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My first camera was an Ikonta that my father gave to me in 1968, than I bought a canon AE-1 in1975 that I kept with the different lenses till 1997. Than I got a Contax 167 mt and recently replaced by an Aria in 2004. I also use a Canon eos 30v with mainly the zoom 70-200 f:4. Sometimes I use a olympus camedia 8080 but feel more and more enthusiastic using my Aria ( or the recently bought RX the BEST SLR ever ), for portrait 85 mm 1,4 and 135 mm 2,8 and lately my new Contax IIa with the famous 50mm 1,5. Since august 2005 I bought some cameras on e bay: Contessa, Vitessa n and Ambi silette are really fun cameras to use. I am surprised by Exakta varex IIa quality, the fifties are really golden era for camera ! My main purpose in taking picture is to show the beauty that exists around us if we want to look.... I have bought an Iskra II , a Moskva 5 and some Ikoflex and a rolleiflex 3.5 E xenotar. After buying a lumix lx3 and and K20D I know stick to the Fuji S2 and S3 Pro. I have bought A big Graflex camera but I have to learn how to use it !! Which camera do I take outside in 2007? 1. Contax AX with : 50 mm and 85 mm. (60%) 2. Leica M5 or contax II with 50mm 1,5 (20%) 3. Rolleiflex (10%) 4. Canon Eos 30v (5%) 5. Konica hexar AF (5%) Which camera do I take outside in 2009 ? 1. Contax AX (15 %) 2. Fuji S2 Pro (35 %) 3. Leica V-lux 1 (15%) 4. Voigtlander Vitessa (10 %) 5. U4r Contax (25 %)


Single Photos

RFF meeting Paris 2007


Tarifa hippie girl with no head

Carmona main street

A cat moving and jasmin flowers

Tarifa reina de la festa 2005

Between tarifa and Marocco

Murillo parc sevilla

Coloured tables and chairs on place saint gery

Paris Saint Germain des Pres



B & W girl


Tui festa san Telmo

In the dark

Girl and baby in the outdoor shower

Sleeping on the market place


After the bath 2

Lucena bath

Julia Fischer Violin

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Clown + bottle



Long is the way

Group of sweet girls

Montmartre Paris

Photographe at chinese restaurant

A l'Albertine Bruxelles

Eating: pleasure!


Blond hair in the sun




Brocante 2

Canal st Martin

From Joffrin to Montmartre

Girls in Montmartre

Dis-moi tout !

Marc shooting soldiers

Sunny day at the Jardin des Tuileries

Coca Cola

Kidnapped bicycle on the balcony

Friend of RFF

Along the st Martin

3 RFF fans

Trees in rose flowers

Johnny De funes Fernandel et Madame

Dog in the sun




Lion in the Tuileries

Canal Saint Martin

Bica e medronho

After the bath

Red and blue


Lamego Romaria du Portugal 2007

Dancing flou

Dancing the night away

Statue Place Ste Catherine

Beautiful eyes

Le forgeron de Charleroi



My garden : sunny time !

Peniche The bath 1

Back side cute girl after bath

San pedro do mel atlantic beach

Peniche La Prison de Salazar

Peniche: fish drying

Girl singing

Boys and girl in Akfama

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Cabo de gata : the church