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I took art for 4 years in high school just so I could take photography my senior year. Ever since, it seems my camera is never far from my side. I bought my first and pretty much only film camera in 1980, a Canon F1N, the best of the all manual workhorses (IMHO). I finally had to retire it a few years ago -- ironically because of one of is few electronic parts. I tried switching to Nikon but never could warm-up to the Nikon metering system. By this time, I had been playing with an Olympus digital and found I liked digital more than I thought I would. I then decided to go all digital and back to Canon. I now have a Canon 20D and am being sorely tempted by the EOS5D. A lot of my shots with the 20D are of church events (I do the photography for a group in my Church) so they really aren't the kind of thing other folks would be interested in. Sadly I've been too busy working on my day job to take photos or post much of anything, but I hope to have time to scan and post some of photos I took with the F1 incluidng the 90 pounds of photos from 3 years that I lived in Toulouse, France. In the meantime, I'll settle for living vicariously through others -- especially my sister, Mary Fran Loggans. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments. There is always room for improvement or the joy of discovering a new way of looking at things!


Single Photo

Eastern Maryland

Olympus 2100

Sister's Photos (More at

A Christmas Story

Florida 2006


Circles and Squares2


London fashion

Department Store, London

Ol' Diner


The Albert

Three for

Victoria Station

Silver Spring Festival


Coco Beach



Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception


Spring Walk

Spring Walk2

The Town Rocket

Virgin Mary, St. Mary Church

Stuffing an Artichoke


Red Barn, Eastern Shore




Bluejay 8

Cardinal in Snow





Brain Energy

Japanese Creche


Roofline..JP2 Cultural Center


Not Stuffed

Red Fox

Brookside Gardens, Daffodils beside the lake...

I am Jumping. Experimenting with blurred motion shots. Appreciate commments..thanks

Wanna See a Bug? Insect Zoo, Natural History Museum

To Play or Not to Play, Discovery Room, Natural History Museum

Setting the Trap

Christmas Morning

What's in the Big Box

Santa was Here

What's Way Down There?

Wow! Teddy Ruxpin!

Narnian Knight and His Trusty Light saber

Next Stop: International Space Station


We Have Liftoff

Frosty and Me


Santa and Me

Christmas Elf

With my Reindeer Friend

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus Version 2