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Being a photographer is mostly an irresponsible pre-occupation. Responsible people do not waste time waiting for the sun to peak through the clouds. There are more important things to tend to. And while you are waiting for the sunset, the responsible thing to do is make dinner and feed yourself. Unlike the photo buff with an alarm clock, responsible people wake before the sunrise to get to work on time. A photographer might skip a couple of semesters to travel across America and take pictures. An avid photographer will skip college altogether and spend 6 months bagging the National Parks system for timeless images. Coherent individuals will purge their desire to continue along this path while the creative soul will never tire of even the same location just to capture the right light. In my life I have attempted both lifestyles. Being responsible enough to take care of the important things satisfied many others but left me feeling empty. Bushwhacking across mountainsides took care of nothing accept my selfish desire, making me feel whole, as if everything was going to be just fine as long as I came home with the winning image. It is just insane to spend large sums of money on camera equipment when a simple point and shoot will do just as well at family functions. There is simply no stability in risking limb and life in the wilderness and any sane person will tell you it is obviously more comfortable sleeping in a bed than on the cold hard ground. What do I know? Life lessons are as individual as the humans who realize them are. My life lesson has nothing to do with any applicable wisdom. Only a lunatic would share the same important lesson I have come to know. It simply relates to my photographic passion. No matter what I know or what I possess, none of my precious images could ever materialize if not for being there. Being there despite the constant tugging of responsibility, being there in spite of others wishes, being there even when being there was not the most sensible thing. The most important asset I can now claim as a photographer is that I was simply there. While this seems obvious to most, I believe it to be significant considering all I have forsaken just to make sure I did not miss the fall colors in the Smokies. Other than self-satisfaction, I don't really know what all my precious snapshots are good for. I am quite certain, however, that they are deeply rewarding to my soul. And after all, someday that is all that will be left of me.


North Carolina Landscapes
Black and White
California Landscapes
St. Louis
Wineries and Vineyards
Las vegas
Paso Robles
Central Valley
1/23/10 First Photo Shoot in 2010
Hawaii Feb 2010
Spring 2010
Eastern Sierra 7/26/10
Bodega Bay
Most Recent
Eastern Sierra 10/16/10
A Day on Figueroa Mountain
Yosemite, Spring of 2011
Anza Borrega
Fall Foliage 2011
January 2012
New Work


Aspen Skyline
Pearson's Falls, Tryon Garden Club
Lake McDonald, Glacier Park
Trappers Lake, Flat-Tops Wilderness, CO
Alpenglow, Green River Lakes,WY
Two Yellow Trees, Great Smoky Mountains
Beaver Pond, Kebler Pass, CO
Dupont State Forest, NC
River Design, NC
Wilson Creek Valley Sunrise, NC
Peach Sunset, Blue Ridge Parkway
Backlit Aspens, Grand Mesa, CO
Linn Cove Viaduct, Blue Ridge Parkway
Wilson Peaks, CO
Moment of Morning Joyce Kilmer Forest, NC
Rhodos in Spring Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
Reflecting on Kintla Lake Glacier Park , MT
Rocky Shore of McDonald Lake Glacier Park, MT
Wilson Creek Valley Sunrise #2, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
Wetland and Downed Cottonwood Grand Teton Park, WY
"Autumn Kissed by the Backlight" Blue Ridge Parkway,NC
"Spring Field" Rabbit Ears Pass, CO
"Rhododendrons Prayer" Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
"Harvest Rainbow" Cherohala Skyway, NC
"Snake River Backlight" Tetons, WY
"Aspen Waltz" Sawatch Mountains, CO
"Harvest Cascade" Smoky Mountains, TN
"Aspen Road" Sawatch Range, CO
"Gravitys Handiwork" Pearsons Falls, Tryon Garden Club, NC
"Autumn Flow" Smoky Mountains, NC
"Blue Ridges" Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
"Valley Smoke" Sequoia Park, CA
"Rhododendrons Worship" Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
"Dunes Awakening" Great Sand Dunes, CO
"Stark" Green River Lakes, WY
"Green on Blue" Occoneechee Mtn, NC
"Chiseled by the Eons" St Marys Lake, MT
"Sumacs Change" Cold Mountain, NC
"Quaking Aspen" Grand Mesa, CO
"Water-Land-Sky #2"
"Dunes Illusion" Great Sand Dunes, CO
"Overflow" High Falls, Dupont State Forest, NC
"Fishing for Cutthroat" Glacier Park,MT
"Prisms of Spring" Rabbit Ears Pass, CO
"Face Off" Cody River, Wyoming
"Forest for the Trees" San Juan Mtns, CO
"Higher View" Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, NC
"Sunrise, Wilson Creek Valley" Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
"Forest Floor Below" Smoky Mountains, NC
"Angel Hair" Pearson's Falls, Tryon Garden Club, NC
"Aspens Respite" Maroon Bells Road, CO
"Trophy Shot" Cody River, WY
"Elements Aligned" South Fork Pigeon River Valley, NC
"Smoky Mountains" Graveyard Fields, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
"Canyon Dream" #2
"Smoky Mountains #2" Graveyard Fields, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
"Beauty in Chaos" Nantahala River, NC
"Cullasaja Falls" Highlands, NC
"Churning #2" Crystal River, CO
"Edge of Solitude" Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area, NC
"Little River Cascade" Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
"Ethereal Flow" Sawatch Mountains, CO
"Feeling Edgey" Red Canyon, Green River, UTAH
"Churning Reprise" Crystal River, CO
"Ethereal Flow #2" Sawatch Mountains, CO
"Morning Stroll" Great Sand Dunes, CO
"Autumn Cascade" Smoky Mountains, NC
"Nantahala Cascades" Nantahala River, NC
"Sweeping Across Yosemite" Glacier Point, Yosemite Nat'l Park, CA
"Aspen Skyline #2"
"Raindrops and Bluebells" White River National Forest, CO
"High Chapperel"
"Sunset from Jump Off Rock" Hendersonville, NC
"Last Remains of Autumn"
"Wasting Away"
"seashore Study #2"
"Seashore Study #3"
"Wilma Remains"
"Azalea Clearing"
"Harvest Kaleidescope"
"Rhododendrons Prayer"
"Urban Bypass"
"Crop Rotation" Digital Reprise
"Surrounded by Change"
"Out of the Mist"
"Of Earth and Sky"
"Sweetness of the Vine"
"Quaking Canopy"
"Moment of Morning" Reprise
"Imminence of Winter"
"Grasses of Summer"
"Window Into Our Origin"
"Grasses of Summer" color version
"Harvest Storm"
"Whitewater Dream"
"Sailors Warning"
"Looking Glass Falls"
"Wolf Mountain Sunset"
"Angel Hair"
"Ominous Horizons"
"Fall Performance"
"Autumn Fades to Gray"
"Rivers Bend"
"Rendezvous by the Sea"
"Roxborough Remembered"
"Standing Land"
"Standing Land" color version
"Bones of the Earth"
"Cold Steel"
"Farewell Flamingo"
"Found On Roadside Dead (FORD)" B&W version
"The Launch"
"Simply Blue Pastel"
"Green River Alpenglow"
"Grass and Aspen"
"Grand Dunes"
"The Red Wall"
"Empty and Forgotten"
"After Winter" The Second Season
"Grass and Aspen" #2
"Longing to Soar"
"Reeling in the Canadian Rockies"
"Contemplating Canyonlands"
"High Altitude Garden"
"On Golden Quartz Lake"
"Bountiful Land" Logan Pass, Glacier National Park
"The Dead and the Dying"
"Lovers Leap" overlooking Banff, Alberta Canada
"Pine in Shade"
"Cracks in the Road" b&w version
"Prairie Farm Dawn"
"Spring Vines"
"Spring Vines" #2
"Spring Vines" #3
"Capture Mode"
"Coast of Dreams"
"Casting a Spell"
"Eroded Sentinels of the Eons"
"Hide and Seek Woods"
"Nature's Chaotic Nature"
"Days End, Central Valley"
"When Dreams Begin"
"Discovery at Nightfall"
"Austere View"
"Inauguration of the Day"
"Pastoral Pasture"
"Rural Dilapidation"
"Window Into Spring"
"My Paradise"
"Going Home"
"Missouri Botanical Gardens" #1
"Missouri Botanical Gardens" #2
"Missouri Botanical Gardens" #3
"Gateway to the West"
"Gateway to the West" B & W version
"Otro Mundo"
"What Goes Around..."
"Spring Crop"
"What Goes Around..." B&W version
"Good Till the Last Drop"
"Rich Land, Above and Below"
"Cricket Heaven"
"Autumn Opening"
"Autumn's Flow"
"Higher View"
"Invader of the Core"
"Depth of Field"
"Brush Strokes of Light"
"In the Thicket of It"
"American Highlands"
"Ribs of the Earth"
"Central Valley Pano"
"Light Beneath the Squall"
"Distant Quenching"
"Of all places to drop my cell phone"
"Sun Worship"
"Infinite Grain"
"Derrick in HDR"
"From the Sun and the Oil Field"
"Field of Biofuel Dreams"
"Chives Alive"
"Beyond the Cornfield"
"Early on the Vine"
"Paso Robles Airlines"
"Docked at Isabella"
"Depth of Field" B&W version
"Onion Field"
"Fast Growing"
"Collectors of the Grain"
"Higher Power"
"Fine Refinery"
"Anticipating the Squall"
"Dinner With Tenaya"
"River Bend"
"Lilies of the Stream"
"South Lake Preview"
"Grandview of the Sabrina Basin"
"White Mountains Pastels"
"Yellow and Blue"
"Streamside Bouquet"
"Angry Sierra" b&w version
"Olmstead's Half Dome"
"Fishing With Flies"
"Derrick and Sky"
"Irrigation Jungle"
"Working Swing Shift"
"Pipe and Sky"
"High Cathedral"
"Grover Beach Drive-In"
"Shoreline Texture"
"This Spring Has Passed"
"Crescent Moon and the Valley Ship"
"Jaknikker" #2
"In the Company of Nature and Industry"
"Desolate Isolation"
"On the Move"
"Wasteland of Buried Treasure"
"Central Valley Cycles"
"Life Continues"
"Causeway to the Clouds"
"Conclusion Over the Savannah"
"Boundaries of Color"
"Pastel Skyline"
Bridge into the Light"
"Dawn Launch"
"Laced with Rimlight"
"Standing Guard"
"Three in a Row"
"Cotton Balls and Whirligigs"
"March of the Wind Machines"
"Breakfast in Tehachapi"
""Defiant One"
"Against the Odds"
"Dark Knight"
"Painted With Oil"
"Defiant One" b&w version
""Vineyard Oaks"
"Hanging With Grapes"
"Luz de Paso Robles"
"Nodding Donkey Profile: Oil on Canvas"
"Ravenous Voraciousness"
"Rhododendrons Worship"
"Austere Pinnacle"
"Desert Dawn"
"Fountains of the Bellagio"
"Daybreak at Redrock"
"Faux Caesars Palace"
"Grounded in the Dust"
"Brothers of Petro"
"Waiting for Paint"
"Jack Junior"
"The Descending Claw of Progress"
"Dawn's Subterranean Treasures"
"Central Valley Noir"
"Colorado Shag"
"Trees in Velvia"
"San Joaquin Architecture"
"4-Door Apparition" vertical orientation
""Dustbowl, California"
""Bass String"
"Crude Awakening"
"San Joaquin Mantis"
"Autumn's Playground"
"North Fork, Feather River"
"Tempestuous Dawn"
"Middle Fork, Feather River"
"Twilight Embrace"
"Vigilant Shore"
"Nurturing Breeze"
"Seaside Tones"
"Harvest Dawn"
"Ripe for the Picking"
"Mangrove by the Bay"
"Calm Bay Waters"
"Stranded in a Dream"
"Winter of Content"
"Land Divided" redux
"Inlet of Luminosity"
"Sailor's Warning" redoux
"Autumn Lingers"
"A Mid December Morn"
"Obscured by Simple Chaos"
"Kern River Duet"
"Inevitable Changing"
"Cottonwood Cradle"
"Counting Sheep" #2
"Hanging With Grapes" revised
"Pintura de Playa"
"Three Brothers"
"A Billion Fiddlenecks Applaud a Single Tree"
"In My Field of View is a View of the Field"
"Veil of the Pacific"
"Vine of a Different Color"
""Distant Hills of Paso Robles"
"Amanecer de la Cosecha"
"Cloaked in Pacific Mist"
"Reflections of the Feather"
"Cycles of the Seasons"
"Sage and Willow, Mint and Gold"
"Morning Meadow Plein Air"
"Intersection of Vine and Oak"
"Vines of Autumn"
"Gold From Silver"
"Receding Lines of Light"
"Daddy Long Legs Putting His Feet Up"
"Soldering Sun"
"Vessels of Steam"
"Midway-Sunset Temple"
"Glow of the Feather"
"Floating on a Feather"
"Side by Side, One Occupied"
"Tuolumne Descending"
"Highland Dance"
"My Sanctuary"
"Vines of Hope in the Vineyard of Despair"
"Pasture of Solitude"
"Red Tail, Live Oak"
"Moon Rocks"
"Layers of Light and Land"
"Infinity Valley"
"Fiber Optics from the Field"
"The Mustard Factory"
"Spring Peace"
"Out With the Cold, In With the Blue"
"Arroyo de Primavera" view Larger
"Trail Northward"
"Summer Sun Across a Spring Landscape"
"Another Day, Not Just Any Other Day"
"Let the Picnic Begin"
"Yosemite Falls"
"Portal into Nature's Embrace"
"Golden Gate Encounter"
"In Support of the Sun King"
"Gazing Upon the Golden Coast"
"Meadow of Serenity"
"Only the Sound of the Breeze"
"Irreversible Grip of Summer"
"Coastal Greens and Blues"
"Layers of Spring"
"Complimentary Waves of the Season"
"Longer Days Coming"
"Bountiful Offerings for the Early Riser"
"Blue Oak Dawn"
"The Way"
"Morning on Canvas"
"Spring Exodus"
"Red Barn and the Watercolor Promise"
"Rankin Ranch Rising"
"Morning Moods"
"Quiet Emergence of the Day"
"Lazy Day Pasture"
"Blue Oak Under Pastel Skies"
"Tones of the Tehachapi"
"Lightner Ranch Duo"
"Feeding Time at the Ranch"
"The Closest Star"
"Horses for Mike"
"Cock-A-Doodle Doo"
"Head for the Storm Cellar"
"Pearson's Falls"
"Seaside Resident""
"Longing for Peace"
"Surrender to April"
"The Closest Star #2"
"Hitchhikers Garden"
"Lay of the Land"
"Babies Bottle Brushes"
"Prado de la Primavera"
"Breakfast With Fannette"
"Xiaoping's Gift"
"Awakening to a Dream"
"Encountering Tranquility"
"Tahoe in A Flat Minor"
"Brush of Yellow"
""Splashed with Spring"
"Caliente Sunset" revisited
"No Breath of Breeze"
"High Desert Medley"
"Sierra Nevada, The Range of Light"
"Convict Lake"
"Fury of the Sierra"
"Pastel Parade"
"The Painted Desert"
"Sublime Interlude"
"Discarded by the Elements"
"Rocky Shore"
"Pastel in Nature"
"Goodnight Green Valley, Farewell Green Spring"
"Outback California"
"Spring Peace" revisited
"Morning Blend"
"Some Other Place, Somewhere, Some Other Time"
"Parched Days Passing"
"Endless Spring Meadow"
"Agitated Atmosphere"
"The Dark Horse"
"Cuyama Valley Bouquet"
"Western Skies"
"The Naked Land"
"The Extractor"
"Up Paradise's Creek"
"Sliced Arch"
"Solar Energy"
"Sweetness of the Vine #485"
"Rising Through"
"The Forgotten Valley Road"
"Oaks of Winter"
"Violent Winter, Peaceful Spring"
"Winter's Chaos"
"Cloak of Winter"
"Tejon Ranch Rising"
"White Snow, Black Oak"
"Desert Home"
"Late Day, Early Vines"
"Desert Dream"
"Wind at Work"
"Winter's Palette"
"Flowers Among Deadfall"
"Sunset Beach"
"I am a Rock, I am an Island"
"Picnic Over Waikiki"
"Goodnight Waikiki"
"Dawn of Creation"
"Pali Paradise"
"Where Land Meets Sea"
"Oahu Awakening"
"Softly I Spring"
"Eternal Ebb and Flow"
"Fiddleneck Playground"
"Gold on Them Thar Hills"
"Spring Riot"
"Season of Color"
"Focusing on Spring"
"Guardian of the Foothills"
"Popcorn, Cheese Doodles and Bubble Gum"
"Pause for Absolution"
"My Old Faithful"
"Goldfield Bonanza"
"Everything's Better with Blue Bonnets on It"
"Painted Hills"
"FORD (Found On Roadside Dead)"
"Rock Garden"
"Under the Glow of Spring"
"Foothills Garden"
"Out in the Country"
"The Old Homestead"
"Owl's Clover"
"April's Fireworks"
"January in April"
"Frigid Spring Day"
"April's Palette"
"Ladybug Landscape"
"Dawn of Phacelia"
"Transition of Season"
"Springscape: A Landscape of Spring"
"Emerging from the Shadow of Time""
"Into the Daylight"
"Breathless Before the Dawn"
"Buenas Noches Carrizo"
"May's Meadow"
"Flames of Dawn"
"Dawn Becomes Day"
"Quiet Time, My Sanctuary"
"Another Turn"
"Golden Opportunity"
"Fannette Greets the Day"
"Cattails of Autumn"
Little Lakes Valley
"Mono Basin Storm"
"Stream of Consciousness"
"Summer's Turmoil"
"Morning Combustion"
"Sierra Postcard"
"The Outsider"
"Dock of the Bay"
"The Living, the Dead and the Lifeless"
"Succulent Coast"
"Harbor Reflections"
"Seaside Garden"
"Fly Fishing with Dad"
"An Attraction to the Sun"
"Softly Flowing"
"When Angels Take Flight"
"Inroads, Old and New"
"Alone on a Hill"
"White Mountain Dusk"
"The Edge of the Fog"
"Dusk on Diamond Head"
"Wave of Emotion"
"Red, Green, White and Blue"
"Trout Paradise"
"Winter's Grotto"
"Autumn Mist"
"Winter Won't Wait"
"Aspens in Pastels"
"As the Aspens Turn: A Soap Opera"
"North Lake in Flames"
"October's Palette"
"Fall in McGee Creek"
"Autumn Harmony in a Mountain Meadow"
"High Desert Habitat"
"Golden Hour"
"October Rain"
"South Fork, Bishop Creek"
"Chamisa Dawn"
"Dawn of New Life"
"Prelude in A Minor"
"Valley of Sienna, Umber and Ochre"
"Quietly Roaring"
"Rankin Ranch Rising"
"Gold, Frankincense and Mirth"
"Autumn After the Burn"
"The Closest Star, Reprise in B&W"
"Uplifting Sky"
"In a Fog"
"Side by Side, One Occupied"
"No Fish, No Problem!"
"Pastel Moods"
"Heading West"
"Miles From Nowhere"
"Rural Plein Air"
"Central Valley Decay"
"Winter, Spring, Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall"
"A Winter's Sketch"
"February's Bedspread"
"Rancheria Road"
"Oak Flat Pano"
"Spring, Fashionably Late"
"Spring Blues"
A Cluster of Spring
Spring Above the Elkhorn Plain
"Yellow Field Under a Steel Blue Sky"
"Foxtail Galaxy"
"Tidy Tip Invasion"
"A Harsh Reality"
"April Pageantry"
"March of Phacelia"
"Soda Lake Shore"
"Dead Tree Dancing"
"Day After Earth Day"
"Field of Fantasy"
"Swift Current of Spring"
"Open Gates to the Granite Kingdom"
"The Mighty Merced"
"Balance of Nature"
"Bierstadt's Light"
"The Dogwood, the Willow and the River"
"Half Dome in the Spotlight"
"Lazy Spring Days"
"Spring Overflowing"
"Art That Won't Start"
"Stamina, Petals and Brushstrokes"
"Another Spring Gone"
"Yucca Dawn"
"Morro Bay Blues"
"Lupine and Corn Lilies"
"Fern Forest"
"A Less Than Typical Morning"
"Moss Green Moss"
"Arid and Austere Anza"
"Desert in Bloom"
"At the Edge of Abundance and Scarcity"
"A Perch, Above it All"
"Foxtail Fireworks"
"Three and One"
"Wrinkles of an Aging Earth"
"As Dawn's Light Rushes In"
"Topographic Dreams"
"Nine One One, Eleven"
"McGee Creek Autumn"
"A Heavenly Connection"
"Solo Loco"
"Aspen's Encore"
"Fall Finale"
"Autumn Interlude"
"Aspens Kissed by the Equinox Sun"
"Portal to the Earth's Shadow"
"Chlorophyll Exodus"
"Golden Cloak of Autumn"
"The Day After Autumn"
"Cold Clutch of Winter"
"Open Gate to the Granite Kingdom"
"Yosemite Stalls"
"November's Alpenglow"
"Dogwood and Snow"
"Merced River Blues"
"The Color of Snow"
"Silent Serenity"
"Winter Day in the Park"
"The Steamy Breath of The Captain"
"Winter Storm in the Valley"
"Sunset on the Rocks"
"Breckenridge Blues"
"Tatters of Winter"
Crumbling Sierra
Morning Combustion
Carrizo in Bloom
Bierstadt's Light
Mighty Merced
El Capitan Alpenglow
New Ground
Tatters of Winter
Bixby Bridge, East Side
Thirteen Second Moment
Spotlight on Carmel Valley
Valley Vision
Season's Last Snow
Cycles of Seasons
On a Clear Day
Harvest of Gold
Late Light
At the Foot of the Sierra
HIghland Dance
Tinged with Spring
Left Coast Blue Bonnets
Let the Picnic Begin
Granite Guarded Garden
Field of Fantasy
Half Dome; Behind November's Veil
Stone Icon
"Taking the High Road"
"Picnic Over Waikiki #2"
"Allium Nation"