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Hello I am Lou Meluso from Chicago. I was raised in Jersey City, N.J. While in the U.S. Army, in the mid 1970's, I got bit by the photo bug and learned a lot from the local camera club. I have been a professional photographer for the last thirty-five years. I am currently the Director of Imaging Technology at the Art Institute of Chicago. I've worked in commercial, corporate and museum photography for many years. I have B.A. and M.S. degrees in Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. My specialties are technical photography, digital imaging and color science. I use digital Sinar, Betterlight and Canon DSLR cameras in my professional work but for my creative image making, I enjoy shooting with Sony A7, A7RII, A6000 and RX100II digital gear. I print with Epson printers. Please take a look at my gallery of creative work and thanks for stopping by.

Country: US


My Eye is in Love-Visions of Nature
Color Work
Bliss in a Glimpse-The Things I Love
Roving Eye - My Favorite Places
Street Work
My Knife Collection


Michelle in Black
Dave and Dogs-Pagosa Springs,CO
Myron Laskin
Ken Winter
Doyle Dykes Playing Fast
Paul at Yosemite Ranch
Edward Robison
Self Portrait Playing Guitar
Denise in a Fur Coat
My Father at Work
My Father at Age 78 Years Old
David on the Porch
Sarah in a Hat
Jackie in Clover
Jeffery Looking Out the Screen Door
John Swihart
Mark Sparks
Earl Calloway
Jeff at work
Baboon Portrait
Twisted Bud
Doe in the Brush-Shawnee, Kansas
White Tiger in Repose-Singapore
Flower Portrait
Frozen Waterlily
Geese in Flight-Squaw Creek, MO
Geese over the Moon-Squaw Creek, MO
Lone Oak at Cadie's Corner-Great Smokey Mountains
Morning Frost-Big Bear Lake-California
Santa Barbara Sunset
Sea Shell Composition
Siberian Mountians
Geese Migration-Squaw Creek, MO
Soaring Eagle over Marsh Tree
Wind Worn Waterlily
Snow in the Carson Valley-Nevada
Annie in Her Room
Suzie On the Deck
Bob Winning at Home
Jamison Miller
John Laney
Kevin Jespersen
Larry in Makeup
Old Dan at the Mill
Young Buck in the Woods
Bent Leaf on Stone
Feeding Moth
Morning Flight
Twin Trees
Portrait of Lotus
Bob and Jan Together
Gypsy Moth
Passion Flower
Patricia in the Garden
Rain Forest Palm-Singapore
Amanda Fish
Dave Elders-UC Northridge
Denise Hall
Hot Pepper
My Lovely Wife Suzie
Fungus on log-Truman Lake
Three Trees in Snow
Mountain Waterfall-Great Smokey Mountians
Pelican Head
SunSet over San Bernadino
Suzie with a Rose
Snowy Egret at Sunset-Florida
Green Parrot-Singapore
My Mother at Home
Three Sinks-Ellis Island
Boxcar Design
Civil War Cannon
Epyptian King
Hand with medal
Icy Bar-B-Que
Wheels of Steam
Old Deck Chair
Old Gas
The Three Graces
Valley Bar-Gardnerville,NV
Building Detail-Copenhagen
Cable Mill-Great Smokey Mountians
Club Mardi Gras-Kansas City
Dome Interior-St. Louis
Getty Ranch House
Jefferson Memorial-St. Louis
Storm over Los Angeles
View of Singapore
Boating on the Hudson
Morning Solitude-Big Bear Lake
John Swihart in the Studio
Agnes in the Garden
Arness at Work
Dad at work
Dale Port
Iroquois Princess-profile
Jack in Profile
Kevin in an Old Cabin-Clinton, MO
Portrait of Woman Laurie, Missouri
Portrait of an Old Man - Singapore
Portrait of Mark
Robert the Custodian
Self portrait in a Black coat,black hat and black camera
Suzie by the Window
Thinking Boy
Tribal Leader Manny
Angela in the Library
Ben Blackwell
Boy by a Painted Wall - Singapore
Lou and Suzie with Coco in Winter
Man on a Blue Wall
Portrait of John
Profile of a Man on White - Singapore
Old Oil Bottles
Violin Shop
Flash Dance
Music Man
Wesley-Pinhole Portrait
Portrait of Ralph
Portrait of Lori
A Storm Gathering at the Flying Colt Ranch
Coat Hangers
Amanda at the Window
A Boy in a High Collar Jacket
Portrait of Colin
Drummer Boy
Winter Wheat
Fallen Nest in the Snow
Self Portrait Holding a Glass
Water Beads on Leaves
Spring Scene #6
Wet Tulips
White Leaflet on Black
Old Hoe in the Snow
Deer Skull on a Log
Barn in the Fog
White on Red
Steeple at Sunset
National Gallery Walkway
Trees and Sky at Sunset
Wild Stare
A Yellow Flower on a Table
Old Tools
A Chair Next to a Stove
The Face of a Queen
Blue Jay in a Storm
Cardinal on a Branch
Four Geese in Flight
Prayer Session - Singapore
Wesly Hess
Thistle in the Fall
Flaming Flower
Ginko Leaves #2
A Sprig of Red Winter Berries
Kevin at Point Pleasant Nov 2011
Hanging Frons
Wet Grass
A Drop of Water on an Elephant's Ear
Old Schoolhouse-Flint Hills, Kansas
Surfer at Point Pleasant Beach, NY Nov 2011
Bloch Building in Spring Snow
Wooden Flag on a Fence-Clinton, MO
Man Making Soup for the Poor - Singapore
Snake River, Colorado
Waiting for Summer
Ice Rower
Beach Fences
Fountain in the Park-NYC
Temple at Sunset
Dew-beaded Buds
7-Eleven - Adams Street-Chicago
Street musicians-15 May-Chicago-sml
Sunset at AIC-sml
Bakery Worker
Baloon Girl
Be More-Portrait of a Girl
Birds flocking around Crain Communications building-ChicagoBW-sml
Boy Crying on a Wet Street-Chicago
Clean Up-Pike's Fish Market
Coke Sign-Lakeview,Chicago
First Bank Of Greenville-Illinois
Freight Train Engineer-Jersey City
Handsome Cab-Seattle
House at Sunset-kc
Kid Looking at Water Art-Millenium Park-2-Chicago
LaSalle Street Bridge-Chicago
Leaning - Chicago
Man Cleaning the Bean-Chicago
Monuments-Eureka Springs-sml
Newspaper Vendor-Chicago
No Tresspassing-kc
Portrait of Abe
Rainy Monday-Chicago
Smoke Break on the Steps-kc
The Gem -6x6-80mm-kc
Urban Flora-Chicago-3-sml
Watch Center-Chicago
Cooling Off - Chicago
Alex in Color
Boy doing cartwheels-sml
Drummer (2)
Hands on a Rail-sml
Kemper-man smoking out back-sml
Kids watching the parade
Man Stirring Soup
Mike Portrait-sml
Old Indian-Sielk-Neutral-sml
peace sign
Portrait of a Man in a Black Cap
Portrait of an Old Man-BW Singapore
Portrait of Jerry
Two Freinds Having Lunch
Portrait of Artist Paul Smith
Senegalese Drummer
Suzie Birthday Portrait
Man Bending
Corn Rows
Book Publisher Robert Sharp
Suzie in Black
Portrait of Casey
Photographer Josef Kouldelka
Portrait of Allison
Emma Hart on Her Porch
Back Lit Bunch
Portrait of Vivienne
Morning Ride
Wolf Creek
Forest Floor
Bulgari - Chicago
Concrete an Sky Collide - Chicago
No Hands - Chicago
Leaves with Hail - Chicago
Boy in a Field of Dandilions
Chicago Blues Fest 2014-Man in Profile
Up the Chicago River
Old Bench-Chicago
Pleansa Head - Chicago
Citrine Necklace
Watch Close-Up
Eleanor at 94
Mom Reading
Portrait of Jamison in the Woods
Buck in a Snowy Thicket
Metro Bus Driver Phil Epstein Taking a Break
Bubble Flower
Bering Solar
Citizen Eco-Drive Chronometer
Case Executive Knife-Lrg
Buck 102-Lrg
Shirogorov F3-Chinese Copy
Spyderco PM2 Clone
Colombia River Pagoza-Lrg
Kershaw Entropy
Kershaw Leek
Chris Reeves Sebenza
Spyderco Native 5 LW- Detail Choil
My EDC-Spyderco Native 5 LW
Spyderco Manbug
Two Sun Ti Lock Flipper
Spyderco Dragonfly
Mora Pro-S Bush Knife-lrg
Spyderco Ambitious-lrg
Shiro Hati-Clone
Two Sun Wave Knife-lrg
Boker Ebony Gent II Damascas-Lrg
Spyderco Delica 4-Lrg