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As an admirer of iconic symbols of American culture, I am currently spending much of his time making photographs of the remote, anonymous landmarks that dot Montana's landscape. I hope my photographs show my fondness for eastern Montana where I find many of the old abandoned homesteads, churches, schoolhouses, and grain elevators that help distinguish my photography. I also spend much of my time photographing Montana's cowboys, Native American Indians, and railroad workers, whose culture and traditional way of life is threatened by the hands of time. I am a professional photographer and photojournalist who specializes in western photography, stock photography, travel photography, and especially Montana photography. I work primarily for ad agencies, newspapers, magazines, and corporate clients. My photographs have been published in Montana Magazine, Popular Photography, Newsweek, People, Sports Illustrated, and other publications, newspapers, websites, calendars and books. I am available for contract work, my images are available to purchase as prints, and my work can be licensed for commercial use.

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Bridge to Nowhere

A Cold Wintery Spell

A Snow Angel

A Winter's Landmark

First Birthday Cake

Poker Hand

Snow Storm

Waves of Steel

Alien Appendages

Very Smooth Curves

Disegno Sessuale

Seat Backs

Red, Red Wall

Beyond the Green Door

Dots, Many Colored Dots

Ace's Swoosh

Capitol Fountain

Octagon House Staircase

Tired Treads

Chariots of Gold

Tractor Ride

Ladies in Red

Corridoio d'Incurvatura

Sunrise Over Sawmill Road

Little Red Barn

Frosty Bug

4 Round Bales

Wild Weed

Winter's Berries

Smooth Curves

Stormy Skies

Alien Arms

Splendid Sunrise

Riding the Clouds

Swings on High

Autumn Steam


A Wisconsin Postcard

Mr. Elder Tree

Spinning Turbines

Morning Pier



Langlade County Canopy

Cape Disappointment

Harvest Sky

Taking His Shot

A Very Madisonian Christmas

Sunday Morning Pier

Beautiful Boredom