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I am not currently updating this collection of my photos. For a more complete selection of my recent work, and where prints can be purchased, please see this website:: Robert Woodward at Fine Art America. Any photographs not found on that site, but seen here, can be purchased by contacting me directly.

My approach to photography is gradually evolving, but has no specific direction. I continuously try new subjects and approaches and if it works, I may return with a more considered approach. My general motivation is to capture pieces of our world that are not commonly thought of as interesting. Things that we walk past every day or even consider unappealing in their normal context are of interest to me. But, I am still a sucker for a beautiful sunset, a pretty flower, or an expressive tree.

I have been shooting since I was very young, starting out with an old Kodak Duaflex II camera. At first, I shot only family members and my dog. I later tried my hand at landscapes, but had no eye for what makes a good or interesting image. When I was 13 my sister gave me a B&W Polaroid for Christmas and I began to shoot a greater variety of subjects. My father later gave me his Zeiss Ikon Contaflex 126 which I used for many years, including taking photos of the geology of W. Central Arizona for my graduate work. After a few years into my career I was able to afford to buy a decent 35mm camera - a Nikon 401s. I now use Canon digital equipment exclusively.

Those series in my portfolio from various countries were mostly taken while traveling during my former career and are all scans from film slides or negatives taken with my Nikon.

I was thrilled to receive a "Nominee" award from the Black & White Spider Awards in the 4th Annual (2008-2009) for Photojournalism-Amateur, two "Nominee" awards in the 5th Annual (2009-2010) competition (Photojournalism-Amateur & Nature-Amateur), one "Nominee" award in the 6th Annual (2010-2011) competition for Still Life-Amateur, and three "Nominee" awards in the 7th Annual (2011-2012) competition (Nature-Amateur & Photojournalism-Amateur & Still Life-Amateur), and one "Nominee" award the 5th Annual Photography Master's Cup Awards for Architecture-Amateur.

I have also exhibited locally and regionally, including juried shows in Chico, Redding, Red Bluff, and The Center for Photographic Art in Carmel By the Sea, CA (web gallery). I welcome any and all comments and criticisms on my photographs. You can also follow my evolution on my blog - Robert Woodward Photography

Country: US


Single Photos

Teichert Ponds



Study in Trees

Dunnigan Hills

Botanical - Other



The Doors of Yemen

Organic rock - "Lovejoy Basalt"






Misc Abstracts

The Delta

Damsels & Dragons

Lynch Canyon

Chico / North Valley

Abstracts - Water


Sea Life


Patrick's Point

Botanical - B & W

Minerals & Fossils

Study In Trees - Same Tree, Many Skies

I See Dead Things

Red Rock Canyon, NV



Rice Country

Botanical - Flowers

2010 "Creative Close-ups" Workshop, Pt. Reyes, CA


2011 Digital Black & White Workshop - Carmel / Pt Lobos

Images Through A Glass Eye

Black & White Landscapes

Northwest U.S.


Swirling green pond scum

Speckled Pond Scum

Colorful Lava


Scum with Reflections


Lower falls in October Snow

Sunrise on the Sawtooths

Red Fish Lake #1

Fall Leaves


Winter Vine & Wall

Mammouth Hot Springs In October

San Francisco Skyline from Emeryville

Bubbles in a fountain

Masts & Sky


Doorways - Ft Point

Green Hills

Marina at drinking time


Growth in the bay

Reflections at the Marina

Close Pack

The Tetons, Wyoming

Mud Ripples 3

Bird watching sunrise

Stormy Skies Over a Peaceful Valley

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

My Neighbors Garage Door

Vine study #1

Ammonite w/ botryoidal calcite and pyrite

Upper Mesa Falls

Red Fish Lake

Cannas in Black & White

Close up of a toad

Study in Trees #1

Study in Trees #6

Coyote & Tree

Study in Trees #8

Study in Trees #10

Study in Trees #11

Study in Trees #12 - Almond Orchard

Study in Trees #13

Green Hills #2

Old Barn on a stormy day - Please view larger

Study in Trees #16

Study in Trees #17

Life in the Tidal Pool

Jennifer's Rose

Another Jennifer's Flower

Stone Cold

Cannas2 - Spring 2006

I am Yemeni

Sunlight on a Yemeni Village

Sayun, Yemen

Two Yemeni Men from The Hadramaut

Fog on the Plateau

I Love My Dress

Mountain Village in Yemen

Ruins in The Hadramaut

Yemeni Highrise

Geologists at Work in The Hadramaut

Yemeni Village

Do You Have Pen?

View From The Shade

Sunset on The Bay

Winter to Summer

Mud Ripples 4

Architecture in The Hadramaut

Rice Farm - N. California

End of the Day

Cannas Bloom

Wedding Dancer

The Bridegroom

Imam's Palace

Yemeni Girl

Young Yemeni Girl and Her Mother

Very Young Yemini Man

Yemeni Architecture

Iman's Palace 2

Mountain Village in Yemen

Young boy in a Yemeni Village

Young Yemeni Girl

Fishermen at Dusk - Aden

Shot in the rugged mountains of SE Yemen

Faces in the Crowd

Yemeni Children

Yemeni Village

Yemeni Mountain Village

Who's Next?

Lovejoy Basalt - Big Chico Creek

Door #1

Door #2

Door #3

Door #4

Door #5

Door #6

Door #7

Door #8

Door #9

Door #10

Door #11

Door #12

Door #13

Door #14

Door #15

Door #16

Door #17

Door #18

Door #19

Lovejoy Basalt #2

Lovejoy Basalt #6


Tortoise Bark

Lovejoy Basalt #7

Lovejoy Basalt #9

"Out of the Frying Pan . . ."

More from the Frying Pan

Lovejoy Basalt #11

No Motion in the Frying Pan

Lovejoy Basalt #15

Lovejoy basalt #18

Lovejoy basalt #22

Beach Cemetery (Nominee Award - 4th Annual Black & White Spider Awards)


View of "The Bay"

Almost Night On The Bay


Tear in Reality

Lovejoy Basalt #25

Lovejoy Basalt #26

Lovejoy Basalt #28

Sahara Dune

Ball O' Fire - Gas flare in the Sahara (B&W Version - Nominee Award - 7th Annual Black & White...

Dunes - Algerian Sahara

Dune Walking

Snake Handler in a Small Moroccan Village

Trees on Cebu

A Home on Cebu

Close-up of Home on Cebu

Children of Cebu


Off The Beaten Path in NE Thailand

Trees on The Bay

Lovejoy Basalt #30

Lovejoy Basalt #31

Cannas #5

Karst Topography in NE Thailand

Stormy skies in NE Thailand

Lovejoy Basalt #36

Edge of the Stream

Stream Scum

Sunrise in a Tunisian Mountain Village

On the Road in Tunisia

Tunisian Village

Tunisian Pastoral

Roman Ruins of Dougga, Tunisia

Tunisian Children

Stream Astronomy

Stream Astronomy II

Rice Country

Pomegranate Vodka Martini

Study In trees #18

Moving Light on Water

Moon Over Decrepit Barn

Moon Rise Over Decrepit Barn 2

Fountain Close-up

Pond Scene

Christmas at the Marina

Reflections under the freeway

More Reflections Under the Freeway

Christmas at the Marina


Sunrise Over An Orchard

Tree at Sunrise

Sunrise Through a Tree

Sunrise and Trees

Old Tree Inversion

Tree at Sunrise

Detectives - Chico PD

Sunrise and Tree

Same Tree, Different Sky

Really Red River

Tree in Fog

Tree at Sunrise in the Fog

Two Trees in the Fog

Doors of Yemen

Sunrise with Tree

Tree at Sunset, Clouds, Moon

Same Tree, Many Skies

Remains of Dock at Teichert Ponds

Laguna Beach Tree


Water, Wave, & Boat

Still Life of a Soon to be Empty Glass

Old Vine

Rusty Metal Grate

Street Sweeper Brush

Cliff Moss

Rusty Birdbath

Moss on Cliff 2

Moss On Cliff 3


Happy Still

Rusty Grate 2

My Mother-In-Law's Flowers

Tern with Fish

Wood Eye

Mt Tamalpais St. Park - Matt Davis Trail

Mt Tamalpais St. Park - Matt Davis Trail

Mt Tamalpais Steep Ravine Trail

Panoramic - Sunset on the Bay

Panoramic - Sunset on the Bay 2

Mud Ripples 5

San Francisco Skyline from Corona Heights

Golden Gate Bridge from Buena Vista Park

Dragon at Rest

Underwater Forest

Ready For Takeoff

View From Between

Dragonfly From Below

Green Dragon

Striped Dragon

Underwater Forest #2

Underwater Forest #3

Dragon - Teichert Ponds

Dragon on Blades

Golden Pond Scum

Egret Taking Off

Reeds & Ripples

Red-Winged Blackbirds - Click Larger

Red-Winged Blackbird in the Reeds

Hovering Green & Blue Dragon

Hovering Green & Blue Dragon #2

Hovering Green & Blue Dragon in the Shadows

Red Dragon #5

Sunrise on the Delta (see larger)

Lone Tree in a Rice Field

Silver Pond Scum

Wildfire Sun & Tree

Pond Scum with Bubbles

Wildfire Sun & Tree (HDR)

Sunrise in The Delta (HDR)

Golden Bridge

Headed South

Mad Rush

Drowning Fall Color

Dunnigan Hills Panorama

Marina Reflections 1

Lovejoy Basalt #41

Lovejoy Basalt with Red Algae Pool

Lovejoy Basalt $ Water

Lovejoy Basalt #42

Stream Astronomy III

Another Christmas at the Marina


Foggy Bay


Older Toad

Rhoude El Baguel

Morning Glory Close

Jennifer's Rose B&W

Snow Geese In A Rice Field


Leaves, Berries, & Stone

Pond Scum #17

Cattail #1

Morning Glory B&W

Just Before The Fog Rolled In

Water, Green, Sky


Hills, Bay, Mountains

Hill, Trees, Sky

Lovejoy Basalt #42

Ripples #7

Ripples & Stones

Ripples #8

Weeds, Road, & Grass

Needs Botox

Ripples #9


Ripples #10

Ripples #11

Ripples #12

Ripples #13

Ripples #14

Ripples and Tire

Pucker Up

Stream Astronomy IV

Stream Astronomy V

Bidwell Ranch

Big Chico Creek, Upper Bidwell Park

Sunbathers at Big Chico Creek, Upper Bidwell Park

Ripples & Footsteps 2 ( Nominee Award - 5th Annual Black & White Spider Awards)

Malachite Water

Malachite Water #2

Rock, Moss, Foam

Just Beneath The Surface

Swirling Into The S

Light, Water, Rock

Water, Moss, Rock

Moss on Rock

Dragon #1 - 2008

Wildflowers - Upper Bidwell Park

Malachite Water #3

Dogwood Blossom 2


Blue & Green Dragon Close

Clouds in Reflection with Water Lily

Pond Scene

Morning Duck

Striped Dragon in Motion

Dragon On Grass

Waiting to Burn

Damsel At Rest

View From Sunset Cliffs

Romance On The Cliffs

Beach, Green rock, Water #1

Beach, Green rock, & Water #2

Green Leaf

Brown, Yellow, & Green Dragon at Rest

Dragon on Patrol


Transparent Reflections

Street Band - Haight Ashbury District


Veined Leaf

Damselfly Lunch

Pond Scum with Leaves

Blue and Green Water

Malachite Water #4

Betty Boop Up Close

Argiope aurantia

Love in the Weeds

Love in the Weeds II

Damsel on Blade

N. California Coast & Whale Watchers

Mendocino Sky

Argiope aurantia - Up Close & Personal

Blue & Green Water II

Bird on Rock in Pond

Curves & Green

Oregon Coast #1

Winchester Bay #2

Winchester Bay #3

Coastal Grass at Sunset

Rock, Ocean, Bird

Shoreline & Rock

Gold Beach at Dusk

Coastal Grass at Sunset #2

Grass, Wood, & Sand

Woman, Log, Grass, & Sunset

Stroll on Beach at Sunset

Jellyfish #1

Jellyfish #2


Sea Anemones & Starfish

Tree Family in Spring

Gold Beach at Dusk B&W

Grass, Wood, & Sand B&W

Great Blue Heron & Friends

Two Egrets and Fall Color

Signs of Yesterday

Play of Light - Honey Run Covered Bridge

Rice Silos

Homeless and Asleep

Evening Sail

Agate Beach Through The Trees

Force of Nature

Watching the Storm

Agate Beach After the Storm

Fog Lifting From Agate Beach

Fog on Agate Beach

Dead Jellyfish on Agate Beach

Westerly View from Patrick's Point

Footprint in Coarse Sand on Agate Beach

Patterns in the Sand

Showing the Way Home

Glass, Steel, Trees

Farm in Rice Country, N. California

Tree, Fog, Sunrise

Tree at Sunrise

Tree, Fog, & Rock at Sunrise

Jennifer's Dead Rose 1

Jennifer's Dead Rose 2

Tree & Sun

Dogwood In Bloom & B&W

Jennifer's Dead Rose 5

Jennifer's Dead Rose 7

Jennifer's Rose 5

Tree At Sunrise 11

Trees At Sunrise 6



Botroydal Malachite

Jaws of Death

Pyritized Ammonite Chambers With Botroydal Calcite

Jurassic Ammonite - Volga River, Russia

Nana's Dead Rose 1

Miniature Right-Lateral Fault With Drag

Morning Fog In The Valley

Morning Fog In The Valley 2

Telephone Poles In Morning Fog

Tree At Sunrise 6

Tree In Fog Just Before The Sun Broke Through


Tree At Sunrise - Clear Sky

Tree At Sunrise 7

Entry To A Senseless Death


Upended Reflection

Bullet Hole

Bullet Hole 2

Bullet Hole - Rear Passenger Window (B&W version - Nominee Award 5th Annual Black & White Spider...

Windshield Bullet Holes with Shadows

Natural Gothic

Dunnigan Hills 12

Dunnigan Hills 13

Moonrise over Sutter Buttes

Tree at Sunrise 14

Dunnigan Hills 14

Tree at Sunrise 15

Tree At Sunrise 16

Close up Pyritized Ammonite With Botroydal Calcite

Tree At Sunset 3

Remains of a Clematis

Close-up of a Dragon

Cannas 5

Remains of a Clematis 2

Natural Gothic (Liquid Amber Tree fruit)

Natural Gothic 4 (fruit of Liquid Amber tree)

Broken Wire Fence & Water

Tree On Cloudy Morning

Tree In Storm

Dead Chrysanthamum

Dead Leaf 1

Tree At Sunset 4

Dead Leaf 2

Two Dead Leaves (Nominee Award - 6th Annual Black & White Spider Awards)

Three Holes & Ripples

Ripples #18

Tree & Stormy Sky


Tree With Clouds

Tree With Clouds 2

Dead Leaf 7

Tree At Sunset 10

Tree With Early Morning Clouds

Tree & Clouds 4

Tree With Morning Storm

Tree & Clouds 5


Dead Thistle

Tree with Storm Clouds

Orange Rose Just After The Rain

Clematis Close

Jennifer's Rose Close Up

Yellow Rose Bud with Azalea Background

Moving Water Reflections Around Log

Western Grebe

One Mile Pool

View from my hotel room window

Red Rock Canyon 1

Red Rock Canyon 2

Trees and Clouds

Cross-Bedded Aeolian Sandstone

From Nana's Garden

Bubbles in Nana's Pond

Jennifer's Rose Blooming

Lily With Hopper

Nana's Cannas

Rusty Hills

Blue Tentacles

Succulent Up Close

Remains of a Maple

Nana's Succulent

Irish Sea From Bettystown

Striped Hills 1

Striped Hills 2

Striped Hills 3

Keel Bay

Cliffs of Moher

Beach Near West Coast

Coast of Achill Island

Nana's Succulent Starting to Blossom

Nana's Succulent Starting to Blossom 2

Red Dragon #19

Eggplant Tentacles

Beauty With Age

Nana's Succulent 3

Old Blue Bucket


Stacked Green Cones

Dr. Seuss Plant

Dead English Flower

A Couple


Lake Almanor at Sunrise

Dead Canna In Black & White

Starling On Saguaro

Arizona Dragon

Arizona Monarch

Arizona Monarch 2

On The Way

Erosional Pattern

Praying Monk B&W

Praying Monk

Dogwood Leaf - Backlit

Streetsweeper Bristles

Rice Silos & Clouds

Fall Colors at Teichert Ponds

Rice Silos 6

Rice Silos 5

Rice Silos 4


Great Blue Heron at Horseshoe Lake

Rice Silos in Dunnigan Hills

Rice Silos 7

Brown & Green Hills

Rice Silos 8

Cache Creek

Storm Over Dunnigan Hills

Differential Erosion

Seed Pod

Dunnigan Hills Ranch

Natural Gothic Pair

Gulls & Sunset - Charleston Bay

Ripples - Edisto Island

Grazing Before The Storm

This Looks Bad - I'm Goin' Home

The Grass Is Always Greener

Clam On End

Fishing in a Rice Field 1

Rice Dryers & Rice Field

Snow Geese in a Rice Field

Fishing in a Rice Field 2

Reflections On A Rice Field

Dragon At Lake Almanor

Dragon At Lake Almanor 2


Jagged Edge


Reflections In Tiburon

Megan & Simon Wedding1

Megan & Simon Wedding2

Megan & Simon Wedding3

Jeremy & Katie 2

Jeremy & Katie 1

Edge of a Dead Leaf



Entire Dead Leaf

New Flower


Propeller Flower

Weeds Against Fog


Animal Dentures

Seaweed Knot

"Toucan" the Crab Claw

Iceplant Tower

Starfish (Nominee Award - 7th Annual Black & White Spider Awards)

Close-Up of a Preserved Leaf

Fern Leaf on a Light Table

Transparent Maple Seed Pod

Seed Pod Cluster

Maple Seed Pod Cluster

Kelp In A Convertible

Seed Pod Cluster 2

Dead Rose Laughing

Yellow Steps

Red Steps 2

Red Steps

Red Steps 3

In Flight

Yellow Steps 2

Yellow Steps 3

Yellow Septs 4

Red Steps 4

Yellow Steps 5

Yellow Steps 6

Two Tanks, Two Stairs (Nominee Award, 5th Annual Master's Cup Color Awards)

Dragonfly 18

Dragonfly 20

Dragonfly 21

Dragonfly 22

Dragon's Back

Dragon's Back II

Dragon On Leaf

Dragon At Rest

Blue Dragon

Zucchini Blossom

Zucchini Blossom Close Up

Squash Blossom (Nominee Award - 7th Annual Black & White Spider Awards)

Seed Pods

Another From Jennifer's Garden

New Growth


Rocks at Pt Lobos

Kelp Bulb

Wave & Rock At Weston Beach, Pt. Lobos

New Fern Frond

Succulent Zebra

Tree at Golden Sunrise

Path With Steps

Ravine Falls

Flower On The Bay

New Growth 2

Zucchini Jester

Old But Glad

Selective Flower

Blade Of A Succulent

Red-Eyed Dragon - Female Blue Dasher

I See A Tree In Your Future

Sunflower Through A Glass Eye

The Senator Seater

Smith Rock State Park 2

Smith Rock State Park 1

Smith Rock State Park #3

Color At Smith Rock State Park

Berbera Up Close

White Rose




Jolanda Lake



Nehalem Beach

Nehalem Beach in Black & White

Lake Quinault Reflection

Swimming Platform At Lake Quinault

Fall Color Near Leavenworth, Washington

Roots Will Find A Way

Tree & Yellow Leaves



Small Falls Near Tumwater Dam



Gold Bluffs Beach 2

Huddled On The Beach

Wave Watcher

Gold Bluffs Beach

Ruby Beach Reflection

Hurricane Ridge View At Sunrise

Pond At Cape Disappointment

Root & Leaves

Ranch Near Paskenta