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Geoff Sobering [GeoffS]

Signed Up:
Thursday 29th of September 2005 07:38:39 PM

I picked up photography as a hobby when I was a teenager; at the same time I was also learning about film-making and graphic-arts, so I got a very broad introduction to photographic processes, technology, and applications. I also had a part-time job in the advertising department of Macy's doing graphic arts. For a time I planned to attend Rochester Institute of Technology and get a degree in photojournalism or graphics, but instead I headed into the physical sciences. While I was in college and graduate-school photography took a backseat to other interests. In the early '90s I merged my interest in aviation with photography; I now cover a variety of regional events for Midwest Flyer magazine. More recently, I've integrated my long-time love of sailing and sailboat racing with my photography and regularly shoot sailboat regattas. In 1996 I started posting photos and stories about places I visited on my website; currently, I contribute to a number of sailing, iceboating, and aviation websites. My transition from film to digital began in 2002 when I replaced my "carry-around" APS camera with a small digital P&S. In 2005 my trusty Olympus collection was augmented with a Nikon D70. Currently I'm using Canon gear.


Single Photos



Sunset departure.

Blast Off!


DC-3 N1944M framed between dark storm clouds and incoming clear sky.


A barn cat at the riding stable.

"Moonbeam McSwine" in the Glow.

Footprints in the evening.




Waiting for something better...



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