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Spain 2000 N400-9

Turkey 2001

SF Cannery Fire -- March, 2002

Young People

Africa 2000


Nungwi fisherwomen on a cloudy afternoon

Kara's view of Nungwi beach at low tide

Screened Nungwi Sunset

Dhow rigging

Dhow hoisting sail

Receeding dhow

Hey, what's in *there*?

Spice Tour Operator Mr. Mitu catching up!

Nungwi Beach Sunset

Second Light from Gilman's Point (Mt. Kilimanjaro)

Sunset over Mawenzi Peak (Mt. Kilimanjaro)

First light from Gilman's Point (Mt. Kilimanjaro)

K2 on Cape Point at sunset

I double dare you to get closer.

Rhino sipping at the Zambezi

Livingston road hazards

Sunset reflection on the Zambezi

Rainbow view from the north end of Victoria Falls

Screened view from north end of Victoria Falls

Dying tree on the Zambezi

Stone Town Fort

Stealth shot of midday Muslim prayer song

Curious kids on Zanzibar Island

Maruhubi Palace Pillars

Elephant love

Elephant offering

Shy Maasai tribesmen

Kindergarten mural in Soweto

Stormy dusk over Lake Nakuru

Fighting teenage bulls

Mara Simba Sunset

Maasai tribesman makes fire the hard way

Pink Landing

Franschoek mountain sunset

Approaching Uhuru peak (Mt. Kilimanjaro)

Horombo-Kibo Trail (Mt. Kilimanjaro)

K2 and Mawenzi Silhouette from Kibo Hut

Mawenzi landscape

Daybreak at Horombo Huts

Kara with Maasai fan club

Mawenzi Sunset from Kibo Huts

Maasai village kid

Grazing Zebra

Lone Zebra with passanger

Lone Gnu (Wildebeest)

Hartebeest closeup

Fighting Thompson Gazelles

Lone Giraffe

Tommy Landscape


Framed view of boats off Stone Town

Studded front door

Framed steeples in Stone Town

Slanted view of Stone Town amphitheater

Broken Cactus in Cape Town

Dragon Boat

Visiting with Inca at Spier (Photo by warden)

Inca close up (photo by warden)

Penguin foraging for nesting materials

K2 Self portrait

Crossing Storms River mouth

Trail marker

Another K2 Self portrait

Stone log

Rocky Beach


Slave cave on Zanzibar Island

Nungwi bar deck

Kara at sunset

Stone Town harbor view from Malindi Guest House

Shadow portrait on Nungwi beach

High tide at Nungwi

Slanted view of Stone Town harbor from Malindi Guest House

Volcano, or wingtip? First light flying over Lake Nakuru

Water Buffalo

Elephants conferring

David, Mountain Lodge Naturalist

Magic tree

Safari Club meeting room

Looking back.

Two Lions

Tommys and Blackbird

Late afternoon cloudscape over the Mara

Cheetahs hanging out before dinner

Lions hanging out

Lion portrait

Lions takin' off, eh?

2 elephants

Elephant close up

Grazing water buffalo

Giant blackbird at Horombo Huts

Kara with Giant Roundsel near Horombo Huts

Kobi at Zebra Rock (Photo by Kara)

Kara & HappyGod on Horombo-Mawenzi Trail

Random Kilimanjaro vegetation

Giant roundsels at Horombo Huts

Giant tree on Kizimkazi Beach

Red Colobus Monkey fleeing attention

Red Colobus Monkey

Kobi on Dhow Cruis (Photo by Kara)

K2 on Dhow Cruise (Photo by random Spanish Tourist)

Dhow Captain

Random Ship at Sunset

Moored Dhow at Sunset

Dhow framed sunset

Another random ship at sunset

Bridge in Bilbao at night

Guggenheim Museum at night.

Guggenheim Musem at night, again

Guggenheim Museum by day

Rear Guggenheim entrance viewed from the bridge, at night

Guggenheim rear entrance viewed from the moat wall at night

Guggenheim rear entrance viewed from River path at night

Inverted daytime reflection of the Guggenheim

Guggenheim torches

Slanted view of the Guggenheim Torches

Big Pooch in front of the Guggenheim

Rear view of The Big Pooch at the Guggenheim

Dhow Skeleton

Hadrian's Baths

Pamukkale landscape

Early start

Weevil-infested pistachios, anyone?

View from the Side Pansyon

Sultanahmet at sunup

King for a day






Whirling Dervishes

Random antiqities laying around Aphrodisias



Red Basilica

Dangerous curves! But pass anyway.

Medusa in Sunken Cistern

Incense burner somewhere in Topkapi Palace

Chimaera in the moonlight

Fishing for lunch on the Ak Deniz

Octagonal Temple (Martyrium of St. Philip the Apostle)

Aya Sophia at night

Kobi with urn in Aya Sophia (Photo by Kara)

Aya Sophia Gallery

Behind the Akrapol

Wishing well


Looking down on the Akrapol Amphitheater

Looking up from the Akrapol Amphitheater

Looking up, Aya Sophia

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire

SF Cannery Fire




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