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Wild Grizzly Bears

Bird Photography


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MacDonald Lake, Glacier National Park

Princeton Ranch Landscape

Female Mallard Preening

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl in Flight

Portugese Man-of-War (Cuba)

Princess Louisa Inlet


Lone Cow on the Range

Uculet Storm (Version 2)

Pigeon (Rock Dove)

Brown Pelican Diving (version 3)This is my third version of this photo. I received some very helpful comments on the second and many people felt that it was still too grainy in the sky. I was not satisfied with the sharpness in the bird or the "presence" in its eye. This final image is the result of several layers with sharpness controlled in the bird but blurring of the sky to get rid of the graininess. I also created several differently exposed several images from the raw file and layered them to control sharpness and the backlighting in the bird's face. Thanks for looking

Black Capped Chickadee is a Messy Eater

Wild Grizzlies. The one on the right adopts a classic submission posture by avoiding eye contact. This could be an advertisement for a breath mint.

Wild Grizzly

Grizzly Cub, Northern British Columbia

Grizzly Bear Cub, Northern British Columbia

Grizzly, Northern British Columbia

Scary Duck!

Dolomite Mountains

This adult male grizzly came up from the river to cross the road at the end of the day. We were standing on the road. When we didn't move, he just lay down, put his head on his paws, watched and waited. Taken from a distance of about 20 feet.


Ministry of Internal Security, Cuba


Roman Forum

Jewish Quarter, Rome. Kids dashed out into the piazza to play soccer right after Italy won the quarter final World Cup.

Duomo in Orvietto, Italy. This lovely church dates back to the 1200's. Some of the windows are agate rather than glass.

Moose and Calf


Dark Eyed Junco Chick - A bad hair day.

Wild Grizzly - first year cub

Barn Owls

Merganzer. Taken on the same day and same location as my grizzly photos. Please view in larger and thanks for looking


Skipping Stones, MacDonald Lake, Montana

Portrait of Wild Grizzly. This adult male approached the road we were standing on - and spent several minutes peering at us through the trees on the side of the road. There was absolutely no agression displayed. He seemed curious but wary. These bears had been stuffing themselves with salmon for days - and we had been watching them and photographing them for 2 days. This is a second shot from the same series as another I uploaded earlier. I'd be interested in thoughts comparing the two.

Rufous Hummingbird in Flight (with tongue sticking out)

Inside the Arc de Triomphe, Paris

St. Chapelle Cathedral, Paris, France

St. Chapelle Cathedral

Eiffel Tower

Where's Waldo? 3 Grizzly bears in Northern B.C.

Grizzly Cub hunting for salmon in river. It views better in "larger"

Young Grizzly bear hunts for salmon in river.

Rufous Hummingbird

Female Grizzly (wild) Northern British Columbia.

"Logrolling" Young wild Grizzly balancing on log.

Great Hornet Owl