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I have been taking photos now for over 20 years. I still haven't lost the passion and am definately still learning as most photographers will also say. I have been shooting professionally on and off now for several years with a bit of a break when my equipment was stolen a few years ago, but now I am back into it full swing, shooting sports, product, commercial and portrait/portfolio work. (One day I will get out and do some more landscapes for me LOL) During my time off from shooting, I spent a lot of time in photo.net, learning from some wonderful photographers on here as well as trying to keep inspired. While on my "break" I also endevoured to improve my photoshop and digital workflow skills, it has been a steep learning curve coming from film and darkroom, but I have recognised now that photoshop is just another tool to make a final print, no different to some of the techniques I used to use in the darkroom, the main difference is that I am not sucking up all those fumes for hours on end. Thanyou to Phil G for creating this website, it truly is a fantastic site to improve your photography skills or at worst be inspired by some awesome photography. Mike Brown Melbourne Australia










Historic Buildings - Australia


Camperdown at Dusk


"Freeze Buster"

"Tamryn Series"


12 Apostles Great Ocean Road Victoria Australia

12 Apostles Victoria Australia

12 Apostles Great Ocean Road Victoria Australia

2 Headed Giraffe Creature :-}

Mt Buangor National Park

Karen & Ted


Wedge Tail Eagle


Bendigo Easter Fair 2

Karen & Ted


Nervously Waiting

Michele & Luke

Michele & Luke

Michele & Luke




Roxburgh Park

Pete & Leatrice

Where's My Ball??

Michele & Luke

Michele & Luke



Killed 2 birds with one stone, took the Daughter to the snow for the first time, and tested out the new D70

More D70 test shots

Andrew & Katherine

Melbourne at Dusk

Shene Stables




Another bird flight test

Gull - Please view large version


Happy New Year - 2005

Happy New Year (2) - 2005

Happy New Year (3) - 2005

Happy New Year (4) - 2005

NYE - 2005

NYE - 2005

NYE - 2005

NYE - 2005

NYE - 2005

Vervet Monkey

Meerkat - Werribee Zoo

Lioness - Werribee Zoo

Giraffe - Werribee Zoo

Lioness 2 - Werribee Zoo

Garden Orb Weaver (eriophora biapicata)

Garden Orb Weaver (eriophora biapicata)

Vervet Monkey

Vervet Monkey 3

Giraffe Portrait

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road 2

Great Ocean Road 3

Max the Snake

12 Apostles

12 Apostles

Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bendigo Australia. Started in 1901 and finally completed in 1977.

THe wall at the HMAS Sydney Memorial in Geraldton Western Aus, I liked the way the morning light was reflecting off the wall. The graininess in the wall was the granite, not from the camera.

Cape Nelson Lighthouse, located about 13kms from Portland on Victoria's South West Coast

HMAS Sydney Memorial in honour of the Sailors lost at sea in WWII

12 Apostles

12 Apostles - Shot into the sun


Leaning Trees of Greenough

Ria Bintan Golf Resort Indonesia

Hole 9 at Ria Bintan

Hole 4 Ria Bintan Golf Resort

Hole 1 Ria Bintan

Vervet Monkeys

NYE 2006

NYE 2006

NYE 2006

NYE 2006

NYE 2006


Goalie Making a Save


Perfect Form

Unwavering Focus

Soccer Action

More Soccer Action



Future Pele??

Version 2

Pom Pom

Great Save

He nearly lost control here, we told him to keep his feet on the pegs when jumping and he was fine after that.

He was really starting to get confident with these jumps, getting higher each time, and notice...feet are on the pegs

Collage I'm putting together for Brodies Mum for Xmas. Print will be 16 x 24


Super Pit Open Gold Mine in Kalgoorlie Western Australia. The Pit is massive, at 320 metres deep, about 3km long and 1.4km wide this massive man made hole in the ground is an amazing sight to behold.

Pinnacles 3

Pinnacles 4

Another Great Save



Whittlesea Arts & Convention Centre

Big Blue

Troy Bayliss hoists the Aussie flag after winning Race 1 at Phillip Island (March 2007)

Regis Laconi coming off Lukey Heights during the World Superbikes second round at Phillip Island Australia

Troy Bayliss pushes hard out of Honda Corner during round 2 of the World Superbikes at Phillip Island Australia

Troy Bayliss passes James Toseland on the 18th lap to take the lead and goes on to win the first race of round 2 of the 2007 World Superbike Championship in Phillip Island Australia

James Toseland of England in action during Round 2 of the 2007 World Superbike Championships at Phillip Island Australia

Shinichi Nakatomi rounds "Siberia" corner at the World Superbike Championships held at Phillip Island

James Toseland in action during round 2 of the World SUperbike Championships held at Phillip Island in Australia

Max Biaggi in action at the 2007 Round 2 at Phillip Island World Superbike Championships