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Still Life / Studio

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Polar Bears enjoying the day.


Glossy Ibis or Reddish Egret?



Geese1 in B&W

"Twilight in the hills" View in large format to see the details.

Looking out on the Missouri Valley

Whitetail deer close to sundown. Momma and her yearling fawns. LaPlatte, Ne.

Whitetail doe crossing a soy bean field. LaPlatte, Ne.

Whitetail bucks in summer velvet. They just would not turn in my direction to get frontal or side shots. How many deer are in this picture? Platte River, Sarpy County Ne.

Bucks on the run. Platte River valley, Sarpy County Nebraska.

Horses 2

Horses 3

3 Horses on a hot July afternoon.

The classic pose on a buck we all try to get. Whitetail buck in velvet, Platte River valley Nebraska.

On the fence.

On the fence. Color version

Checking things out.

The flag arriving at the opening of the Offutt AFB Air Show 27 Aug 05

"TARHEEL HAL" P-47D Offutt AFB Air Show 2005

F-4U Corsair

F-6F Hellcat, Offutt AFB Air Show 2005

F-6F Hellcat

F-4U Corsair (2)

Crossing over.

"Wild turkeys, one on the wing, one on the run"

"Out for an evening stroll" Wild turkey hens and their chicks.

"A country church" An abandoned country church on the back roads of Iowa.

"Country Church" An abandoned church on the back roads of Iowa.

"Pony Creek" on the Loess Hills Scenic Byway, Mills County Iowa.

The "Hunter School" Built in 1900, a one room county school house. Located on the Loess Hills Scenic Byway, Iowa.

"The Aermotor of Chicago, Ill", an old Aermotor windmill on the Loess Hills, Iowa. Taken at 1/100th sec to allow blade motion, faster gave frozen blades, slower speed blades were to blurred.

Last of the roses.

Delfin, Air Show 2005

"End of the day"

Douglas SBD, Offutt Air Show 2005

Douglas SBD (2)

F-4U Corsair (3)

Hat 2, Comments welcomed by all. Thanks for viewing.

Hat 4, Comments welcomed.

My old Brownie

Flowers 2

Flowers 2


Waiting for daylight.

I believe these may be American Wigeons rising. Caught them taking off on the Platte River.

Rainy day geese heading north. 1 of 5 flocks that flew over just before dark. Shilling wildlife management area.

Spring day in the park

Zuiko Digital 50 - 200 mm

"Ain't what you think"

"The Business End of Things" Comments or Suggestions Welcomed

"Wacker" on takeoff

E-3B Sentry AWACS (AF 76-1606) Outbound

Carolina Color

Color on the Blue Ridge Parkway

A road side stream in the Smokey Mountain National Park.

What you don't want to see when you look up.

"Ducks and a Doe"

"Summer night on the ramp"

"Dark Launch"

"Strike !!!"

Rework of "Strike !!!"

"Summer night on the ramp" Rework and detail.

"Iowa Ringneck"

"I'm hiding, you can't see me!"

"Found her"

Looking South down the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

Working with white balance in normal room light. Taken with out flash.

"Cat Nap"

Working with Indoor light

Looking east on the Blue Ridge Parkway, north of Ashville.

Winter Sunset

Winter Whitetails

Must be a "Still Life", what a 18 yr old cat does best.

Low Light

"Barred Owl"

"Redtail Hawk"

"Does and yearlings"

Wild Turkey Hen

Whitetails at sundown feeding on corn stalks from last year.

Sundown at the windrow

Passing through Cedar Creek

"Just moving along"

Prairie Sundown

Rain Drops


"Watching you from the shadows"

Snack Time

After the rain

C-17 Globe Master III

B-25 Mitchell

Sundown white tail

After Sunset Flyby

Sunset Canadians

"The pressure never lets up around here."



Redtail Hawk 2

Flower 1

Flower 2

Flower 10

Flower 3

Flower 4

Flower 5

Flower 6

Flower 7

Flower 8

Flower 9

Flower 11

Flower 12

Flower 13

Flower 14

Some where in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.

Somewhere in the Blue Ridge 2 (Color)

On a wall of green

Nesting Robin

"B-17G 909 Taxi Out"

"909" Nose Art

B-24J "Witchcraft"

"Witchcraft" Nose Art

"Wind Farming"

"Smoke Trails"

"Smoke Trails Two"

"Taxi out"

"T-9 on the Ready Line"

"My Rabbit !"


"Big Beautiful Doll"

"Barbara Jean"

Sandhill Cranes

"How most people see a deer"

"My Tiger"


Sunset on the New Prairie

"Wing Walker"

A-10 Thunderbolt II



B-25 Show Me

Waiting for clearance

Taxi out

On the Ready Line

Nature in the backyard

Robin on the fence