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Derek K. Miller has worked as a writer and editor for over fifteen years, specializing in technical and scientific subjects. Online since 1983, he has used the Internet since 1991 -- one year before he ran his first seminar about it. He lives in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Derek has a B.Sc. in Marine Biology and a diploma in Applied Creative Non-Fiction Writing from the University of British Columbia. His work appears in magazines, in software applications and documentation, and on the Internet. You can reach him and find some of his writing samples on the Web at


Selected photos from

Konica KD-300Z samples


"Luscious Yellow" - Pansies on our back porch

"Whistler Wildflowers"

"Hangin' Shoes"

"BC Ferry Lifeboat"

Nice blue fish at Vancouver Aquarium

Autumn Lions from Burnaby

Winter Lions from Burnaby

Flower basket

Big Amazon Fish

Rescued seal at Vancouver Aquarium

School of fish in the Kelp Forest display

Lauren and the late Bjossa the orca

Sea lions

Burnaby blossoms

Deck washers

Daddy's hand

Golden Ears, Maple Ridge, BC

Shiny hackysack


Cropped droop

Lauren and tiles

Kids on ripples, flying a kite

Lynn Canyon trees

Ham it up!

Little wet boots

Purple jewel cropped

Oblique steps

Daughters under the cherry tree

Grouse Mountain, purple at sunset

My eye

Cherry leaves

1100 blocks of Hastings and Pender, night


L as M sees her

Red pinwheel

Shirt and pants

CD rainbow


Phone on ledge

Apple Pro Keyboard

Not in Africa

Fireworks from the Canadian team, 2002 Celebration of Light, Vancouver