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My work in international cooperation offered me the opportunity to spend most of my professional life in rural Africa, South America, the Caribbean and Asia. Thereby I could gain rare insights into the way of life of the local population, their daily chores, their special events, their physical environment, their preoccupations and aspirations. As circumstances permitted I tried to capture my observations with the camera. My ambition as a photographer is to focus on the elementary things of life, to document the essence of culture and to capture images with a universal significance. For people who are blessed with curiosity for new horizons and cultural diversity. Thanks for your inspiration and your critical comments that will help me to improve my photography. Karl

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Agony in Balakot (Pakistan Earthquake)

Goat Caravan in Shishi Valley, Chitral, Pakistan

Polo Practice at Shandur Festival, Pakistan

Girls bring milk for the Spring Festival in Kalash (Chitral, Pakistan)

Reflections in Ghizer Valley, North Pakistan

Orchard in Bagrot Valley, North of Pakistan

Bodnath Stupa (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Stupas in Saldang (Dolpo, Nepal)

Buni Zom Range in Chitral, Pakistan (best in larger view)

Winter in Emmental, Switzerland

Four Sage Men from Pakistan

After the Polo Match in Skardu, Northern Pakistan

Alone after the Earthquake in Pakistan

Spring Evening in Muktinath, Nepal

Aliyar with Snow Leopard Cub

Ice Crystal Garden in Tilicho Lake (Annapurna, Nepal)

Orchard before landing in Gilgit, Northern Pakistan

Kalash Village in Birir Valley, Pakistan

WoodArt in Switzerland

Young Sadhu in Pashupatinath (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Chips for Sale


The Broom Makers. From the Project Shopping in Peshawar

Shepherd with Goat Caravan in Chitral, Pakistan

Nan Baker in Nomad Tent (Shandur, Pakistan)

Follow your guide...

Women East of Gurla Mandata, Tibet

Eid Mubarak, after Breaking the Fast in Peshawar, Pakistan

Les Miserables in Real Life

After Eid: In the Skins

Pashtun Profile

Yak the Boss

Polo Fans in Skardu (best seen larger)

Mount Kailash, Tibet (see larger view)

Wild Donkeys in Tibet (see in larger view)

Shisha Pangma in Tibet (best in larger view)

Sugar (Gur) Factory in Peshawar (best in larger view)

Come on, menials and servants!

Ridges, Summits and the North Face (Best seen larger)

The cold shoulder

The Shop Keeper in Topi

Kagbeni, an Oasis in Mustang

Harvest in Kagbeni, Mustang

Cedar Tree in Chitral Gol National Park

Horse Show after the Polo Match in Skardu

The first Sun Rays in Chitral Gol National Park

Polo Practice at Shandur II (best larger)

The Bear

Towards the Swiss Himalayas

The Upper Trail to Tilicho Lake

Peaking out

Three Oak Trees

Winter Pleasure

Sugar (Gur) Factory 2

Sunday Ride in Peshawar Valley

Four Generations in Swabi, Pakistan

Tea House in Swabi District, Pakistan

Man with Turban in Narhotar Village, Pakistan

Labour in a Sugar (Gur) Factory

Damodar Kund, forbidden land before 2002

Sugar (Gor) Factory Sweet Tooth

Trail along the Ridge in Mustang, Nepal

Yarsa Gumba Collectors in Dolpo, Nepal

Caravan Trail to Manang

Morning Walk in Serai, Peshawar

Cooking in Peshawar

Shepherd with Newborn Calf

Sunset Ride

Woman in Yasin Valley

Yak Reflection

Meat and Vegetable Market in Peshawar. From the Project Shopping in Peshawar

Baltit Fort: In the Kitchen

Labour in Brick Kiln

Girls Drying Abricots in the Karakorum Mountains

Indus River in Skardu

Astana of Syed Mir Muhammad in Khaplu

Timber Trucks

Zani Pass on the Way to Tirich Mir Base Camp

Backstreet Boys in Peshawar

Refugees in the Ice Age

Frozen Souls in the Glacier

On the Ridge in the Wall

Lost in the Seracs

Watch Towers

The Ridge Way

Pilgrims on the Way to Muktinath

Pilgrims on the Way to Muktinath (Panorama, optimised for larger view)

Green Eyes in Peshawar

My Home Town in Winter

Peshawar Dream and Reality

Peshawar Street Cuisine or Buddhas Temptation in Peshawar?

"Can you speak some minutes with me?"

Photo Fun on the Kabul River (optimized for larger view)

The Fowler from the Kabul River

A Lovely Pashtun

Workforce in Brick Kiln

Porter in Brick Kiln

More than Thousand Words (formatted for larger version)

Crossing the Yarkhun River

Borit Lake (enjoy large version)

Passu Glacier

Living Room in a Wakhi House in Boroghil

Yak Ride over the Darkot Moraine

Fresh Bread in a Wakhi House in Chitral

A Glance in Chikar

Refreshment in Wakhi House

Water Mill in Northern Pakistan

Cooking in Wakhi House in Chikar

Riders in Karambar Valley

Merry Christmas with Linden Tree


Homestead in Engadin (Panorama), Switzerland

Bodybuilder's Milk Shop in Peshawar

Living in the Mountains (Bagrot Valley)

Winter Forest in Engadin, Switzerland

Caring Mother in Chitral

Living Room like a Buddhist Monastery

Cooking Tea in Ranger's Hut in Chitral Gol National Park

Wildlife Watcher in Chitral Gol National Park (Sepia)

Badshahi Mosque in Lahore (BWPan)

Blue in Lahore

Stolen Vista in Lahore

Derwish in Lahore

Old in Mohenjo Daro

Ferryman over Indus River in Mohenjo Daro

Spook Wood in Chitral Gol National Park (BW)

Night at Badshahi Mosque, Lahore (desaturated)

Prayer in Masjid-E-Tooba Mosque in Karachi (colour version)

Darkot Pass from Karumbar Side

Karumbar Lake, Hasselblad XPan versus Canon 5D (see larger format)

Badshahi Mosque in Labore, Evening from Cocoo's Den (see larger view)

Farmhouses in Emmental, Switzerland (please see larger)

Obstacle in the North Face

Resurrection of the Lost Mountaineers in Vallée Blanche

Crossing the Darkot Glacier (please see larger)

Farina Seller in Lahore

Buses in Peshawar

Pilgrims around Mt. Kailash (please see larger)

Window in Ardez, Switzerland

Thunderstorm at Home

Uina Gorge

On the Indus River in Kalabagh (Best in Larger View)

Sweet Tooth in Sugar Factory

Heavy Metal Sculpture from Luginbuehl (detail, best in larger view)

Crossing the Shishi Bridge before the Rain

Piz Palue looking back to the Avalanche

Greina Cercle

Through the Greina Highland

Old Swiss Farmer

Abseiling in the Dolomites

Yak Polo in Boroghil Valley, Pakistan

Gandan Monastery

Young Monks

Statues of Ayush, the Buddha of Longevity

To the Holy Spring (Colours)

In the Underground of Lahore Fort

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Emmental Hills

A Smile in the Freezing Cold

Countryside Drive in Winter

Explosive Morning over Ulaanbaatar

Winter Camp Landscape in Mongolia



Hooded Eagle and Hunter

Arrival of Strangers in Boroghil

Creeping Urbanization in Mongolia

Chinggis Khan Monument

Scare Crow (evolving photo)

Ger District

Mongolian Mother in her Ger

Mongolian Children in Ger

Blue Shadow in Dashchoylin Monastery

With Yaks over the Hindukush Mountains

Thrown into the World

Children with Lamb

Joyful Girls in Mongolia

Red Deers all Ears

Red Deers Profiles

Horses Gathering

Mongolian Mother with Children

Winter "Pasture Land" Panorama

Euro 08 Fanzone Berne

Mountain Meadow

Rosenlaui Gorge

Ready for the Calumet in Mongolia

Buyant River in Western Mongolia

Naadam Riders

Yellow Poppy

Encounter in Mongolia

Morning at Telmen Lake Mongolia

Crater Lake in Mongolia

Minimal Art by Nature

Catching untamed horses

Wall Art by Herders

Thunderstorm over the Mountains

Monks in Dashchoylin Monastery in Ulaanbaatar

Doing Homework in Mongolian Ger

Fall in Mongolia

Old Herder in Altai Mountains

Mongolian Landscape After Sunset (large file)

Soviet Art in Mongolia

Elena in Mongolia

Erdeni Zuu Monastery Museum, Mongolia

Kazakhs in Altai Mountains

Praying Monk

Winter in Emmental, Switzerland

Weeping Birch

Wall Decoration in Shaman Ger, Mongolia

Mongolian Mother Grinding Grains the Old Way

Mongolian Grandmother Carrying Cow Dung for Fuel

Flying Eagle Hunter

Dung for Fuel

Family Portrait in Wakhi House, Boroghil, Pakistan

Worried Kazakh Herder in West Mongolia

Castle in Burgdorf by Night

Yes We Can

Go West

Forest Aquarell, Painting with the Camera

90 Years of Fading Memories

Simon, a Swiss Cheese Maker

Hustai National Park Summit Ovoo

Stone Cercle in the Desert, Mongolia

Young Mongolian Family in Ger

Water is Life

Sadhus in Boudhnath, Kathmandu

Khadak Tree in Khovd, Mongolia

Evening Light, Khovd, Western Mongolia

Shop Keeper in Peshawar

Source of Bagmati River, Kathmandu

Tamang Mother in Nepal with "Offspring"

Annapurna 8091m

Mother with Child in Nepal

Camels on the Move

Rock Band (a group portrait)

Colourful Forest Wave in Emmental, Switzerland

My best wishes for Copenhagen from Ulaanbaatar

Guru Rinpoche

In the Vegetable Market in Old Peshawar

Craftsmen for Rent in the Labour Market in Peshawar

Wolf Totem

Sundog with Multiple Cercles

Tsagaan Sar (White Moon) Mountain Festival

Ice Flowers Trilogy: Garden of Eden

Ice Flowers Trilogy: The Gate to the Paradise

Winter Hores Race in Mongolia

Horse Race in Mongolia Panorama (made for larger view)

Yak Herd in Boroghil Valley, Pakistan

Mongolian Brothers

Dusk Colours over the Gobi Desert

Camp Site in Gobi Desert

Dust Storm over Ulaanbaatar

Sunrise and Rain in Hustai National Park, Mongolia

Horse Pasture Hills in Mongolia

Welcome to the Ger

Crossing the River

Duut Soum Panorama, Mongolia

Matterhorn in Moonlight

Matterhorn. Waiting for the Sunrise

Matterhorn Sunrise

Raptor in Flight

Offering Milk Tee in Mongolian Ger

Wolfhunter's Pride

Kazakh Women's Pride in Mongolia

Mongolian Nomads on the Move

Three Riders in the Hindukush

Tsagaan Sar in Ulaanbaatar

Nomads Life BW

Tsagaan Sar, Mongolian Lunar New Year

Mongolian Toddler

Pubescnt Stranger in Switzerland

Catching Horse in Mongolia

Strong Woman

Woman Leader in Nepal

Where my Roots are

Fall in Emmental, Switzerland

Scarecrow Dancing in the Wind (reloaded)

Kazakh Rider in Mongolia

Chinggis Khaan Khuree Ger Camp

Bewildered by the Arrival of Aliens in Boroghil Valley, Pakistan

Alien Insects

Milking Yak in Mongolia

Monks Prayer in Dashchoylin Monastery in Ulaanbaatar (Square)

Visiting a Kazakh Ger in Western Mongolia

Religious Ceremony in Dashchoylin Monastery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Food is ready!

Production of Manioc Flour in Benin

Areuse Gorge in Switzerland

Taminaschlucht in Switzerland, muted colors

Fall in Switzerland

The Silence of the Lambs in the Rain

Fall in Kassel, Germany

Autumn in Kassel

Art Afoot in Liberia


Blacksmith in Liberia

Yak Herd in Boroghil Valley, Pakistan (see LARGER)

Draw Well on the Caravan Road in Niger

Aurora Borealias Corona

A Hidden Beauty in Switzerland

Winter Morning in Oberland

Winter Wonderland

Aurora Hunter

Hospitality in Pakistan

Sunray in Emmental

Dawn in Emmental, Switzerland

Milky Way in Fex Valley, Switzerland

JavaScript in the sky

Dawn in Emmental, Switzerland

Cheese Maker in Emmental, Switzerland

Speeding Eagle Hunter in Mongolia

Morning Mystery over the Rigi

Farm with Lindentree in Emmental

Sunrays in Emmental (new version)

The Bernese Alps from Emmental

Autumn Wave in Emmental, Switzerland (new)

Spinning in Ballenberg, Switzerland

Old Swiss Kitchen in Ballenberg

Lightning over the Mythen, Switzerland


Morning Layers in Emmental

Cock in Madagascar

New Year's Eve in Napf Region, Switzerland

Sunset from Brienzer Rothorn

Storm over the Alps

Just to think about wandering on the edge

Potatos Seller in Old Peshawar

Not Amused by our Presence

Nomad Camp in Mongolian Desert

Girl with Donkeys in Chad

Workforce in Brick Factory

Monastery Doorsteps in Mongolia

Hospitality in Sangda, Mustang

Thunderstorm over the Rigi; The shaky Giacometti hasts headless down the slope

Farmer in Nepal

Girl in Liberia

Boy on the Banks of Kabul River

Herder Woman in Mongolia

Street Vendor in Burkina Faso

Lady in Chad

Happy Man in Yarkhun Valley, Pakistan

In the North Face

Full Moon Hike towards Stockhorn, Switzerland

A Glance in Chikar, Pakistan

Youth in Jungle of Madagascar

Old Woman in Yasin Valley, Northern Pakistan

Fliegenragwurz, fly orchid (Ophrys insectifera)

Fuel Station in Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan

Girl in Mongolia

Chain of Lights on the Matterhorn

Matterhorn before Sunrise

Farmer in Chad

Medicine Man in Madagascar

Shepherd in Tibet

Herder in Mongolia

Gaël in Switzerland, Longing for Nomad's Land

Wise Man in Narhotar Village, Pakistan

Woman in Isalo Gorge, Madagascar

Winter Fairytale Forest

Crocuses in front of the Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Agriculture in Emmental, Switzerland

Janga in Nepal

Bearded Vulture

Fullmoon fog wave in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland

Water Stupa in Muktinat, Nepal

Ibex in the Swiss Mountains

Draw Well in Chad

Mother-Child Bond

Eating together in Saldang after work

Outside the Door

Prayer in Dolpo, Nepal

Fog Wave in the Jura Mountains in Switzerland


Hospitality in Dolpo, Nepal

Old Man in Pugmo, Dolpo, Nepal

Rise of the Blood Moon over the Grosser Mythen in Switzerland

Night prayer at St Mary's Church, Lalibela, Ethiopia

Evening light over Ethiopian Highlands

Fog wave in the Swiss Jura mountains

Cold Morning in Emmental, Switzerland

Monk with Crucifix in Lalibela, Ethiopia

Chamois in the Swiss Alps

Trees in the morning light

Berner Alpen wie aus einem Hodler Gemälde

Storm over Annapurna II (7937 m) in Nepal

Snow leopard in Annapurna area, Nepal

Snow Leopard in front of Annapurna II (Composite)

Himalayan Wolf in Annapurna Area, Nepal

Girl in Saldang, Nepal

Young Farmer in Dolpo, Nepal

Bon Funeral Ceremony in Dolpo, Nepal

Malsapro (yellow throated marten) in Nepal

Snow Leopard in front of Annapurna II (composite, detail)

Moonrise over the Swiss Alps

Moonrise over the Swiss Alps

Lonely hike over the hills in Switzerland

Under Observation

Snow Leopard Stretching

Tender Snow Leopards

Closeness, Snow Leopard Cubs

Pygmy Owl

Ice Cave in the Swiss Alps

Morning in Emmental, Switzerland

Dead Vlei Desert in Namibia

Leopard in Namibia

Dramatic Alps in Switzerland

Late Summer with Linden Trees

Eagle Owl with Owlet