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I started photography at age 11 with the assistance of my father, a talented amateur photographer primarily of nature in black and white. My first photographs were made using a medium-format TLR, but soon I was using 35mm, a better choice for a kid and then a teenager. I continued with primarily nature photography for several decades using 35mm slide film, first with a Petri rangefinder and later with a Nikon FE, the latter mostly with a 28mm lens. Pretty much I was just shooting slide film and not cropping or otherwise altering images, and during this period I never delved far into either the artistic or technical sides of photography, unlike my father. Over the last few years I've made an effort to grow as a photographer. Some of this has involved trying to look at things differently, to break out of my rut, to try to produce art rather than just mundane pictures of nature. Some of this has involved new equipment for a variety of reasons. I am certainly trying to learn a lot that I glossed over in younger days. I'm still mostly photographing nature. I use a Micro Four Thirds system for most photography and a Nikon D7000 on occasion. I've only begun to use a Nikon D810 and Zeiss lenses. I also use several converted cameras for IR and UV photography. I'm still learning to manipulate digital images to make them better beyond just cropping. It'll take a while for me to improve my skills.

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Nature in Black and White


Succulent, San Diego


Near the Embarcadero, San Francisco



Cathedral Rocks, Yosemite National Park







Mother of the Forest