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I live in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. Photography is a hobby (as it will be obvious to those who look at my photographs!). I started early in my 20s with a Nikon FA which I still own but use rarely now. The arrival of my children has awaken my interest in photography and made me realize how inadequate manual lenses/bodies are for capturing images of little children running around. I now have an F5, and a D700. I used film mostly up until 2010. My favourite lens is the 80-200mm AF ED F2.8D especially on the F5/D700 although they are heavy to lug around. I am growing quite fond of the 28-300mm F/3.5-5.6 AF-S VR ED as a walkabout lens. A recalcitrant and long term Apple Macintosh user since the days of the SE-30, all my digital photos are processed through Aperture, Photoshop or Graphic converter for the Macintosh. I use Hugin for panoramic photos which is a fun application. I am also active on Flickr and facebook although facebook is mostly for friends in real life only. free counters

Country: AU


Single Photos


Animals and birds


Under the apple trees

Vertical landscapes




Cradle Mountain Lodge

Currawong in the rain in Cradle Mountain Nat Park

Ostrich demanding food

Tasmanian Pademelon with young, nearly as large as its mother, in the wild near Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Dove lake, Cradle Mountain Nat Park, Tasmania. After the first snowfalls of the season.

At the edge of Dove lake after the first snowfalls

My bull terrier Rhory in the park

Dominic riding bicycles

Red Panda in Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Pacific Harrier, Fiji

Cradle Mountain from Dove Lake Vertical

Cradle Mountain from Dove Lake Landscape

Lake Lilla, on the way to Marion Lookout, Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Pelican from Northern Territory

Estuarine Crocodile, Yellow Water Billabong, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Jumping Estuarine Crocodile, Adelaide River, Norther Territory, Australia

Nat helps his little sister with her game

Kite, NT, Australia

Eleanor at the pool, Cataract Gorge, Launceston

Apple blossom in my back yard

My first rock roses this spring




Black swans, plovers and shipwreck

Cataract Gorge wall at night

Cataract Gorge in flood, just before sunset

Nat plays his iPod

First basin and suspension bridge, Australia day 2011

Cataract gorge from Zig-zag track lookout

Mount Roland from Silver Ridge

Mount Roland at sunset from Silver Ridge


Hoverfly on Lavender

My daughter Eleanor in the Botanical Garden Hobart


Île du Nord from Fossil Cliff,

Mutual suspicion

Big teeth!

Summer joy


Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis

Worker Bee

Worker Bee


Droplet experimentation