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Besides my main work as husband, father, and cat lover, I designed and supported publishing tools for IBM's Information Development community. Although my background was high tech, I love simple things. That is why I feel that an early camera, made of leather and wood, but fitted with a precisely-polished lens, is such a great complement to my own life experience.

Country: US


Zeiss Maximar B 207/7

Digital Scenics

Black and White film scans

Color film scans

Mycro camera


First photo with Maximar B 207 field camera: Hosta study #1

Retrieve! Old Settler's Pond, Round Rock, Texas

Fantasy Island

Anole on display

Future stew; incidental kitchen still life

Anole in disguise

Violet Crown reflections

Violet Crown--How Austin got its nickname

Round Rock sunset

Lonesome tree, I-10 Hill Country

Morning boater, Inks Lake

Autumn reflections, Inks Lake

Autumn tranquility, Inks Lake

Autumn sunset, Inks Lake

Kodak Bantam catches quiet moment

Relief is where you find it

El Macho Church, Pecos Canyon, Zeiss 616 folder

Miner's cabin, Chloride NM, Kodak 616 folder

San Lorenzo steeple

Kathy and grapefruit

Concentration, Canon IV, 50mm F/1.5

Motherly love, Canon FT 50mm F/1.8

Mystery bridge, Truth or Consequences

Hesitation, Truth or Consequences, NM

Elation, Canon IV, 50mm F/1.9

Anticipation, Canon IV, 50mm F/1.8

Altitudes, Austin. Canon IV, 50mm F/1.8

Fleeing the front, Canon IV 50mm F/1.9

Crane in storm, Canon IV 50mm F/1.9

Grandkids, Kodak Duaflex

Colorado ghost town

Superhero, Kodak Bantam F/8

Night Blooming Cereus, Ricohflex

Sisters, Kingston NY, Canon SLR

Tranquil Goi, Canon SLR

Inks Lake reed, pinhole

Desolate ranch, Canon IV 50mm

Desolate range, Canon IV 135mm

Inks Lake overhand, pinhole

Mycro camera, next to 4x4 TLR "miniature"

Traction engines, Georgetown, TX

White bark


Nodding heads

Guadalupe River, Gruene, TX

Cedar knees, Gruene, TX

Garden tchotchkes, 1

Garden tchotchkes, 2

Springtime, Kingston, NY