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I've been an amateur photographer for most of my years. I love black and white - it's so evocative and moody if done right. I shoot some colour images, too - some subjects just cry for their colours to be shown. I prefer to photograph landscapes and scenics but I will shoot nearly anything. I do all my own darkroom work. I shoot Nikon 35mm gear, Bronica SQ and Pentax 67-II, and large format (with a Shen Hao field camera, 90/6.8 Angulon, 127/4.7 Ektar, 150/5.6 Sironar and 210/6.1 Xenar).

Country: CA


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This is a child's gravestone. I think there's a lot of symbolism in the photo - I'll leave it for you to find your own.

Chris Ashman of the University of Regina Rams runs up the sideline.