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William Morris Kahn learned the basics of photography as a boy of twelve living in Japan, and remains grateful to Suzuki-san, his first mentor. After high school, the realities of life intervened: After graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder, he served for nine years as a Naval Officer and is a Vietnam veteran. He then worked for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department in California for 20 years until his retirement in 1996. He was a Wilderness Ranger for the U.S. Forest Service for the next four years, and believes it was this experience that re-kindled his passion for photography. He lived in northern Arizona near the Grand Canyon for the next five years, and his work has been shown in several galleries in the area. William also served as Fine Arts Superintendent for the Coconino County Fair in Flagstaff for three years. His main interest is photographing out of the way places, off the beaten path “where tourists fear to tread” specifically, the remains of human efforts to tame the land and the ways in which nature erodes those efforts. William and his wife, Diana reside in Cottonwood, Arizona. His work is currently showing in the Yessy Art Gallery on –line at www.yessy.com/lightontheland He is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography.

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Single Photos

For Sale

Structures & Light


Front Range Sunset

Oriental Lily

Red Lake Shack Redux

Sunset Power

Whittaker Road

Winningham Field

Cook Road Barn

Dry Valley House

Grants Shack

Appalachia I

Oak Hollow Barn

Orme House

Route 66 Ruins

Williams Window

Appalachia II


Casa El Capitan

Hillendale Field

Harquahala Dawn

Wupatki Ruins

Rock Springs RR Shack

Fall Creek Lake

Mission Santa Maria de Acoma

Peach Springs Prophet

The Road East

Windsor Barn

The House

End Of The Road

Red Lake Shack

Barren Tree

Desert Relic

Clifty Mine Shack

White Oak Flat Window

Salome Tank

Hanks Antiques

Board Valley Shack

Lowe's Gap Sunset Field


Morning Light

Hope Ocotillo

In Grassy Cove

Grassy Cove Barn

French Broad Field

Rock Island State Park


Ice Crystals

Lowe's Gap Mountain Road Barn

Morganville Wall

French Broad River Barn

DeRossett Wall

Hiding In Plain Sight

Highway 101 Barn

Deep Draw Bridge

Forestry Building Wall


Master of the Barn

Circle Pines Ruins

Route 66

DeRossett Window

Paulden House

Rails at Rock Island

Georgetown Storefront

Dry Valley Farm

The Schoolhouse That Was

River Road Barn

Poconos Farmhouse

Balboa Park

Raymondskill Falls House

Beaty Cove Barn

Fall Creek Barn

Newport Barn

Hickory Valley Road House

Boyd Lake Dandelion

San Francisco Peaks

Lowes Gap Road House

Bloody Basin Mesquite

Broken Fence

Johnston Road Wreck

Wupatki 2

Laguna Pueblo, NM

Johnson Barn

Hillendale Tree

Desert Relic 2

Highway 30 Shack


Fall Creek Barn

Grassy Cove Barn 3

Board Valley House

Open Range Road Barn

Red Lake Barn

Ten Mile Field

Martin Road Barn

Monterey House

Sequatchie Road House

Homestead House

Dry Valley House

Rust and Wildflowers

White Oak Flat Barn


Allardt Barn

Santa Fe Dam

Hoodenpyle Road


Bloody Basin

Old Cordes

Pumpkin Center Corral

Old Newport Highway Barn

East Valley Road Shack

Fall Creek Lake 2

Breezewood Barn

Sequatchie Valley House

Blalock Road House

Williams Door

Open Range Road Barn 2

Williams Window

Melvin Shack

Sequatchie Valley Rocks

Mail Pouch Barn

Blevins Road House

Old Newton Highway Barn 2

Morning Glories


Thistle and Friends

Tack and Wheels

Dunbar Road Barn

Water Tower

The Road Less Traveled


Storie Avenue Barn

Baldwin Road Barn

Rugby House 2

Baldwin Road Barn 2

Storie Avenue Barn 2

Highway 52 House

End Of The Road 2

Cherry Creek Road House

Red Lake Valley Barn

Buck House

Seligman Shack

Gunsmith's Shop

Hackberry Power

Hackberry 2

Hackberry 3

Wears Valley Road Relic

Open Range Road

Potato Farm Road Barn

Smoky Mountain Cabin

Carter Shields Cabin

Porch Music

Cades Cove Mill

Cades Cove

Whittaker Road 2

Carter Road Barn

Cedar Grove House

Baxter Barn

Cedar Grove House

Williams Window

Buffalo Valley

Ensor Hollow Barn

Carter Shields Cabin

Grassy Cove Shack

Buffalo Valley Barn 2

Red Lake Shack

Rock Quarry Road Barn

POW Camp Road Barn

Orme House

East Valley Field

Williamstown Farm

Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont

Paulden Bridges

Acoma Mission

Finley Road Shack

Main & 4th Hotdogs

Beaver County, PA

Mustang Facing Storm

Stained Glass 2

Dunbar Road Tree

Hickory Valley Road House 2

Mooneyham Barn

Dry Valley House 2

Rock Springs Road Barn

Cook Road Barn

Dry Valley Farmhouse

Laguna Pueblo Panorama

Grassy Cove Barn 3

DeRossett Wall 2

Old Highway 28 House

Crab Orchard Barn

Buck Mountain Road

A Mild Winter Morning

East Valley Shack

East Valley Shack 2

Sequatchie Valley Shack

Sequatchie Valley Shack 3

Cataract Canyon Shack

Potato Farm Road

Hickory Valley Road House 2

Hickory Valley Road Barn

South Young Road Barn

Manchester Barn 3

Manchester Barn 2

Manchester Barn 1

Mail Pouch

Highway 62 Barn


Walnut Creek

Pall Mall Barn

Frankfort Road House

Industry 2

Canyon de Chelly

Lowes Gap Mountain Road Barn

Grassy Cove Gate

Grassy Cove Community Center

Grassy Cove Barn 2

Grassy Cove Barn 1

Paulden Santa Fe Bridge

Red Lake Moonrise

Garland Prairie Window

Sunflower Season Redux

Crossville House

Board Valley House 2

Cedar Grove House 2

Lancaster Farmhouse

Little Colorado River Canyon

Little Colorado River Canyon 2



Deep Draw House

Blevins Road House

Dunbar Road Barn 2

Old Jamestown Highway Barn

Foggy Morning

Dry Valley Barns II

Dry Valley Barn

Wupatki National Monument, Arizona

Cumberland Gap

Cades Cove Shed 2

Jones Road Barn

Watertown Field

Watertown Field 2

East Valley Road Shack

Highway 180 Barn

Highway 180 Barn 2

Hillendale 2

East Valley Road Shack

Buttermilk Road Barn

Buttermilk Road Barn 2

Crouch Road Barn

East Valley Shack 3

East Valley Farm

Twisted Oak

Lowes Gap Road Tree

East Valley Road Barn

Highway 84 Barn

Pitts Gap Road

Wilson Cemetery Road 1

Wilson Cemetery Road 2

Derelict Silo

Crouch Road Barn

Dunbar Sunset Tree

Carter Road Barn

Dunbar Field

Blaylock Road House

Tanner Road Lake

Harrogate at Cumberland Gap

Shadow Mountain 2

Harrogate 2

Mooneyham Barn


Plateau Road Window

Dry Valley Barn 4

Clouse Road Barn

Deadman's Curve Barn

Plateau Road Window 1

Little Randolph Road Shack

Tanner Road Lake 2

Lantana Gazebo 2

Little Randolph Road Barn

Tanner Road Tree

Watertown Boarded Up

Spring Valley Barn

Watertown Store Window

Yakama Road Thistle

Taylors Chapel Road Shack

Taylors Chapel Road Shack 2

Spring Valley Shack

Fall Creek Barn 2

Cumberland Mountain Barn

Highway 101 Barn

Lesser Goldfinch Dinner Date

Lesser Goldfinch

"...a leaf, an unfound door." (Thomas Wolfe)

Good Flight

Bandelier National Monument

Old Times

Sawmill Road Barn

Lowe Road Shack

Randolph Road Barn


Highway 70N Barn

Woodlawn Road Barn

Woodlawn Meadow

Lesser Goldfinch 2

Woodlawn Road Barn 2

Woodlawn Road Barn 3

East Valley Log Shack

Henson Gap Road Barn

Lee Station Barn 1

Lee Station Barn 2

Pikeville Spring

Head-Of-Creek Wall

Highway 58 House

Madisonville Shack

Highway 58 House

Highway 68 Barn

Clint Lowe Road Barn

Open Range Homestead

Highway 68 Barn 2

Open Range Barn

Cadiz House

Dunbar Road Shack 1-24-12

Clint Lowe Road Barn 2

Clint Lowe Road Barn 3

Rhea Road Barn

Oxier Hollow Morning

Highway 101 Field

Mooneyham Shack

Ted Davis Road House

Dry Valley Farmhouse 2

Lancaster Farm

Highway 127 Church Barn

Firetower Road Barn

Highway 127 Church Barn 2

Clarkrange Wall

Clarkrange Door

Clarkrange House

Pigeon Ridge Field

Firetower Road Barn 2

Lascassas Shack

Lascassas Barn 1

Dry Valley Barn

Lascassas Barn 2


Sewanee 2

Sawmill Road Barn 2

Woodlawn Road Barn 4

Woodlawn Road Barn 5

Sawmill Road Barn BW

Padre Dam

Old Times 2

Open Range Road Barn 3

Deep Draw Road Barn

Highway 68 Barn 2

Highway 68 Barn 3

Deep Draw Road Barn 2

Grassy Cove Barn 4

Grassy Cove Farm

Kemmer Road Barn

Grassy Cove Shack 2

Grassy Cove Barn 5

VanDever Road Barn

Dunbar Road Shack

Dunlap Coke Ovens

Blankenship Cemetery Road Barn

Cane Creek

Genesis Road Shack

Genesis Road Shack 2

Lonnie Carr Road Barn

Lonnie Carr Road Barn (BW Version)

Buffalo Valley 2

Hebbertsburg Road Barn

Deep Draw Road Barn

White Oak Flat Shack Door

Kudzu In The Morning

Phifer Mountain Barn

White Oak Flat Shack

Gordon House Wall

Gordon House on Natchez Trace

Lonnie Carr Barn 2

Castle Road Barn

Highway 70 Barn

Spencer Barn

Sparta Barn

Smokey Mountains

Bastrop Bridge

Highway 285 Barn

Smoky Mountains 2

Smoky Mountains 3

Townsend House

Friendsville Barn

Smoky Mountains 4

Davis Ford Road Barn

Oconaluftee Fence

Dunbar Shack Door

Smoky Mountains 4 Panorama

Oconaluftee Shed

Smoky Mountains 5

Cades Cove Meadow

Smoky Mountains 6

Tanner Road Barn

Clint Lowe Road Barn 2

Highway 70N Tree

A View From Clingman's Dome


Keyhole Sink Pictographs

Hackberry Garage

Bowman Loop Barn

Keyes Road Barn

Truxton Truck


Flash Flood? What Flash Flood?

New Laguna Ruins

Flash Flood 2

Verde River Bridge

Worthington Springs Barn


Buck Mountain Road Barn

Old Newport Highway Barn

Garland Prairie

Rising Fawn Store

Hoctor Road Shack

Pikeville Barn

La Posada Gate

Closed For The Season

Red Lake Cabins

Hyder Loop Shack


Cades Cove Meadow

Dunbar Sunset Tree

Route 66 Signs

View From Clingman's Dome

Hackberry 1

Hackberry 2

Oriental Lillies


Deep Draw Bridge

Shadow Mountain

Desert Relic

Windsor Barn

Whittaker Road

Woodlawn Meadow

Barren Tree

Red Lake Valley Barn

Tomah Tree

Davis Ford Road Barn

Friendsville Barn

Buffalo Valley

Appalachian Autumn

French Broad Field

Harrogate At Cumberland Gap

Oxier Hollow Morning

Tanner Lake

The Road East

Walnut Creek

Winningham Field

Windsor Barn

End Of The Road

Colonial Williamsburg

East Valley Shack

Open Range Homestead

Highway 70N Barn

Vandever Road Barn

Twin Peaks Dawn

Vandever Road Barn 2

Old Times

Sunset Point

Hanging Limb Shed

Desert Relic 2

Highway 260 Tree

Rust & Wildflowers

Hanging Limb Tree

Fall Creek Lake Sunrise

Fall Creek Lake Sunrise

Red Road Barn

Harcuvar Dawn

Johnstown Tower

Boyd Road Shack

Highway 68 Field

Highway 68 Field 2

Grandview Tree

Longmont Shack

Grants Shack Window

The Wheelwright's Shop

Big Tater Valley Schoolhouse

Clinton House

Barn Door

Tanner Road Lake 2

Highway 28 Barn

Highway 28 Barn 2 3-30-14

Sewanee: University of the South

Sunset At Red Lake

Paulden Bridges

Hanging Limb Barn

Hanging Limb House

Hanging Limb House

Crossville Barn

Hanging Limb Barn

Clarkrange Barn 2

Clarkrange Barn

Crawford Barn


Circle Pines Ruins

Williamstown Field

Time Warp

The Shop That Was

Highway 127 Shed

Copperhead Lane Barn

Highway 127 Shed

Crawford Gate

Clarkrange Barn

Pine Valley Dawn

Johnstown Tower

Canyon de Chelly 2

Canyon de Chelly 3

Ruins Near And Far

Foggy Morning

Canyon de Chelly 4

Nine Mile Barn

Lowes Gap Road Barn

Old Highway 28 House

Old Highway 28 House 2

Ninemile Field

Where The Pavement Ends

Route 66 Shack

Prescott Valley Field

Through The Wall

Peeples Valley

Ghost Town

Prescott Valley Panorama

Jerome Wall

The Remains

Midgley Bridge

Mingus Mountain Dawn (Panorama)

Jerome Cliffside Shack

Clarkdale Hills

Peeples Valley Tree 1

Red Rocks

Sedona Morning 1

Sedona Morning 3

Cherry Shack

Sedona Red Rocks 1

Sedona Sunset

Sedona Sunset 2

Sedona Red Rocks 2

Red Rock Moonscape

Cathedral Rock

Brannigan Park Shack +13

Brannigan Park Barn+13

San Francisco Peaks

Verde River

Winter Solstice

Dunbar Road Barn

Cottonwood Hill House

Sedona Red Rocks

Sedona Red Rocks


Fractured Duplex

Troubled Wall

Jerome Winter Mansion

Sedona Sunset 2

Jerome Wall Redux

White Oak Flat

Perkinsville Corral

Rocks & Peaks

Perkinsville Bridge Revisit

Soldiers Pass Road

Cleator Shack

Cordes Station Barn

Jerome Ruins

White Oak Flat Barn 2

View From Sacred Mesa Trail

Spring Valley Road Shack2

Spring Valley Road Shack

Spring Valley Pine

Spring Valley Road Barn

Spring Valley Road Shack

Casner Butte


Spring Valley Road Shack

Spring Valley Road Shack 2

Chavez Crossing

Bell Rock

Red Butte

Cathedral Rock South

Chavez Crossing 2

Courthouse Rock

Orlando Motel

Harquahala Dawn 3

Grassy Cove Barn 2a

Oak Creek Canyon & Sedona

Oak Creek Canyon And Sedona 2

Wired Wall

Blood Moonrise

Blood Moonrise 2

Cornville Wall

Sedona Mago Retreat

Sunset Landscape

Sedona Outback

Courthouse Butte 2

Oak Creek Valley Barn

Jerome Mine HQ

Walnut Creek

Wired Wall


Sedona Red Rocks

Sedona House

Dreams Past

Black Mountain Sunset

Two Guns

Dry Valley House

Verde River Bend

Pumpkin Corral

Spring Valley Barn

View From Angel Valley Road

Red Lake Barn

Dead End

Oak Creek Valley Adobe

Church Rock

Tsegi Bluffs

Tsegi Bluffs 2

Observatory Ruin

Two Guns Ruin


Long Island Sound

Ephrata Covered Bridge

Red Lake Barn

Garland Prairie

Wall Creature

SF Dam Image

Truxton Tree

Cades Cove Meadow

Wukoki Pueblo

Wall Abstract

Oak Creek Canyon

Mingus Rainclouds

Humboldt Shack


Hovenweep View

Super Moonrise

Jerome Dawn 9-19-18 C5D04

Cortez Sunset 9-27-18 C5D40

La Plata Canyon 9-28-18 C5D04

La Posada Gate 2

Cortez Sunset 9-27-18 C5D37

Harquahala Dawn II 10-29-04 CD25

Cole Camp Barn