrell's Furneral Home at 5am

Peanut Oil Plant 5am

Bottling Machine - Dr Pepper Plant 5am

Capping Machine - Dr Pepper Plant 5am

Bottling Line - Dr Pepper Plant 5am

Picture time after the Quinceanera Mass...

Gro & Deli 5am Sunday on U.S. 377

Bill Kloster statue at the oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant in the world

Yucca in Bloom after Rain - Vertical

Yucca Blooms after rain - Horizontal

Ready for First Communion

First Communion Precession


Bowing at the Altar

Trinity Episcopal's Red Door

North on Patrick Street at 5am

Trinity Episcopal Church Dublin, Texas - 5AM

Dublin Watertower - 5am

Old Dublin Water Works - 5am available light

Old Dublin High School - 5am

Red Street....

Dublin in Reflection

Waiting in the Warehouse

Stopping in the Early Morning Rain

Cycling in Pre-Dawn Rain

Reflecting the All Night Store

Waiting for Visitors

Hey Cowboy!

Dairy Queen Cowboys

Handmade Crucifix - A study in Depth of Field

Look we are different...

Nose on with Death

The Drop

Sea of Gold

Waiting to Dry

At the Eternal Flame

The Pomegranate's secret place

Looking up from the Altar...

Dead in the Green by the Road..

Meat on the Hoof

Mid-level of Altar Piece details

Twisted Death

He Dines Alone...

Breakfast with War on the Side...

County Line Beer Joint

Big Country Production

Can I have a Taste?

His Own Coffee Cup...

Let's sit here...

Drinks for the Road...

In the Faux Frame...

Getting crowded at the order pickup

Rain on the tracks...

The Train Don't Stop Here Any More...

Toast or Hash Browns with that?

The Road Runs Both Ways...

Grain Elevator in the Style of Vasarely

The Early Morning Sun...

Hay and Haze...

Who Called?

Busing the Table...

What will I have...

I'll have a Dr Pepper Float.

Fixing the float...

Bicycling Cowboy...

A salad maybe?

Chit Chat at Lunch...

Club and Fries, Up!

Golden Cows in Golden Fog #2

Heart of the Canna

Order line for Barbecue

Orders coming out....

Orders going out...

Here's your order...

Cleaning up...

Wiping of the sauce...

What're we doing tonight?

Flooded Trailers...

Flooded Trailers...

The Lace and the Flood...

The Lace and the Flood...

A Meditation on Verticals...

Colors at Dawn

The New Wooden Cross...

In Memory Still Green...

The Flags of Sunrise...

Watching the Sun...

The Barbecue Judges...

That's what that's about?

So Boring....

End of the Barbecue....

What Barbecue is all about...

Bringing in the entries...

Barbecue Judging Area...

Reaching for a Peach

Angles and Organic

Intruder in the Branches

Over My Head...

Reflection on Edges

Early Morning Dew...

Linear Grays

Lines and Curves

Other Side of the Tracks...

Over Grown

All Flesh is Grass

Cross and Flag

Bottle and Brick

Everything you need today...

DOF with wine

The Mother of Us All

Reflections on shop work...


Death of a Bull Snake

The Wound


Train and Cyclist

Shot With Light

Long Bales

Grain to the sky...

A Secret Place

In the narrow passage

Up Thrust

Knob Creek Lodge Hall

Right this way...

Lunch hour rush...

Here's your order...

Headed for the door...

That was a good lunch...

Early Lunch at the Koffee Kup...

Aren't those cute?

Behind the Green Door


Steel Jungle

Abandoned Colors of Temple

Counter Order to Go...

Dublin Alley...

Hogan's Alley

Reflecting Dublin

Open for Breakfast

Snow Cone Stand at Sunrise...


Behind the open door...

The Painted Lady of Clinton Street

Tight Turn in a Small Texas Town

Breakfast Burritos...

Dawn at the Dairy Queen...

Esmeralda's in the Morning...

Early Morning Trash at the Antique Store

Jimmy Pierce, custom hat maker

Reflecting Granbury, Texas


Historic Bank, Granbury, Texas

Corvettes and the Courthouse

Hood County Courthouse on the back deck

Deer with yellow stripe

The Car and the Spine

Life's fragile tissue...

The unseeing eye...

Bone Pile...

Deer after three seasons on the road...

Dem bones....

The Earth eating a deer...

The unhearing ears...

All that remains...

Death's Vast Country...

Mercer's Gap Baptist Church

Mercer's Gap Cemetary Tabernacle

Yesterday's Roses

Old Zephyr Store...

Katy's Restaurant

Jesus Name House of Prayer

Cornerstone Fellowship

Zephyr Methodist Church

Zephyr Tabernacle

Beams - Zephyr Tabernacle

Road to the Sun

From Sun Up Until Sun Down

Congregational Methodist Church

Out front

Where are all the people?

It's a slow Saturday night.

Taking home the left overs...

Sunrise Rainbow

Fabric of the Nation

Rush Hour in Small Town Texas

10, 2 and 4

Aloe by Porch Light

Bottling Machine

Old Holden Mill

Old Park Barn at 6am..

Opened and Closed

Saturday Morning School Busses

Season Over

Vertical - Horizontal

Goober Cut and Curl

The Wall

Elegance's Vestiges

Proctor Baptist Church

Red Dot

Stone Lilly

Broken Wing


Victim of the Silver Bullet

Curves of Steel

Chicken Ranch Road

Heavenly Blue in Black and White


Sitting at the Dublin Switch

Morning Light Patterns

Brushed with Gold

Dublin (Texas) City Hall

Morning Power


Grid in Monochrome

Cerulean Door

Next Table Over

Sidney Baptist Church

Broken Bronc Church Sign

Broken Bronc Church

May Cafe

Junction 183 and 1689

Readying for the Next Shift

Out of the Kitchen

Lunch is over

Chips and Salsa....

Lawn Light

Wet Road...

Summer and the Boys have gone...

Switcher by Street Light

Stock Tank at Dawn

Undedicated Veterans Monument

Street Light on Deer Blinds

Coming to the Crossing

Bradbury's Best

Sunset, Meridian, Texas

Cowgirls for lunch...

End of an evening out...

Shell Station at Hwy 6 and Hwy 22.

Reflecting Past and Present

Bonny Blue

Brushed with Gold

Dublin Awakening

Dr Pepper Reflecting

Form and Formless

Looking in on the Buckboard

Trucking through the night...

Homage to Hopper

Don't know if I can keep feedin' you'll....

Drink Machines in the Night

5am Milk Trunk

Window Cows

Another Cup of Coffee?

Ready for the Road

Breakfast is over...

He's taking my picture...

How is everything?

Hard night going into a long day...

The Regulars...

Morning Paper

Shadow Customer

New Added to Old


Be with you in just a minute...

Baked Potato and Sour Cream

Just a cup of coffee...


The rest of the table...

Water Colors

Preparing for Mass

If Broken Wings Could Fly...

New Grave

My Winter Home's Window...

Among these dark Satanic mills?

Fog Light

House of Red Lights

Lights up and the screen down...

Among these dark Satanic mills? #2

Wreath looking in....

Into the Fog...

Island of Light..

Lone Oaks

The Wood of the Suicides...

Coffee and Milk....

Steam Table...

Doc's Soda Shop...

House on Grafton

Coffee and Milk in Black and White

Meeting at the Quick Stop....


Fog and Fall Colors

Fog Bound

Leaning Angel

Out of the Fog


To the Light

Twigs and Branches

Woods Man

Snow Flake

Neon Rain

Christmas Tree Mirrored

Morning Paper

Having the Buffet...

He's takenin' a picture....

It's rainin' harder....

Dragon's Egg

Decay of the Angel

Third Sunday of Advent

Gate, Gate, Paragate - Jeanne ........... A condition of complete simplicity (Costing not less than everything

As Jeanne Lay Dying - In The Manner Of Mantegna

Coyote's Bones

Raptor Launch

Star Beau's Order Out

Dinning at Star Beau's

Star Beau's End

Georgia on my mind...

Hospital Lunch in the Cancer Ward

Waiting in Radiology

Land of Pollen

Iced Tea in Cross Plains

Morphine's Dreams As Daugerrotype

Bird Eater


This is the End - White Lillies and Space

Flower Shop Window at 6am

Blue and Gray


Koffee Kup Cafe Conversation

Coleman Wall

Coleman Alley

Thinking the Unthinkable

Texas Prairie Storm

The Bones of Deer

A Small Rack

More Highway Waste

In My Room

Floodin' Down in Texas


Stone Angel After the Storm

The Lot and The Road

Yellow Texas Blanket

Slowly Closing the Circle

Peanut Country

Sky Bridge

Lanham Methodist Cemetery

Lanham Methodist Cemetery #2

Curves and Verticals

In the Garden of Broken Dreams

Dublin FBO

The Holga Dream

To the Runway

Morning Paper at Granny Clark's

June Morning at the Buckboard

Inside Serra Vortex #1

Inside Serra Vortex #2

Leo at the Door into Summer

Tiffany Cat

Red Panel House

Rose's Broken Circle

Leon at Rest

Carbon Flow

Just another cat picture or Leon sleeping

At My Window

Leo at the Window

Fenced In

Road to the Hill

Hot Gumbo