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I am taking down all my photos here. A post, which was meant to create solidarity among other photojournalists and journalists here, was removed with no explanation. Despite over 10,550 helpful responses and insights here, by me, my view on the execution of American journalists is not welcome here. I presume because pnet would not want to cast islamic murderers in a bad light.




  Michael Axel is a photographer, writer, artist, and technologist living in Central Oregon. His photography, shown here, is entirely personal work, but he specializes in photography of motorcycles, architecture, fashion, and other commercial projects, editorial work, and humongous fine art images for interior design.

He has a number of websites dedicated to photography, but one of the fastest growing is Stand Development, a resource for those who want to learn how to do stand development.

Axel's artistic endeavors include kinetic sculpture, monoprints, mixed media, glass fusion, and various painting techniques. His technology involves the development and operation of a half dozen software and hardware companies, multi and social media firms, and an investment and development firm.

His books include:

"Iridescent Light - The Art of Stand Development" Iridescent Light is the definitive (and only) book on the subject of stand development. It is meant to get film developers leaps and bounds ahead so they don't waste film and time learning how to get more tonal range from their images using this technique. Half of the book is a text book and sampler of film and developer combinations, and the other, gorgeous images demonstrating the technique. Learn how to reduce grain size, prevent bromide drag, and get more even development. Available at Blurb.com: Iridescent Light. A free preview of the book, including the Introduction and Chapter One, is available at StandDevelopment.com

"Winter's Chant - The Colors of Winter" is also available on Blurb.com. A spiritual book, Winter's Chant explores the richness and color of Winter through colorful images, and ancient Celtic, Scottish, English, and Native American prayers, chants, blessings, and traditions.

"The Beautiful Canon EF" is an eBook available at Smashwords (30% discount code is available: HS69D), and for the Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, and others, through premier eBook outlets, such as Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Sony, and elsewhere.

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