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Shall I return to the comforting arms of P.net? I'm giving it a try and see how it goes after nearly a year off. Now I am persisting with the new interface. "We shall see..." I am "one of the most beloved photographers" -- you can tell since it says so right here. I am also an elitist (so they tell me), and very rude. I am, apparently, also an "effing redneck". What quality of discourse P.net offers these days! "It was the profile of a man who held himself in very high regard." - comment on me by one who seems to have the same problem. ;) I yam what I yam.....

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India- Jodhpur-blue city
India- Varanasi-ceremony-Ganges
India- Taj Mahal - pariah dogs
India- Jaipur-Panna Meena Ka Kund
India- Jaipur
India Pushkar Fair
India- Taj Mahal
India- Chand Baori
India- to Pushkar-Constructivist
Kenya-Mt Kenya at Dawn
Rome- St-Peter's interior
Vancouver-BC Contre Jour forest
Yucatan-Uxmal-Pyr of Magician fr Gov
France-Champ de Mars - Eiffel & Joffre
SF - Dock of the Bay
KY - Pleasant Hill Shaker Commune
SD-Sully Site-looters caught in the act
Egypt -Tying up on the Nile
Greece Athens-Plaka-Taverna
India Varanasi transport
India- Varanasi - commensalism
MO-St-L-Union Station
Egypt Camel Market
Egypt- Giza- Valley Temple
Britain- Rievaulx-Abbey
Vive la France (deux)
Greece Stoa of Attalos
NY World's Fair Fountain 1963
Peru New-Year's debris
Peru-Machu-Picchu--T of 3 -Windows
Ste-Genevieve bins
Sweden-Gamla Uppsala Mds - Ynglinga saga: the kings Aun, Egil and Adils
Water Tower 4-trick
Mexico - Taxco
Camel Market
Austria Hallstattsee
Madonna of the Carousel