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I had a renewed interest in photography when I bought my first digi cam an early 2meg Olympus and an early version of photoshop, being always interested in post shoot adjustments and cropping. This was in 2000, then I progressed to a Canon 350D and an Olympus C8080. I now use a Canon 5D mk11 and just upgraded my 1D MK3 to the MK4 and I have invested in some top 'glass' so those shots I visualise can be as sharp as possible. I now try and look for that elusive suggestive and creative shot as well as documenting history or events which I'm involved in. I also love taking wild life shots were I am trying get life in action wherever possible I always appreciate constructive criticism so I can become a better photographer.

Country: UK









My imagination





Local Heron



Macro / close up


Water Birds

My Grandaughter Orlagh


UK Starling's

Stags and Deer

Single Photos


Birds in flight

Portraits 2



Old Dublin reflection

Olympic Training 2004

Lake Geneva early morning peace

Another set of Deck chairs no people!

2 x Greek Cats from near Athens, very curious and the 2 sprayed on the wall added a dimension

Stop buzzing around!

A border Collie belonging to a friend, looked straight at me for this, it looked even more interesting in gray scale

Lake Geneva & Jet Eau

Red sails just out of the Sunset

At the recent Armistice in France

Bill, an old Sea farer

Not one for the dizzy!

St Stephens Bar

Geneva Old Town

Age it 100 years

What a Bug

As I rest my weary head!

coming thru!

Gothic mood

Looking towards Chesil Beach


Old Stanmore ruined Church

Escalator to the colours

Soaring above

Spooky !

On a mission!

Off for a stroll

Stop wiggling

Who are you looking at?

Stopping for a smoke!

Its all about propulsion

Old Tin Church

Old faithful

Geneva surfer !!!

Me and my plain wife!

English harvest

Old Ribber Castle

Proud Bird

Heron neck feather

Heron Head

All four hooves in the air!

Into the Gallop

Path to the dark forest!

The path to somewhere

Ghostly galloper

Aface thats seen it all!

A younger Heron posing on the Colne

Cormorant in the sunlight

A Peacock crowing

Bathing in the evening Sun

Hold my breath and in I go

Caught in the Hawthorns

Who is spying on who?

Poppy field delight

Bottlenose somersaults


Bottlenose Leap

Unknown Bug! if you know please help? Thanks

The Alps

Window Box

Strange Bug

Mount Blanc

Poppys galore

Snt Katherines, Dorset.

A late summer pose!

Beach defence in reflection

Early morning chase!

Sleek Caddy

Lagonda in reflection

Street Rod

Alternative view Lagonda

Hummingbird moth

Wait for me!

Do I look thin on this?

Mr & Mrs 1940

In coming!

X factor

Up after a dip!

Fish on Rods

Never against the wind!

A seasonal visiter

Snow Lane

Bird watching in a sandstorm

Brave Robin

Barcelona Windows

Boy & History

Love Fountain

Street entertainer

Siesta Time

Barcelona hidden Gem

Early bloom

Square cut

Lead in light

Picturesque in France

The Storm over Boscastle

Ready for a Spin

Sunrise over the lake

This way to the secret garden

Where's my pond?

Bude Beach tides out

Up at The Robin

Yellow leaf wonderer

Robin Branch

Flamenco couple in Natural low light

Arch thru an Arch

Bluebell Tree

Through the Gate?

Heron Flight

Easy does it!

Grebes ready for mating!

Just ate!

Female Pheasant

Abbotsbury Chapel

Swan fight

Chaffinch feeding youngster


Stag and wild rabbit's

Deer on alert

Frolicking Dorset Sheep

A Great Tit perched

Little Egret

3 x reflections


Symetrical Pontoon

Chase the bread!

Racing Swan


Monochrome Ray Burst

Sun Rays

Rays on Web

Fly meets Bloom

What No Dinner!

Late afternoon in Autumn


Life's Hard!

Sunset Clipper

Autumn Fruit

Sunset in Reflection

Escape !

Orlagh strikes a pose


Amsterdam Reflection

World within worlds

Flying Low

Goose Down

Dont mess with me!

Robin high up

Resting Pink


Red Kite the Business End!



Avocet Waltz

Shelducks in Flight

Silver Surfer


Barn Owl on Hunt

Tulips in Snow

Surprise Manouver

2 Young Coots

I'm not sharing!


Wild Goose Chase

Grey Wag with shopping! PLEASE View large

Flutter on the perch

Flutter on the perch2

Spring song

Eat up

submarine paddling


Tern dipping

Greenfinch in song

Chaffinch on the tiles

England by the Sea

Parade on Promenade

Crested Grebe

Sailor Boy

Owl flight, captured in overcast conditions using quarter flash at 105mm. F4

Grazing Shelduck

Owl in take off mode

The Nothe

juxtapose !

away but don't look back?

a Portrait


English Butterfly

young Kestrel

Pied Wadtail with Damsel fly

Swan dripping

Young Kestrel 2

Dancing Gull

Tufty Stare

Sea Rescue

Soft landing

Search and rescue

Stretcher Rescue

large Hawker

large Hawker 2


Wing dipping

Grt Spotted Woodpecker UK

coming in close!

Wind flip 2

The Old Town Tree

Ready for the Rutt

The blooded victor chases off a young pretender

call of the wild

Rutt in the park


a voice in the wilderness

The Pheasant strutt!


Starling 3

Starling 6

A winter Robin

we're off!

In the fields

Feeding Fever

Does in Snow

Doggie snow diver

Stag in the mist


Cley Sunset

Greylags flock

Picket Fence and Stonechat

Dressed Stag

Who me!

Starling with feed

Morning wash

Bee approach

Canadian fly by

Heron ready to land

Heron circling


Just Missed

Red Kite over the Chilterns

Early morning Swans

a low fly past

Deep in thought.


Kite in the blue

Kite observing

Male Pheasant

Racing geese

Ringed Plover

Black Kite chase

Grey Owl in the Woods

Little Owl on standpipe


coloured bug

Black Kite

Caught in the Web

Another Place

Flamingo Dash

Comma Butterfly

Ho Hum

telling a secret

Reaching the top shelf

Stag Chase

Owl Flight in the woods

American Idol


American Wood Duck wash

Cormorant fly past 2

Cormorant wing at full stretch

Red Kite in late day sun

incoming Red Kite

Eagle in the Clouds

going for a 4

Moor Park Mansion

Huthatch on my fence

Starling and UK snow

Blue Tit wing stretch

FROZEN in Time




Advocet Bill

Blue Tit colour match

Swan overhead

Bullrush backlit

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Low Swan flight

Fly me to the Moon

Heron on the Wing

Red Ferrari

Common Tern

Kite lunge for food

Carrion crow avoiding Red kite

Red Kite chasing Crow

Red Kite dive

Red Kite

Red Kite acrobatics

Female Pied Flycatcher

Male Spotted (Pied) Flycatcher

Take Off

Avocet chasing off an intruder

Oyster Catcher

Norfolk Lavender

Stoat raid on avocets

Black Headed Gull leaping

Juvenille Bearde Tit2

Leaping Black Headed Gull2

Oyster Catcher

Mourning for lost Comrades

Nosey British Red Squirrel

Fighting Common Terns1

Fighting Common Terns2

South Korean

South Korean Dancer

Fighting Jackdaws

Jackdaw Ambush

Blue Tit feeding

Splash Down

Korean Eyes

Waxwing on Berries

Skaterboys on the Southbank

Wall of Power

Trick BMX

Landing Pigeon

London Photographers

My Beauty


Marsh Tit

RED SHANK POSE by Roger Stelfox

REDSHANK CHASE by Roger Stelfox

White Kite1

In for the Kill

Tussling Terns

3 White Geese

Fighting Robins


Inquisitive Red Squirrel

Owl WingSpan

Remembrance Parade

Swimming Stag

White Faced Owl

Storm over the Bales


Barn Owl Quartering late in the day PLEASE CHECK THE LARGE

Four Bales under a Storm

Viking Portrait

Norfolk marsh and inlet

Norfolk Lavender

Avocet Feeding

Fighting Coots

Little Owl at home

Sandwich Tern with Tiddler

Yellow Fields under Storm

Jay with Acorn

Misty morning with Stag


Glorious Stag

Whitby Abbey

My Local Nuthatch

Gull Squabble

Flying Out

Old Rod

Eagle Owl in flight

Woodland reflection

Male Blackbird

Little Owl

Robin in the snow


Barn Owl hunting

Horse in the meadow

Robin in Winter

Blue Tit in Winter

Goose Landing 2

Canadian Goose

Goose Landing

Egrit Catch

Eifel Tower at night

Golden Plovers

Goose Stepping

Grebe Courting

Lapwing Landing

Pheasant glide

Dorset Poppies

Sitting in the Louvre

Goose Stretch

White Fronted Geese

Whooper Swan drinking


Steve, Korean Veteran.

Storm Walker

Having a Beer

London Nut Seller

Old Bill

Cloth Capped Gent


The Pheonix dancers

Street Bar

In Paris everyone is a Model

Pheonix Dancers 2

Pheonix Dancers 3

Hot Rod in the UK

Look Left or its the Worlds End!

South Korean Dancer

Ant World

Red Ant Reflection

Profile of a Fly


Stag Cameo

Crane Fly Wing


Fallow Deer

Running Fallow Deer PLEASE CHECK LARGE

Lice on the Edge

Morning Stag

Tasting the Air

Korean Priest