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As an experienced photographer, I use it to express and manifest my artistic vision. I enjoy landscapes, street photography and social reportage. Most people think of landscapes as traditional scenic images, but I believe there are lots of artistic visions to be had in urban/City settings. I exhibit my work in both solo and collaborative shows. Apart from specific projects I like to photograph anything that inspires me at the time, and endevour to be creative in the process. There is in my opinion an overuse of contextual concern in visual Art, (while I accept its often important to the subject) any piece of art should grab the viewers attention on many levels, and should be able to stand alone on its own merits, without having to read endless and often pretentious contextual blurb in order to get it. "Art is not about something, art is something" - Sarah Bernhardt, and to quote one of my favourite writers "An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way" - Charles Bukowski. I have not been influenced by any one photographer, but there are a number whose work I admire. H.Cartier Bresson, I like the surrealism influence in Bressons work, Robert Capa, Eve Arnold, Lewis Hine, Weegee, Ansel Adams, Sebastio Salgado, Andreas Gursky, and Don McCullin to name a few. If you use fb check out my page @ www.facebook.com/Timsimages

Country: GB


Various images


Fairground #8
Scottish Landscape
Bransholme Carnival 2009
Beach scene
Chess in the Rain.
A run down, small business/industrial area.
The Mean Streets of San Francisco.
Zulu Nation.
Ilkley Moor, West Yorkshire
A Classic Jaguar Car
Lake Reflections
Ilkley Moor, West Yorkshire
The Humber Estuary
The Deep
Flotsam & Jetsom
Lone Tree
Squaring up
St.Pauls Boxing Club #2
St.Pauls Boxing Club #4
Spurn Light House
Field & Sky
River Ouse, York.
Old Mill.
Wilmington Bridge.
Environmental Portrait
Bingley five rise
Hull City Centre.
Hull City Centre. #2.
Hull Pier
Winter Scene
Sculpture in Queens Gardens, Hull.
After the floods.
The Tattoo man
Winters day on Beverley westwood #4.
Winters day on Beverley westwood #3
Winters day on Beverley westwood #2
Winters day on Beverley westwood.
Winters day on Beverley Westwood #5
Noddle Hill Nature Reserve.
Peter & Melanie's Wedding.
Urban Landscape
Dance students
Dance student
Fire in the Sky
Dock photoshoot
Dock photoshoot #2.
Dock Photoshoot #3.
River Hull
Sunset over the Humber