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Based in Seattle area, travel and sports are some of his most favorites. Few notable images are "Whose Eye Is It?" Pop Photo 3/2009, "Newport Aquarium" Pop Photo 11/2008, "The Twilight Zone" Pop Photo 8/2008, "Night Move" PN P.o.W. 5/2008, "Cobblestones of San Juan" PN P.o.W., GP Islands 2007, Pop Photo 6/2007, "Catch Me if You Can" Pop Photo 9/2007, "Alone at the Fall" featured in MSNBC Travel, GP & cover Hawaii Magazine 2006, "Snorklers' Delight" Islands 2006 Kauai winner, "Solitary under a Tree" Islands 2005 Kauai winner, "Camouflaged" 2nd place Islands 2005, "Ile de la Cite" HM Islands 2004, images here published in "Paris, C'est la vie", architectural images here in Digital Photographer 2006, and images here in AVA's "Extreme Lighting," "Composition," "Colours," & other books. Several here featured as 14-page article in Digital Photo 6/2008 (Russia) and in Digital Photographer (Ukraine) 6/2008. Wilson uses whatever equipment necessary to get the job done including Nikon D70 (tripod-mounted & hand-held,) Canon A80 (tripod-mounted & hand-held,) Canon A620, Canon G3, Nikon D2X, etc. If you like to travel, you'll enjoy a photo-log of the Netherlands. If you enjoy photo essays, you'd want to view, "Just Another Brick in the Wall," and, "Reflection." Feel free to leave feedback on his photos or e-mail wilsontsoiphotos@yahoo.com

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Train Travel

Night Express through Mannheim

The Glow of Duomo

Oslo Harbour

A Little Church in Paris

About to Rain in Helsinki

Celestrial Dome

Street Car at Mannheim Main Station

Wintery Gutach Falls

Inside Frederiksborg

Roaring in the Pond

"Snowy Day in Salzburg"

Skipping Along in Innsbruck

Big Cat Floating...

Water Lily

Beauty on Water

Stockholm Skyline

Köln Dom II

Köln Dom III

Eiffel @ night

Hanging Out at the Tower

Chateau at Dusk

Morning in Amboise

Grapes, and....Mary Poppins?

Chateau at Night

At the Louve

Moonlight over the Louve

Hey, Wazzup....?

Loy Kratong on Chaopraya II

Rays of Light

A Guard on a Bus

Dancing in the Pond

I'm Gonna Get Cha!

Grand Palace at Dusk

At the Temple

Bushels of Roses

Night Traffic at Grand Palace

Traffic at Grand Palace (Red)

Sunset over Chaopraya


Sunflower I

Flamingo II

Bangkok Golden Mount

Morning Contemplation

"Wat Pho" Temple Ground

Temple of Dawn II

Full Moon at Wat Pho

Wat Pho at Night

Morning at Grand Palace

Glittering Tower

Notre Dame, a Bridge with a View

Raining in Paris

Walking the Dog

Eiffel Reflection

Sidewalk of Montmartre

View from the Tower

Rainy Night in an Alley

Another Rainy Day

Rainy Night in an Alley (Vertical)

"Nene" Going Uphill

Walking in the Moonlight

Chicken Feet

Room with a View

Stormy Afternoon at the Beach

Drip, Drip, Drip, ...

Solitary under a Tree

Valley of Na Pali

Na Pali Shoreline

"Nene" Strikes a Pose

Pillars of Eifel

Glitters on the Hour

Speeding Clouds

Paris Metro

Reflection of the Louvre

One Morning at the Louvre

A Cool Afternoon...

Mini Pyramid

Dutch Townscape

Round & Round

Birds and Master

Jetty & Sunset

Hôtel de Ville

A Bridge Over the Seine

Up On the Hill

Up on the Roofs

Mid Day on the Pier

Black Sheep (Oops, Wrong School...)

Standing Guard

Notre Dame Cathedral

A Night at Notre Dame

Lamp Post @ Notre Dame

A Night at the Louvre

Île de la Cité

Nene on the Slope

Eiffel Admirers

A Boat in the Canal

Bavarian Winter

Cold Morning

Place de la Concorde

A Bike on a Bridge

Dawn in Andech

Monument at Night

Beach Combing

Reclining Buhda

Mountain Side Castle


An Afternoon in Amsterdam

Bavarian Winter Day

Canal Reflection

Saint Chapelle

Eiffel Abstract II

Neuschwanstein at Night

Dutch Architecture

Dutch Achitecture II

Wet Night at Monmatre

"A Night at the Pier"

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

Quite Night at the Pier

Achitectural Details

Sailin' into the City...

Chicago Nightscape

...Not Yet Dad...

Chicago River

Adler Abstract

Reflecting on Chicago

Chicago Nightscape, Revisited

Reflecting on Chicago (Original)

Windy City Sunset

Chicago Nightscape (Earlier)

Strollin' in Amsterdam

Finding One's Way

Joy Ride...

Up, or Down?

Round n Round @ Eifel

February in Füssen

Overpass Rendezvous...

Discovery Bay Sunset

"SCI-FI" City

"Space Stations"?

Hong Kong Island Hopper

A Bug's Life...

"Tulip Forest"

Foggy Morning at the Peak


"Giant Tulips"


Islanders Dusk

"Reach for the Sky"

Basking in the Sun

Hong Kong Skyline

Once Upon a Time in China

Field of Dreams

Motion in Pink

Afternoon Ride

Hong Kong Waterfront

Yellowstone Fall

Tulip Field (Hip 2 B Square)

Under the Sun

Christine Falls

Waiting for Another?

The Schmucks' House



Blowing in the Wind


"Architectural Abstract"

"Needle & EMP"

"Needle in a Hay Stack"

"Funny Flower"

"Up the Stairs"

Snoqualmie Fall

"Another Brick (well, Needle) in the Wall."

Sunny Central Washington

Artfully Forbidden

"Mona Lisa," Duck...

"Sun Break at Unicorn Peak"

School's Out, Whoopy!!!

"Eye of the Needle"

A Dutch Night Scene

Amsterdam @ Night

Station Action (Dude on the Move)

"Realism vs. Impressionism"

"Reflection On the Wall" (Look C L O S E L Y)

"Fishing in the Sunset"

"Sunset Lovers"

"Little Fisherman's Disappointment"

"Anticipating a Sunset"

"Success at Sunset" (Net Fishing)

A Dutch Afternoon

"The Fun Never Ends" (Rock Skippin' in Sunset)

"Guiding Light"

"The End of a Long Day"

"A Ride Home"

"The Search Never Ends"

"Showtime" (ID4 Purple & Green)

"Whidbey's Grand Finale"

"On the Way Home" (A Typical Dutch Scene)

"Firework Fun"

"Girl and Her Fishing Net"

"Sci-Fi City"

"Sunset at Deception Pass" (Deception Island)

"Attack of the Giant Bubbles"

"The End of a Day"

"Going to Fasching"

"Under a Tree"

"What a Smoke"

"Cool Blue (Patriotically Futuristic)"

"Fun in the Sun"

"Where It Meets the Sea"

"Aaahhhh, Maui!"

"To Camouflage or Not?"

"A Tropical Sunset"

"Iao Needle"


"Catch Me if You Can!"

"Alone at the Fall"

"An Afternoon on Maui"

"Morning Swim"

"Calling It a Day"

"Moon Lava"

"A Tropical Night"

"Early Birds"


"Railroad Crossing"

"Yellow & Blue"

"Fountain Watchers"

"Along a Canal"

"Reflecting on Vermeer"

"Moon Rise At Mauna Kea"

"A Dutch Landscape"

"The Twilight Zone"

"Water Colors"

"A Lonely Windmill"

"Rocky Sunset"

"A Tropical Morning"

"Moonlit Windmills"

"Reflecting on a Sunny Day"

"Sky Homes"

"A Bridge to the Mill"

"A Hint of Life"

"Mr. & Mrs. Holstein"

"Two Separate Worlds"

"Night Arrival"

"Sunset at Deception Pass"

"Personal Contemplation"

"Lets Go to the Mill"

"Picnic Point Beach" (Sleeping Log I)

"Basking Honu"

"Picnic Point Beach" (Sleeping Log II)

"Perching Steller's Jay"

"Sunset Reflection"

"Look Left, Look Right..."

"Sunset in Kona"


"A Dutch Countryside"

"Railroad Bridge"

"Tower of Love"

" Ile de la Cite'"

"Picnic Point Beach" (III)

"Thirsty?" ( Click larger if very thirsty )

"Sunny Leaf"

"Hmmm...Who Are Those People?"

"Reflection of Alkmaar"

"Forest Fire"

"Stealing Home?"

"All Lined Up"

"One at a Time"

"Home in the Sky"

"Architecture 101"

"Near Saint Helen"

"An Extra Base Hit"


"A Dutch Painting"

"Colors of Fall"

"Dreaming of Vermeer"

"A Death of a Leaf"

Before I "Leaf"

"Temple of Dawn"

"Three Lotuses"

"Homeward Bound"

"A Puddle of Palace"

"Achitectural Abstract"

"Skyscraper 101"

"Riverfront Palace"

"Yellow & Pink"

"Look Left, Look Right"

"A Thai Landscape"

"A Thai Sunset"

"Chaopraya Express"

"A Giant in a Gutter"

"Achitectural Digest (Thai Edition)"

"A Fragile Road"

"A Shallow Depth-of-Field"

"A Quiet Ride Home"

"A Dutch Town" (Sepia)

"Lost and Found"

"A Dutch Town" (Color Version, Soft)

"Lost and Found" II

"A Dutch Town" (B&W Version)

"Mirror Mosaic"

"A Dutch Town" (Color Version, Sharp)

"Nature's Light"

"A Stranger at a Temple"

"A Floral Detail"

"Through a Window"

"Hold On Tight"

"Green & Green"


"Abstractly Alkmaar"

"Last Light"

"An Altered Dimension"


"Only a Reflection"

"Little Moses?"

"Snuggy's Christmas Memory"

"Reflecting Temple"

"A Little Light in the Dark"


"Top to Bottom"


"Mannheim Wasserturm"

"In the Pond"

"A River House"

"Lunch at St. Helen"

"Magic Mushroom"

"Smile for a Camera" (click LARGER for a bigger smile) ^_^

"The Emerald City"

"Waiting for Sunset"

"A Night in Seattle"

"Walking in the Rain"

"Yesterday's View of Tomorrow (1962 World Expo)"

"Feather in a Pond"

"Poised Duck"

"On the Edge"

"The Matrix"

"Blade Runner"

"3, 2, 1, Lift Off"

"Colors of the Night"

"Rush Hour" ( Happy Chinese New Year! )

"The X File"

"Sleepless in Seattle"

"Through a Window"

"Standing Tall"

"Seattle Abstract"

"Jet City"

"Under a Bridge"

"Hold On to Handrails"

"Fantastic Voyage"

"A Space Odyssey"


"Spin City"

"A Close Encounter"

"My Home Town"

"Architectural Digest (Seattle Edition)"


"Sign of Spring"

"Close Up Colors"

"Where It All Begins"


"Look In To My Eyes"

"Foaming Up"



"Cherry Blossom"

"Millennium Park"


"Early Morning in Windy City"

"Looking Up"

"Chicago Twilight"

"Chicago by Night"

"Millennium Park" (Version II)


"Fast Food"

"Walk This Way"



"A Night at Pike Place"

"Side Profile"

"She Got Legs"

"Coffee Town, USA"


"Fun Forest"

"Table for Two"

"Eye of Needle"

"Wet Needle"


"Coming at Cha"

"Are You Blind?!"

"Pike Place Market"

"Seattle in Detail"

"Revenge of the Needle"

"Pike Place Market (Vertical)"

"Seattle in Detail (Vertical)"


"Galaxy Quest"

"Life Lines"

"Chicago Skyline"

"Downtown Seattle"

"Sign Reading"

"Taking Aim" (At 1,000 Hits)

"A Throw to First"


"White Picket Fence"

"Up On the Roof"

"Mukilteo Lighthouse"

"Enter the Needle"

"Stealing Second"

"Heading Home"

"A Porch with a View"

"Last Light in Mukilteo"

"Twilight at Golden Gate"

"Bridge Over Troubled Water"

"Enter the Bridge"

"Golden Gate"

"Fire in the Sky"

"Back to Second"


"Winning Fashion"

"Picked Off"

"At Bat"

"What's It Gonna Be?"

"Tag, You're It"


"Safe at Second"

"The Delivery"

"Ready to Deliver"

"Stayin' Alive"

"Second Base Arrival"

"Summer Boys"

"As Summer Passes"

"Fatherly Love"

"In the Mitt"

"Holding Back"


"Mukilteo Sunrise"

"Dock of the Bay"

"Starting Pressure"

"Turns Two"

"Back to First"

"Swinging Through"

"Action at Second"

"Two Seamer"


"Two Hands on Ball"

"Rounding Corner"

"Right Here, Buddy"

"Through the Seam"

"Hut 1, Hut 2"

"Do What I Do"

"Scottish Sandwich"


"'Round the Outside"

"Ready to Rumble"

"Wanna Race?"

"Chaos" (Whose Shoes Are These?)

"Play Action"

"That Ball is Mine!"


"Mighty Mouse"

"Point Blank"

"Breaking Away"

"Pardon Me"


"It Came From Outer Space"

"Air Time"

"Thou Shalt Not Rise"

"Water Abstract"

"Last Night I had a Dream"

"Please Don't Go"

"A Melting House"

"A View From Below"

"A Bavarian Afternoon" (Frohe Weihnachten!)

"A Winter Night in Füssen"

"Lets Hold Hand"

"Under the Basket"

"What Lies Ahead"

"A Quick Draw"

"Blue & Gold" ( view L A R G E R )

"Splitting the Seam"

"Seattle Seagull"


"Abstract in Alkmaar"

"A Fade Away"

"Pink & Blue"


"Shiny and New"




"Strapping Up"

"Seattle Rain"

"Chicago Moonrise"

"Cloud in the Sky"

"Wet Night on LaSalle"

"On the Move"


"Different Worlds"

"Marina City"

"Small World"

"New & Old"

"Millennium Park III"

"Night Move"

"Chicago Blues"

"Still Standing"

"Millennium Park IV"

"Windy City"

"Slashin' Nash"

"Runnin' Luke"

"Not in My House"

"Portrait of a Tulip"

"View of the World"

"Wacky World" (Candid at Cloud Gate)

"Growing Tulips"

"Convergence Zone"

"Architectural Digest"

"Washington Grown"

"Open-Air Theater"

"Space Invader"

"Bean & Stone"


"Slam Dunk"

"Rest in Peace"


"Sidewalk of San Juan"

"A View Through a Wall"

"Whose Eye Is It?"

"A Walk to Church"

"Let There Be Light"

"Morning Perch"

"Cobblestones of San Juan"

"Caribbean Colors"

"Outer Space"

"Primary Colors"

"Hanging Around"

"Calle de la Tranquilidad"

"Architectural Reflection"

"Casa del Ayuntamiento"

"Catedral de San Juan"

"Two Friends"

"Raul At Bat"

"Soriano's Delivery"

"Bring It On"

"Nick of Time"

"No Way Home"

"Tries for Two"

"Stormy Waikiki"

"Mother Nature's Cathedral"

"A Morning Visitor"

"Stormy Na Pali"


"Cleaning a Catch"

"Snorklers' Delight"

"Open Ceiling"

"North of Na Pali"

"Top of Cathedral"

"Where Land Meet Sea"

"The Garden Isle"

"Everett Marina"

"A Morning in Snohomish"

"Everett Station"

"Purple Rush"

"Rising Sonny"

"Ready to Rumble"

"Window of Opportunity"

"Win that Header"

"Red Carded"

"Cathlamet Comes Home"

"Bangkok Skytrain"

"Hanalei Pier"


"Scoring Op" ( view L A R G E R )

"Punch Out"

"Stopping Stanback"

"Off to a Race"


"Shot on Goal"

"Call It Even"

"12th Man"

"Scrambling Stanback"

"Slips Away" ( view L A R G E R )

"Laying the Wood" ( view L A R G E R )

"Stopping the Run" (#26 vs. #26)

"Rising Cardinal"


"Tug of War"



"Morning in BC"

"A Bridge Too Far"

"Red Tanker"

"Bridge Runner"


"Stormy Sunset at Hanalei"

"Planet Kauai"

"Camouflaged II" (Crocodile)

"A View in a Pond"

"Sunset in Vung Tau"

"Water Taxi"

"Sunset in Vung Tau II"

"Blue Boats"

"Coconut Vendor"

"A Break from Action"



"Early Morning in Chicago"

"A Morning in Chi-Town"

"The Loop"

"Millennium Park V"


"A Train to Midway"

"A Slice of Chicago"

"Michigan & Madison"

"Steps to the Bean"

"The Loop II"

"Reflective Architecture"


"Good Morning Chicago"

"Looping Chicago"

"Beam Me Up, Scotty"

"Millennium Park VI"

"One Sunny Day" ( view L A R G E R )

"A Slice of Chicago" (II)

"Bubble City"

"Who's Shootin' Who?" ( view L A R G E R )

"Ground Level"

"Arches & Needle"

"Awning at the Needle" ( View L A R G E R )

"Pacific Science Center"

"Last Light in Mukilteo"

"Cloudy Mukilteo"

"Keeper's Quarter & Lighthouse"

"20 Million Dollar Man"

"Summer Night at Keeper's Quarters"

"White Pickett Fence II"

"Lighthouse Reflection"

"Defense, Defense"

"Flag Pole & Lighthouse"

"Na Pali Shoreline"

"White Pickett Fence III"

"Conway & Mt. Baker"

"Sunset in Vietnam"

"Na Pali Shoreline II"

"Needle & Tower"


"Industrial Landscape"

"Eye of Needle"

"Dune Climbing"

"Road to Seattle"

"Sand Buckets"

"I Can Do It"

"Sir Puffin"

"Newport Aquarium"

"Purple & Gold"

"Piggy Back Ride"

"Bronco Sandwich"


"Sony Center"

"Deutsche Dom"

"Night Trains Through Mannheim"

"Architectural Abstract"

"Round & Round"

"Sony Center II"


"Fast Track"

"St. Nicolasskerk"