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In 1975 at 15 years old I began working for Gus & Maria Bohanec, owners of Alvin's Photo Supply in Pasadena CA USA (Arguably the first "Leica Store"). This wonderful couple absolutely adored Leicas. Their own collection and the inventory for sale were just spectacular. If anybody remembers, Gus Bohanec was a camera repair tech that had seen many cameras cross his bench. He took me under wing and they all called me "Junior". I truly enjoyed working there, especially on Saturdays; it was like "Cheers", everybody knew each others names and we all shared and discussed photography. I miss both, the people and those days. I progressed from there fully entrenched with my love of repair and fine equipment. Eventually moved on to a repair only environment with General Camera Repair, also in Pasadena. There I was further trained by a very knowledgeable gentleman named Bob Fairfield. 1980 in the city of Glendale I opened my own shop named; "The Camera Doctor". 10 years later I had three locations, Glendale, Pasadena & Big Bear. Unfortunately, divorce caused the dismantling of these shops.(Also affecting 3 beautiful kids...) I now have the occasional mention on the net by renown photographer/blogger Ken Rockwell as his personal camera repairman: and then go to his google search field, and type in GUS and/or Check out the Pnet reviews at:

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