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Joseph Hearst has been a photographer for over 50 years. He specializes in pictorial and creative images, especially closeups of junk cars. He has participated in several workshops led by well-known photographers, including Joe Englander, Eddie Soloway, Freeman Patterson and Richard Martin. Eight articles of his, with small portfolios, have been published in the Photographic Society of America (PSA) Journal. He has been fairly successful in camera club and PSA competition. He is past President of the Northern California Council of Camera Clubs and Director of the PSA Picture of the Month contest.


Single Photos


Palms at Sunset

Double Rainbow, Jasper Park


Impression of Burano

The Full Moon does Strange Things

Lake Louise at Dawn

Three leaves

Flowing Lava

Boats at Peggy's Coce

Coyote with mouse's tail protruding from mouth

Saguaro at Sunset

Brooms in Burano

Wagon wheel

Waiting for the Master

Two Geiko

Avenue of Torii