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I'm a full time professional people shooter operating in the Orlando, FL area (USA). I was an avid amateur photographer for 15+ years, went pro two years ago after years of part time work. I love shooting portraits, weddings, engagement sessions, product photography and editorial work. I also shoot magazine covers with more shoots contracted and I'm becoming more active in commercial and advertising photography (2-4 commercial jobs a month). I have a studio, gallery and offices here in Florida. Just opened our doors last year, and things seem to be going quite well. Would love to hear from you if you are in Central Florida. I shoot mainly Nikon digital equipment. I update it as I have the funds (no debt in this business, woo hoo!). No, I'm not telling you exactly what I shoot. It makes no difference. My main goal is to become a high end wedding and portrait photographer. That'll take some time. I feel like I'm on the way there for weddings, but I need to take additional lighting courses to produce the kind of top end fine art portraits I'm after. My one and only peeve is gear snobs who think they know everyhting after shooting a few weddings and think that super expensive equipment is needed to do an excellent job. Other than that, I have four cute kids, a pretty cool wife, four cats (man, I should've bought a dog that eats cats), a big garden, and I'm a born again Christian. I also love fishing in the intracoastal waterway and in the surf. I hate mowing the lawn. And I'm a bit of a nut at weddings. Goals? I'd settle for hiring an office assistant who actually likes to work.